Extreme Blue Banking – The Next Generation –

11. Juni 2015 Posted by Thomas Schleicher

Last summer the students’ project for the Extreme Blue initiative from IBM and Deutsche Bank has been a great success for our German team. In 3 months, 2 students of Deutsche Bank as well as 2 IBM students delivered 5 “API for Banking” apps and won the first price amongst 24 teams from all over Europe.

Working in the IBM Development lab in Böblingen and the IBM location in Frankfurt their goal was to analyze the market potential for Web APIs in the banking sector. After identifying potential market gaps in available Web APIs, the team developed and implemented a solution that could open new business models for the Bank. For the first time possible, the students’ development enables clients to grant limited access of their data to third parties in a controlled and self-determined way. For example this is necessaryto use services that provide unified account-views to multiple banks. In March the results were presented publicly at CeBIT 2015 in Hannover.

This year the Extreme Blue - Next Generation Banking initiative has already started. The selection process is now in full motion. Out of all applicants we plan to set up an interdisciplinary team by selecting students from different nations and educational backgrounds, like economics, computer science or mathematics. Within the competition students have to develop a prototype by using the cloud platform IBM Bluemix for the development and delivery process. After choosing a common programming language the team members can decide for a web or mobile based application.

Beside Extreme Blue a second high-tech program has started, supported by Martina Koederitz, General Manager of IBM Germany and in collaboration with Deutsche Bank, see http://jobs.e-fellows.net/job/Doppelte-Chance-fuer-Studentinnen-Hightech-Praktikum-bei-IBM-und-Deutsche-Bank.17868811.html?jw_search_id=21718013219094404&jw_search_index=0&jw_search_count=44&pi=0&li=0 and 



 The summer internship is especially designed for female students with a strong interest in banking and technology. The team will be formed by IBM and Deutsche Bank, both contributing 2 students. The main goal of this project is to provide innovative insight to clients into their portfolio held with Deutsche Bank. 

Watch Deutsche Banks promotion video (german) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0ELWsqSRU8

I am looking forward to meet the young talents and to an innovative summer. I will keep you posted!