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Building a Web Presence That Delivers Results – The Gruppo Amadori example

16. Oktober 2012 Posted by Stefan Pfeiffer

Great example from our Italian customer Amadori:

Rethinking Customer Interactions

Putting all the pieces together and building a 21st century enterprise requires both a big picture focus and an eye for detail. It also requires business and IT executives to truly understand the business and what it needs to achieve.

At Gruppo Amadori, a wholesale producer and distributor of food products in Italy with €1.2 billion in annual revenue, the desire for leading-edge tools and features has led to rethinking how best to interact with customers. It is especially important for the company’s executives to communicate directly with younger consumers and engage in contextual marketing.

Beginning in 2010, the company began rolling out mini-Websites that enable it to target specific groups and market segments. When a small button is moved to select a desired option, the site automatically adjusts and provides relevant content. As part of the initiative, the company also put monitoring and analytics tools into play and then plugged in social media, including blogs, digital newsletters, and sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.

From the beginning, Gruppo Amadori's IT and marketing executives worked together on a cross-functional team to design a strategy and build a viable technology platform. "We wanted to develop a robust system for listening, monitoring and measuring customer feedback and needs," says CIO Gianluca Giovannetti.

The company turned to IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM Web Content Management to run the sites. It also relies on IBM SPSS text-mining technology and Google Analytics to assess how consumers view products and better understand fluctuations in sentiment and brand image. The result, Giovannetti says, has been a 30 percent rise in brand awareness since embarking on this initiative.

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Case Study: Omron Europe launches next-generation intranet experience

8. August 2012 Posted by Stefan Pfeiffer

In the past, Omron Europe, a global leader in the field of industrial automation, functioned as a multilocal firm, but with globalization customers are more likely to  do business across country borders. So first the company needed to remove geographic obstacles to become a Pan-European organization. Second, Omron Europe was split into two divisions, with separate sales  and marketing teams serving many of the same customers. Better communications and collaboration across divisions would help ensure that customers recognized the company as “one Omron.” And a social business network could enable salespeople to share leads and information about common customers, leading to better opportunities for all.

“We are much more than the sum of our parts,” says Michel Min, strategic communication and e-marketing manager, Omron Europe. “That was  the driving force behind creating a portal and social business network to better share knowledge and experience and to strengthen the flow of  information across all departments and geographies. Our ultimate goal was not just knowledge transfer from one employee to another but to transfer organizational knowledge and expertise to the customer as quickly as possible.”

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