HCL Connections: CR3 Now Available – A Recap of New Features in Recent Releases

31. Juli 2023 Posted by Rene Schimmer

Since the release of HCL Connections v8, our collaboration platform has undergone significant updates and improvements. Our most recent update, Connections 8.0.3 (CR3), is available now for download. Let’s take a moment to recap new features introduced in our recent releases, starting from the latest and working our way back.

Connections 8.0.3 (CR3) available now!

Connections 8.0.3 (CR3) brings a host of updates and improvements to the end user experience. Some of the key highlights include:

  • Enhanced user interface focused on simplicity and intuitiveness
    • With our HCL Sametime integration, we have made changes to deliver a better user experience. The status bar has been moved to the Connections header, providing easier access to chat and status options, such as setting a custom status message. The user’s custom status message is now visible on the user’s profile and business card. Additionally, the Sametime status indicator now shows for each person on the “Important to Me” bar.
  • Advanced security features to protect sensitive data
    • You can now configure HCL Connections to force all traffic that passes between a Connections server and a user’s web browser to be sent over TLS 1.3. This helps avoid security vulnerabilities in TLS 1.2 and earlier versions of SSL.
  • Upgraded guidance for customizing Connections
    • With the UI redesign, there have been updates to guidance on applying customizations starting in Connections 8.0. Legacy approaches used in Connections 7.0 and earlier versions are now unsupported, although some of the methods might still work.

Connections 8.0.2 (CR2)

Connections 8.0.2 (CR2) introduced several enhancements and bug fixes to further augment the user experience. This includes integrations with additional HCLSoftware applications for increased productivity and collaboration. Here are some notable updates in CR2:

  • Integration with HCL Leap – allows users to create applications such as polls and surveys to their communities
  • HCL Sametime integration – enables a user’s profile and business card to display along with setting their status and starting Sametime chat conversations within HCL Connections
  • HCL Connections mail plug-in support for HCL Verse – makes the collaboration experience with Connections more seamless, allowing for the optional configuration of “My Mail” and “My Calendar” plug-in to point to HCL Verse by default

Connections 8.0.1 (CR1)

Connections 8.0.1 (CR1) was the first update following the release of Connections 8.0, and it focused on addressing user feedback and bug fixes. Although this release did not introduce major feature updates, it played a crucial role in improving the overall stability and performance of the platform. Some key enhancements in CR1 include:

  • Introduction of TinyMCE Editor – an alternative, rich-text editor, providing extra features and extensive customization options to users
  • Bi-directional language support for Arabic and Hebrew – enables users to interact with Connections in their preferred language
  • Improved onboarding tour for the new HCL Connections – quickly acquaint users with the latest offerings, introducing the new UI, and highlighting features such as supercharged search, new navigations and universal share and upload

With the recent release, HCL Connections continues to evolve and provide users with a powerful collaboration platform. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting new features in the future!

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A New HCL Connections Is Here

26. Oktober 2022 Posted by Rene Schimmer

Connections has always been about empowering people, and our new Connections Cedar (v8) release delivers a redesign which dramatically improves the collaborative experience— making it easier than ever to navigate, quickly find what you need and share content.  

HCL Connections provides the structure to help teams come together more effectively, close information gaps, and drive efficiencies for teams working remotely or on-site. HCL Connections streamlines collaboration and delivers team content, news, conversations, and project tasks all in one place. Our latest release, Cedar, builds on this legacy by reimagining the user experience and improving the overall usability and efficiency for employees and teams.  

HCL Connections Cedar (v8) delivers these innovations and more:   

  • Improved usability — fewer clicks, intuitive experience: Connections now delivers an improved, intuitive navigation experience which helps achieve greater user adoption and efficiency. Left main navigation bar provides easy and consistent access to key Connections apps with configurable options to add additional apps. The “Important-To-Me” bar, now always on the right, speeds up access to commonly used resources like key people and Communities. 
  • Supercharged search and search results: A new centrally located search bar simplifies user interaction by enabling context sensitive focus and intuitive filtering, and changes context based on the specific Connections app you are using. Recent Searches and Quick-Results options help you to quickly locate content, Communities, and people. Simplified filtering ensures relevant results are always easy to find. 
  • Increased collaboration with universal upload & share: The new share buttons enable users to easily share the currently viewed page within Connections, Sametime or via other integrated chat tools. Share content with People or Communities while permissions are still enforced based on privacy selections. 

HCL Connections delivers on our continued commitment to enable a market-leading user experience for collaboration and employee engagement. Connections 8 will provide a pervasive sharing experience that lets you increase information velocity and help new ideas and best practices go viral. Upgrade your Connections experience now with our latest release and experience all the benefits Connections offers

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How HCL Connections Helps Close the Gap in Crisis Management

31. Mai 2020 Posted by Rene Schimmer

The global COVID-19 crisis is shifting how teams and organizations around the world are working. It has organizations redefining what is essential and creating new, innovative solutions. Companies need to communicate more regularly with employees who have suddenly become remote workers, as well as share fast-changing news, protocols, and information quickly. The communication needs to be secure and reliable. Employees and teams need to stay informed, stay vigilant, and perhaps most importantly, stay connected and productiveBut in many organizations, current communication channels and collaboration tools are inadequate and can’t provide the broad reach that’s required. 

We will focus on government entities here, as an example.

Collaboration between central governmental departments and local authorities can be hard under normal circumstances, but this pandemic has shown many of us where our weaknesses lie — especially when we need to collaborate and unite more than ever. Data can exist in silos. It might not be clear where to go to find contacts or expertise. It can be challenging to share concise, unified information in a clear and organized way with the public. Getting the facts right and getting them to the right people can literally have lives on the line. 

When the Coronavirus lockdown was first announced, the UK government issued a directive where a local authority had 48 hours to provide goodquality accommodation for the homeless. In that time frame, and using Connections, they were able to create a community, populate it with relevant, useful content created and reviewed by experts. There were real-time feeds, videos from trusted sources, messages and articles from senior leaders. Upcoming events were shared, content could be updated and shared in real-time, forums were created to address urgent needs and concerns. The challenge was met and solved.

While the world turns to working from home and remote communication and collaboration, and need a single secure destination, the strength and power of HCL Connections has never been clearer and more apparent. The enterprise collaboration and productivity platform powers your people — even in times of crisis — with real-time, secure communication, and file-sharing. Teams can collaborate around ideas, share information, find experts, and resolve problems. You can display realtime data, organize shared schedules, assign projects and tasks, collaborate on documents — all in a trusted, secure environment accessible from any device.

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Stay safe out there.  

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