Founders, STAND UP!

10. August 2011 Posted by Alexander Kluge

Look at this cool initiative by 6wunderkinder:

Before now, the whole thing was a vicious cycle. Entrepreneurs began to recreate US products, European investors funded these copycat companies and made a return, and this further influenced new entrepreneurs to do the same. The two sides were pointing the finger at each other, and in the end both parties were to blame. Investors couldn’t fund startups anymore as… well… there wasn’t any. It was just the same of the same. The tech scene here was being strangled, both in terms of money and creativity.

Well, the arguement isn’t important anymore. We’re now in an era of immense innovation and, in the words of Dylan, the times they are a-changin’. Germany, and in particular Berlin Mitte, is growing organically once again – in a crazy, outside the box kinda way. Fresh ideas are now finally bringing fresh money.

“You used to bump into startups that were doing the typical German thing of building a clone. Now the whole city is one crazy startup — chaotic, unstructured and with a counter-culture vibe.” – Alex Ljung, CEO of Soundcloud

As one of the founders of we second this. We are very proud to be part of Berlin´s startup ecosystem.

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