Boosting Office Productivity and Efficiency with HCLSoftware Verse 3.1 Release

2. August 2023 Posted by Timothy Clark

HCL Verse is excited to present HCL Verse 3.1! What better way to present the latest and greatest of Verse than through the story of three individuals at Baldwin Designs who found common daily problems easily solved with the feature updates of Verse 3.1?

In the bustling office space of Baldwin Designs, Sarah, Lukas, and Daniel find themselves navigating through the challenges of their daily work routines. However, with the introduction of HCL Verse, their workdays are about to become more productive, efficient, and enjoyable.

Chapter 1: Message Recall

As Sarah starts her day, she stumbles upon a distressed Daniel who sent an email with the necessary attachment.

“It’s going to be a productive day!” Sarah thought to herself. Walking in through the glass doors to the office space of Baldwin Designs, she noticed the new stained-glass decal that had been applied over the weekend. The bright sunlight casting the company colors onto the floor reminded her of her vacation to Spain last year, bringing her thoughts of the warm Spanish sun.

Her daydreaming was abruptly ended by a shout from Daniel’s office.

“No, no, no….NO!!!!”, he screamed as Sarah stopped in to see what all the noise was about.
“Anything I can do to help Daniel?” Sarah asked.

“Not unless you can turn back time and let me send this email again, but with the proposal this time! It is going to look so unprofessional if the customer sees this without the document attached.” Daniel was deflating back into his chair, misery written all over his face.

Fortunately, Sarah knows just the solution in HCL Verse – the “Message Recall” option.

“Just open up the sent folder and find the email”, she explained, “Now, in the actions for the mail you can find the ‘Recall Message’ option. Click ‘Select All’ and ‘Recall even if it has been read’ and then hit ‘Recall Message’ button.”

With a few clicks, she saves the day and earns Daniel’s heartfelt gratitude.

“What can I ever do to thank you Sarah?” exclaimed Daniel.

As Sarah was leaving his office she turned back, smiled, and said “Coffee, creamer and a cake. Somewhere around 11:30 should be about the right time.” And with that she was gone, across the office floor and into her own office to start her day.

Chapter 2: Templates

Overwhelmed by the task of sending out repetitive monthly town hall meeting notices, Lukas finds himself reminiscing about a recent training email he had skimmed.

“Go and find the last one, copy it to the clipboard, start a new mail, paste in the contents, add the recipients, set the title for this month’s meeting date…” Lukas mutter, recalling the dreaded monthly email.

It always took so long, and that didn’t even include finding all the new agenda items. If only he could set up a template that he could complete each month!

“Ah ha!” Lukas exclaims as the word ‘template’ bounced around inside his mind before connecting with a memory of some training email he’d seen last week.

In his Verse email, Lukas typed ‘template’ into the search bar and grinned to himself. There it was the training email from last week, listing all the new features HCL Software had delivered in the latest version update of HCL Verse.

‘Templates are a way of creating an email once and using it time and again’ he read. “Well, that looks like it could be useful,” he thought to himself, “Let’s try it out!”

In the next 5 minutes, Lukas had set up 3 templates of emails that he would need to send on a regular basis, including the dreaded monthly town hall meeting notice. Thrilled with this newfound efficiency, Lukas celebrates with coffee, humming the same ‘Walking on Sunshine’ tune he’d heard Sarah humming that morning.

“It’s going to be a great day!” he exclaims.

Chapter 3: Calendar Improvements

As Sarah and Lukas share their morning successes, they decide to explore more features in the recent release of HCL Verse 3.1. Intrigued by what he’d discovered earlier, Lukas noticed ‘Calendar Improvements’ was one of the trainings. He thought to himself, “It’s often hard to find a meeting time with Sarah and Daniel together. This new ‘Suggested Times’ feature would be ideal for getting us together and saving me time comparing their calendars endlessly.”

Lukas realizes they have an event coming up and need to have a meeting with Daniel, who is the Client Account Manager, and Sarah, the Lead Designer. “What better time to try about suggested times that now!” he exclaims. Lukas opens his email, clicks on ‘new calendar entry,’ types Sarah and Daniel’s names, adds a subject and clicks on ‘check the times suggested.’

“Ha, would you look at that!” he exclaimed, “Monday at 3pm is the next time we are all available. Awesome!”

Chapter 4: Online Meeting Preferences

With the quote approved by the customer, Daniel rushes to Sarah’s office. “They liked the quote!” he booms as he got to Sarah’s door.

“Awesome! Let’s set up a meeting to discuss the next steps. This won’t take long,” Sarah affirms.

Sarah recalls the new HCL Verse feature of ‘Online Meeting Preferences’ where she can create Sametime meeting rooms ahead of time and allocate them to meeting invites. Having already created four meeting rooms with different permission restrictions, Sarah ensured a secure and productive conversation. Now all she must do is select from the list of online meetings and Bam! In less than a minute, she had sent an invite sent to Daniel.

Chapter 5: Enhancing Contact Management

Back at his desk, Daniel realized one thing he hadn’t done was add his new customer to his list of contacts. With Verse, he is easily able to create a contact profile by selecting ‘Add Sender to Contacts.’ Here, Daniel is able to add the contact’s information such as email, job title, mobile number, company name, and a profile photo, making it easier to remember and recognize his new contact.

‘Putting a face to the name,’ he chuckles to himself as he clicks ‘save’ on Fred’s contact.


As the day draws near the end, Sarah, Lukas and Daniel gather in the front lobby, admiring the beautiful stained-glass decals on the front doors.

“They put me in a great mood today and I got a ton of work done!” Sarah recounts.

“Me too!” Lukas agreed, “Mind you, I think that new version of Verse we have might have helped a little.” Lukas laughed. Sarah and Daniel couldn’t help but nod and smile in agreement.

This great team credits HCL Verse for boosting their productivity and teamwork, making their time in the office more efficient and enjoyable. With a sense of relief and excitement, they look forward to additional features being supported by the powerful tool of HCL Verse.

HCL Verse is a proven and trusted enterprise email platform that empowers business users without exposing your organization to security risks. Start your own HCL Verse story with new v3.0! Contact us to get started.

HCL Domino 12.0.2 Delivers App Modernization, New Collaboration Tools and Enhanced Security

16. November 2022 Posted by Timothy Clark

Our focus on delivering the most comprehensive and value-driven app development platform on the market continues with HCL’s latest Domino 12.0.2 release. From Fortune 500 to small enterprise, Domino 12.0.2 enables your business to run more efficiently–and securely–with significant enhancements for app development, collaboration, and simplified deployment. 

Including our two previous releases, HCL Domino has now delivered 174 new features, enabled workflow automation, extended business apps to the web and mobile devices, and increased platform security to better protect your data. Many of our new features are a direct result of customer feedback from our thousands of Domino customers worldwide on what’s important. 

Focal points of this release include: 

  • Better-Looking Applications – With Domino Restyle, you can apply the wizard-based design in seconds to give a fresh look and feel to your Domino database or templates–modifying your forms, views, pages, action bars, navigators and more. 
  • Enhanced Mail Security – Added flexibility to connect via ICAP to your chosen anti-virus scanning service for mail attachments, whether inbound or outbound. 
  • Easy Meeting Scheduling – Ability to set “free time” for colleagues on Domino, Office365 or Exchange to easily avoid overbooking meetings – especially useful during mail platform transitions during mergers and acquisitions.


Key Business Features 12.0.2 

  Features and Related Benefits 

Modernize the look, feel, and user interface for existing apps.  Restyle existing apps in minutes – easily update one application or multiple apps all at once. 
Add handwritten “signature” to forms, with rich text support, to enable approval workflows.  Automate workflows by enabling rich text field to add handwritten “signature” to your forms approve on your device in Notes and Nomad Web. 
Save time and reduce over-booked meetings.  Easily determine when colleagues are free to meet even if they are using Domino, Exchange, and Office 365-based calendars.  
Citizen developers can build more sophisticated workflows using HCL Domino Leap with integration to Domino. 
  • Empower business users to build no-code apps without specialized IT or Domino skills. 
  • Business users can build apps 60-70% faster.  
  • Build apps that read and write to Domino Rich Text fields. 
Expand calendar delegation capabilities to create meetings on behalf of another mail file owner.  Empower authorized delegates to manage another user’s calendar to create calendar events and centralize appointment booking with DOMI. 
Save time and stay organized with OnTime Group Calendar for Domino.  OnTime delivers a core set of group calendar functionality to bring transparency and effectiveness to your organization as the perfect addition for Notes Desktop and Verse email client. 


Key Technical Features 12.0.2 

  Features and Related Benefits 

Maintain a virus-free environment with stronger email security.  Reduce endpoint threats connect your Domino server to chosen virus scanning service using ICAP.  
Reduce support costs – never upgrade another Notes client again.   


Nomad web provides clientless Notes access on your choice of browser – upgrading Notes client no longer required.  
Reduce complexity and save time with Domino one-touch deployment.  Create new Domino server with a single command that loads your certificates, registers users complete installation in minutes. 
Expand the ways corporate IT authenticates users using your Domino applications.   Increase flexibility for user authentication with support for Google, Yahoo, Microsoft AD, or any accessible KeyCloak mechanism. 
Simplify your deployment with Nomad Web even easier to deploy less to manage.  Connect users directly to your Domino server to experience Nomad Web Client in the browser, without installing SafeLinx. 
Add contemporary REST APIs to Domino, enabling a modern programming experience.  Increase your toolset flexibility and use your pro-code tools of choice with Domino for application modernization. 


Want to see more features in the release? View What’s New in Domino 12.0.2. 

To strengthen our Domino platform value proposition further, HCL recently: 

  • Announced a partnership with Intravision for their OnTime Group Calendar for Domino. As a companion to Notes Desktop and Verse email client, it helps save time by finding available times to meet across groups, and the ability to poll for available times across multiple organizations or businesses plus much more. 
  • Released new versions of Nomad Web 1.0.5, Sametime Premium v12.0.1, and Domino Leap 1.1 (previously known as Domino Volt). 

Consider upgrading your Domino platform today to realize all the advantages and value our latest releases have to offer. Planning your upgrade has never been easier with the help of HCL experts and resources. Download our comprehensive guide to start your planning and schedule time with a technical expert to get your upgrade questions answered. 

For more information on HCL Domino, please visit: 

Announcing the HCL Ambassador Class of 2021

8. Januar 2021 Posted by Timothy Clark

We are proud and excited to announce the HCL Ambassador Class of 2021 for HCL Digital Solutions. 

The HCL Ambassadors program is an annual recognition program that rewards individuals who go above and beyond in their commitment, advocacy and knowledge-sharing of the HCL Digital Solutions products. HCL Ambassadors gain recognition from us in the following forms 

  • Community calls and social networking forums  
  • Access to exclusive, “invite-only” beta programs and events  
  • Bi-annual calls with senior executives  
  • Fast escalation of support tickets to subject matter expert engineers  
  • Free-of-charge licenses to use HCL Software products  
  • Enhanced exposure of published content through syndication into the HCL Ambassadors blog  
  • HCL Ambassadors-branded merchandise  

Access to the program is decided annually following a nomination and judging process. These typically take place in October and November, with the announcement of the next year’s HCL Ambassadors in December. 

The HCL Ambassador Class of 2021 term runs from January 2021 through to December 2021.

More details can be found on the HCL Ambassadors hub.

Congratulations to everyone who has been recognized this year! We are thrilled to be working with you.  

Announcing Two New HCL Grandmasters

19. Dezember 2019 Posted by Timothy Clark

Some people shine above others, and it’s easy to see what they’ve done and been doing for years and years. Those people come to our attention time and time again throughout the year, and it’s always a pleasure to see them “rising above” regularly. We take these interactions and store them away for future reference.

These people get honoured by us as being extra-special Masters, and we like to call them HCL Grandmasters, currently having 7 of them;

 • Gabriella Davis

 • Theo Heselmans

 • Julian Robichaux

 • Roberto Mazzoni

 • Daniel Nashed

 • Richard Moy

 • Paul Withers

Paul has just retired his term as a Grandmaster by joining us here at HCL. That’s the only hard rule we have in the Masters program: You cannot be an employee of HCL.

This year we are incredibly thrilled to be honouring two new HCL Grandmasters.

Please allow me to introduce to the HCL Grandmaster:

Mitsuru Katoh

Mitsuru Katoh

Bill Malchisky

Bill Malchisky

We’ll let Mitsuru and Bill explain in their own words what being an HCL Grandmaster means to them.

Mitsuru Katoh

 “The status of HCL Grandmaster allows me to help the community more, interoperating inside and outside Japan, which leads to the entire community developing. That’s very important to me and HCL.

 In the current situation where Japanese HCL Masters look quiet and isolated among other region’s HCL Masters, despite the large market and local user-community activities. Probably because of the language barriers and cultural differences. To overcome this situation and show their presence more globally, I promise I will dedicate myself to lead them to engage more in the global community.

Bill Malchisky

 “I started with Notes in 1993 and appreciated the LISP-based Formula language. From there, I developed Notes DBs and learned to be an admin, leading developers on large projects. After 26 years it still feels incredible to be part of this amazing community while finding a way to contribute steadily. We are all so fortunate to be part of something greater than any one of us, and that of which continues to endure.

 Notes and Domino allowed me to merge my other technology passion: Linux. Combining both, created a path to where I find myself here today — an HCL Grandmaster. I want to thank all those with whom I have interfaced over the years. It means a lot to me to receive this honor.

 What’s next? I will keep working on the non-mobile template design project, allowing us to improve the overall user experience within Domino.

 Mentoring new community members is something I like to do when my schedule gives me the opportunity.

 Finally, continuing to train administrators on how to be more efficient with Linux when running the HCL Digital Solutions stack will certainly remain a theme.

Mitsuru and Bill will be taking on their HCL Grandmaster titles immediately, so please join us in congratulating them for their outstanding achievements.

To Mitsuru, Bill, our existing Grandmasters and our HCL Masters,

 “Thanks for all you’ve done and all you do.”

From all of us at HCL.

Click for a full list of the 2020 HCL Grandmasters and HCL Masters

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