ConnectED Comes To You 2015 in Frankfurt am Main

19. Februar 2015 Posted by Hans-Peter Kuessner

ConnectED Comes To You 2015 @ SP Integration

Wir freuen uns, auf unserer diesjährigen ConnectED Comes To You bei Frankfurt/Main

als Keynote Speaker begrüßen zu können.

In den Jumpstarts am Donnerstag nachmittag, 26.02.2015 und der ConnectED Comes To You am Freitag, 27.02.2015 können Sie sich direkt und aus erster Hand über die Neuigkeiten von der IBM ConnectED 2015 sowie die IBM Produktstrategien im Bereich Social und Collaboration Solutions informieren. Erwarten Sie unter anderem Informationen über:

  • IBM Verse ("Mail Next") - die Neuerfindung der E-Mail
  • Neue Oberflächen: Design Thinking, Responsives Design und mehr
  • IBM Connections Next – neue Oberfläche, neue Dienste
  • Neues und Künftiges im Bereich des “klaßischen” IBM Collaboration Solutions Portfolio (Notes, iNotes, Notes Browser Plugin, Domino, Traveler, Sametime)
  • AppDev Strategy – Was tut sich für die Entwickler?
  • Mobile Strategie der IBM
  • Domino, Connections und Watson als Services in IBM Bluemix

Es sind noch einige wenige Plätze frei: Informieren Sie sich unter und melden Sie sich an!

IBM fixes the IOS 8 / Mobile Controls problems

4. November 2014 Posted by Hans-Peter Kuessner

The  technote now links to the download of the Domino 9.0.1 Fix Pack 2 Interim Fix 1.
I have briefly tested it with success, so that our presentation Raus aus dem Silo: Mobilisierung und "Sozialisierung" von Notes Anwendungen" at the DNUG conference next week will work without fiddling with our server setup!

If you can no longer input @ characters in Domino Designer….

15. Februar 2013 Posted by Hans-Peter Kuessner

... then you probably have installed the SVN (Subversion) plugin to do source control (which is great, BTW).

The whole developer team had this issue... for ages. We always had to use an external editor just to copy and paste a single @ character when programming SSJS or Java. When coding @formula language in SSJS this is somewhat inconvenient .

As it is very hard to google for @, our attempts to solve this did not deliver usable results quickly - and working against deadlines nobody took the time to really investigate this. We thought that this might happen just to us, maybe related to our German keyboards or the bad weather here in Frankfurt....
(Note for non-German readers: on a German keyboard you have to hold alt+ctrl and press Q, or AltGr+Q to get a @ character).

Today I noticed that when pressing AltGr-Q in a dialog the Subversion revision graph opened in the background. That got me thinking... and I googled for "eclipse svn altgr-q". The first hit was a stackoverflow question, which solved our problem: The SVN plugin grabs that key combination and assigns this to alt-ctrl-Q - which is a very bad idea for German users, as this will block the @ symbol. You just have to go to the preferences and delete this assignment. - easy, if you know what is going on.