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Activate the "To Dos" sidebar feature in the IBM Notes standardclient

1. Juli 2014 Posted by Ralf Petter

The Sidebar was one of the great features which came with the Standard client in Version 8. One of the first uses of the sidebar was the "Day at a glance" calendar view. But what some of our users misses was a sidebar view for the "To Dos" similiar to the "Day at a glance" view. There are some workarounds for this like creating a view widget with the widget wizard. But the old C++ views looks not very sexy in the sidebar.

Last week i played a little bit with the Extension Spy and was very surprised when i found out that there is already a ToDo Sidebar Extension in the standard client. But this extension is not activated and i did not find an easy way to activate this feature in the UI. So i have written a small Widget to activate this functionality in the Standard client. You can find all information's how to install the "ToDoActivator" on the download page.

Erweiterte Einstellungen in Desktop Policy funktionieren nicht richtig.

30. Juni 2014 Posted by Ralf Petter

In einem meiner letzten Posts habe ich gezeigt, wie man den "Masthead" von Notes 9 über eine Desktoppolicy beeinflussen kann. Leider sind aber die Dialoge des Domino Adressbuchs in der deutschen und französischen Version von Domino leider kaputt übersetzt worden. Es wurde nämlich der englische Begriff "enforce" mehrmals irrtümlich ins Deutsche ("Zwingend") übersetzt. Dies bewirkt, dass zwingende Policyeinstellungen nicht richtig übernommen werden. Glücklicherweise kann dieses Problem aber  relativ einfach  mit dem Domino Designer behoben werden.

Die IBM hat dies in einner Technote mit einer genauen Anleitung zum Beheben des Problems dokumentiert. Der Fehler sollte in Version 9.0.2 behoben sein. Es empfiehlt sich natürlich immer trotzdem einen PMR zu öffnen, damit das Gewicht des Problems erhöht wird. Ich habe das mit PMR 48798 060 618 erledigt.

Configure the Notes 9 Masthead (ShortcutButtonBar) with a desktop policy

24. Juni 2014 Posted by Ralf Petter

One of the new features of Notes 9 is the Masthead which is a shortcut bar to access often used functions in Notes. The user can configure which icons will be shown in the view menu of the Notes client. But what if you want to preconfigure this feature for your users on roll out? Although in the Desktop policy are no settings for the Masthead, you can configure this with managed settings.

The settings which icon are available is stored in the "" file in the "workspace\.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.core.runtime\.settings" folder in your data directory. To add an action add a line to this file with the id of the action set to true. To remove an action add the id with false.

For example to remove Mail from the Masthead add "100=false" to the file.

The id's which are available by default in  Notes are:

100 (Mail)
101 (Calendar)
102 (Contacts) (Homepage) (Workspace) (Discover)

In a later post i will show you how to add your own applications to the Masthead.

Because it is not very convenient to edit the "" file manually let's set the above setting with a Desktop policy:

  • Create a new Desktop settings document, or edit your existing one in Domino Administrator.
  • Go to the Managed Settings on the "Custom Settings tab".
  • Click the "Edit list" button to edit your managed settings.
  • Add your settings to the list of the managed settings similar to my screenshot.
If you need detailed instructions how to add managed settings to your Desktop policy go to the new IBM Knowledge center for help.

Save your policy and wait till your notes client will refresh the policies. If you want to shorten the wait you can use my script to refresh policies immediately.

Notes Browser Plugin FAQ

13. Juni 2014 Posted by Ralf Petter

The Notes Browser plugin is a popular way to run classic notes applications in the webbrows. If you are using this technology you might find the FAQ page Kevin Macdonald has posted to the Notes Domino Wiki.

What’s new in Policies for Domino 9.0

18. Oktober 2013 Posted by Ralf Petter

In September IBM made an open mic Webcast "What's new in Policies for Domino 9.0".

Agenda of this Webcast:
  • Widgets and How To apply settings
  • Configuring Widgets for Specific Notes Client Versions
  • New Notes Client Preferences configured via policies
  • Policy related SPR's fixed in Domino/Notes 9.0
You can access the presentation and an MP3 recording of the Webcast in the technote

If you need additional informations how to troubleshoot Policy problems in Notes/Domino you can have a look on an older webcast to this topic

Scott Souder has announced ODBC for Domino 9

20. Juni 2013 Posted by Ralf Petter

Better late then never Scott Souder has announced the availability of the ODBC driver for Domino 9.

When you have an IBM id you can download the ODBC driver from the developerworks site

The part numbers for the 32 bit version is CIMW6EN and for the 64 bit version CIMW7EN.

My Top 5 Notes 9 features

27. März 2013 Posted by Ralf Petter

There are so many nice improvements in Notes 9, that it was very difficult to choose my top 5, but here they are:

1. The new theme.

First i was a little worried, about the new grey colour palette and the reduced colours of the icons. But after a short while i really liked the new design and every time i have to go back to my 8.5.3 Notes client at work i think the old theme looks very dated.

2. The notes.ini variable "TypeaheadShowServerFirst=1"

I really like the "recent contacts" feature, but often it is very annoying that the typeahead prefers the recent contacts over the server addressbook. With the TypeaheadShowServerFirst=1 it notes.ini variable it is possible to change the type ahead behavior to prefer the addresses from the server.

3. The new quickfind dialog.

The new quickfind Dialog is so much easier to use then the old one. I am sure our users will love this feature although there are some bugs in this new feature.

4. The dropdownbox to change the sort behavior of fulltextsearches.

Most users did not find this option in the old client which was hided in the more section. But now this option is easy to find and best off all if you change this option the fulltextsearch order result is changed immediatly.

5. The preview of image attachments in e-mails.

When you get an e-mail with many images attached it is so usefull to see what are the most important images without the need to open every image attachment.

That was my top 5 list of features. There are many more features in the new client, so if you have not already tested the new client you should really do this soon.

How to reports bugs in Notes 9 without a PMR?

26. März 2013 Posted by Ralf Petter

Unfortunatly there are some nasty little bugs in Notes 9 and i am searching for an easy way to report this bugs to IBM Development. I do not want to open PMR's because they are to complicated for this little bugs. So does anyone know a way to report bugs like the following to the Development team:

The Typeahead in the new Quickfind dialog does not work, when the "TypeaheadShowServerFirst=1" notes.ini setting is present.

Without the notes.ini setting the typeahead works:

With "TypeaheadShowServerFirst=1" set the typeahead fails:

Notes 9 gold the first look is a little bit disappointing

22. März 2013 Posted by Ralf Petter

Don't get me wrong, Notes 9 is a big progress over 8.5.3 and it is a good release, but many of the little rough edges i have already criticized in the beta are still in the final version. And this little UI quirks and inconsitences are this things which separate the good from the very good software products. This is especially disappointing because Scott Souder has promised, that significant improvements in this area will be made from beta to gold  in  a Q&A session at the Edcom Nachlese in munich.

So what are my main complaints about Notes 9 and why do i think that IBM should really work on this stuff.

Many important parts of Notes still look like software from the last century.

The first impression a user gets from the Notes Client is the password dialog. The password dialog has not changed since version 6. It looks like a Windows 2000 dialog and looks really foreign on Windows Vista upwards.

The window tdecoration does not use the style from windows and the dropdown boxes and push button are looking like we are running this software on a very old windows version. By the way all screenshots are from my Windows 7 computer.

And there are many other places with the same old dialogboxes. And i am not talking from seldom used dialogs. For example look at the  "Open Application" dialog.

Again the icons are from Notes 6 or older and are complete different to the rest of the icons Notes 9 is using. The window decorators are complete wrong again becaue they are still from Windows 2000 and not fromWindows 7. And the funniest thing is that there is already a new designed "Open Application" dialog and new icons for Applications and folders in the product. This new dialog is used in the Designer client.

This dialog uses the correct window decorators. The widget set is from Windows 7 and the icons have a fresher look than the old icons in designer. Although there is still room for improvement in the designer dialog too, it would be a good replacement for the open dialog in the client.

Or lets look at the preferences dialog. Is IBM really thinking that it is a good idea to put an old style notes dialog in an eclipse dialog with scrollbars? I do not think that this is the "exceptional experience" IBM is always promising.

And i can not imagine a reason why the properties dialogs are still not resizable and not redesigned in 2013. Every power user in our company is complaining that it is really ridiculous to use such small and somtimes bad designed dialogs when you want to change a text property or even worse a table property. And again IBM has already proofed that they can do it better with the property sidebars in the productivity editors (Oh if forgot they are discontinued and all my investment in them is gone with them).

So my question is, why has IBM redesigned the already good looking parts like the CA Views and the sidebar if there are still so many very old parts of the product?

The second problem in Notes 9 is that there are so many inconsistencies in the UI.

First of all, i do not know an other application which is using at minimum four different widget styles in one application. For example look at the buttons in Notes:


This mix from different widget styles in the same application is a big problem in Notes, because it looks really unprofessional.

And now an easy one to solve. Notes 9 gold uses still different icons for the same thing.

For example follow up flags in Java View, Dialog, Old View and iNotes. Three different icons for the same purpose in four different places.  
 Or the application and doclinks (Notes client vs. iNotes)

And unfortunatly there are behavior inconsistences all over the whole application. 

For example in the new find dialog (by the way, why is this dialog not resizable?) you get help by hovering over the question mark icons and in the mail preferences on the signature tab there is the same question mark icon, but there you have to click the icon to get the tooltip. 

Or in the Notes Client you can find the open dialog in "File->Open->IBM Notes Application" and in the designer the same function is under "File->Application->Open". This and many more little differences in behavior make the Notes 9 unpleasant to use.

What is really annoying for customers which use many Eclipse plugins in the notes client is, that the IBM Development team has fogotten to adjust the colour palette in the Eclipse ui framework. So third party plugins look really alien with their blue colours compared to the new grey colour style used in the Notes 9 client.

And this would be really easy to change for IBM. I have written a little patch to some of the Notes Client plugins which changes only a few lines of code and third party plugins will look much nicer in Notes 9.

And this is not only a problem in thirdparty plugins . It looks like the same problem is in the Designer Client that some parts of the ui have still the old blue based colour palette.

So the first look is unfortunately a little bit disappointing for me, but i know from the beta that there are many great improvements in the new version. I will show some of this feature in future blog posts.