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Upcoming European Video Chat: Understanding the Patterns of Expertise – Creating a new step on the virtual technology continuum

21. Juli 2014 Posted by Yathish Kumar

(This is a guest entry posted on behalf of Kerstin Olasik)

Organizations have a continuum of choices for increasing the efficiency of application development and deployment in virtual and cloud environments. This continuum, including virtual appliances, virtual systems and virtual application patterns, provides increasing levels of value.

IBM PureSystems Virtual Application Patterns are designed to deliver proven expertise, enabling capabilities that are essential for developing and deploying applications into virtual environments and the cloud. They also go beyond development and deployment to include automated lifecycle services, with patterns providing policy-based management, monitoring and maintenance.

A panel of experts will discuss help you understand the patterns of expertise better on July 24, 2014 (1:15 – 2:00 PM CEST).

The panel includes:

  • Georg Ember: Leading Technical Sales Professional – IBM PureSystems SWG
  • Mark Aichholz: Manager Technical Sales – zTivoli ISM and Workload optimized Systems

You can also questions or post comments on Twitter using the #IBMPureChat tag during the video chat.

You can watch the session live below here during the video chat:

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