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Windows aus der Cloud – Die Zukunft des Betriebssystems?

30. Juni 2023 Posted by Gerda Marx

Windows 10 und 11 sind vielen als Betriebssysteme im privaten oder beruflichen Umfeld bekannt. 2021 hat Microsoft Windows365 vorgestellt, das Windows in der Cloud. Die Idee dahinter: Den Mitarbeitern wird ein Betriebssystem bereitgestellt unabhängig von der Client-Hardware. Die User können das System und alle darauf installierten Apps in der Cloud nutzen bzw. streamen.

Introducing Windwos 365

Bisher kann dieser Dienst nur von Unternehmen genutzt werden. Heise online berichtet über eine Präsentation von Microsoft, in der sie zukünftige Strategien zeigen. "Als langfristig wichtige Möglichkeiten wird aufgeführt, Windows 11 zunehmend in die Cloud zu verlagern. Die Leistungsfähigkeit von Cloud und Client soll demnach genutzt werden, um verbesserte, KI-gestützte Dienste überall zu ermöglichen. Als Basis soll Windows 365 dienen, Microsofts in die Cloud gewandertes Betriebssystem für Firmenkunden." schreibt Dies könnte bedeuten, dass Microsoft plant, dieses Abo-Angebot für den privaten Gebrauch freizugeben.

Wenn man bedenkt, wie schnelllebig die Computertechnologie ist, könnte es für Firmen bestimmt interessant sein, ein solches System in der Cloud zu haben. Da hier die einzelnen Komponenten individuell angepasst werden können ohne Anschaffungskosten für neuere Hardware. Updates werden automatisch eingespielt, ohne dass der User oder der Admin sich darum kümmern müssen. Ein solches Abo wäre auch umweltfreundlicher, da viele Ressourcen gespart werden und weniger Elektroschrott anfällt. Jedoch sollte berücksichtigt werden, dass ein Unternehmen sich dadurch von einem Anbieter abhängig macht, denn alle Unternehmensdaten sind dann in der Cloud. Außerdem besteht nur während der Abo-Laufzeit Zugriff auf die Komponenten. Die Sicherheit in der Cloud ist sicherlich gut, wenn aber ein Hackerangriff erfolgreich stattfindet, haben viele Firmen ein Problem mit der Datensicherheit. Außerdem muss für den Streaming Dienst eine gute Internetverbindung mit einer stabilen Leitung zur Verfügung stehen. Sollte das Internet ausfallen, kann kein Zugriff mehr erfolgen, was zu Arbeitsausfall und zu hohen Kosten bzw. Einbußen führen kann. Gerade in Deutschland muss in dieser Hinsicht noch viel passieren, da der Digitale Ausbau doch sehr langsam vonstatten geht.

Für den privaten Gebrauch könnte es auch durchaus interessant sein, wenn die Preisgestaltung passt. Doch auch hier entsteht eine Abhängigkeit von einem Anbieter und es wird eine gute Internetverbindung notwendig sein.

HCL DX License Simplification: More Value and Flexibility

30. Juni 2023 Posted by Demetrios Nerris

HCL DX License Simplification: More Value and Flexibility

June 30, 2023 – HCL is simplifying its HCL Digital Experience offering and giving customers the opportunity to transition to a proven and predictable consumption-based subscription licensing.

Effective immediately, HCL is removing all Perpetual (PVU and Authorized User) HCL Digital Experience license packages for new license sales. However, DX customers can renew their S&S-associated E-Parts until June 30th, 2025.

HCL Digital Experience End of Marketing (EOM) Offerings
HCL Customer Experience Suite
HCL Digital Experience Manager
HCL Employee Experience Suite
HCL Portal Extend
HCL Portal Enable
HCL Portal Express
HCL Portal Server
HCL Web Content Manager
HCL Web Experience Factory

For the latest information about HCL DX:

  • Subscribe to the latest HCL DX news, interact with peer and HCL practitioners in the HCL DX Q&A forums and DX User Group.
  • Access DX training materials in the HCL Software U
  • Take a test drive of HCL Digital Experience 9.5 from the HCL SoFy platform
  • Continue your journey with HCL DX v9.5 and expand your TCO with hundreds of new features, fixes, security updates and Kubernetes capabilities like auto-scaling & self-healing environments.
  • Enroll in a complementary HCL Accelerator program for expert guidance to modernize, upgrade and maximize the business and technical value of your Digital Experience solutions

If you have questions, please contact your HCL sales representative or Business Partner, or contact us directly.

DX Product Team

Transform Your Digital Experiences with HCL DX 9.5

30. Juni 2023 Posted by Demetrios Nerris

Whether aimed at customers, partners, employees, or all of the above, digital experiences are in a state of continual evolution and improvement, subject to the ever-increasing demand for functionality, security, and user-friendliness.

To that end, HCL Digital Experience — already ranked as an “outperformer” in GigaOm’s Radar report — offers many updates, enhancements, and a new pricing model. They’re all available now in HCL DX 9.5 (note: some updates require Kubernetes deployment), via a painless upgrade path.

At a high level, these updates are geared to bolster value for our customers in several key areas of the digital experience market:

Let’s take a look under the hood!

Content Composer (Kubernetes)
Content Composer offers a central workspace for content creators and managers, from where they can help manage customer, employee, and partner experiences.

Creators can create, edit, update, and replace content for the current channel and all channels — meaning incredible time savings across teams. Templates for content models and items further streamline the process and deliver more power to your creators.

With centralized management and multi-lingual handling, your creators can easily specify the desired languages and locales for your content.

Everyone makes errors from time to time, and that’s why Content Composer offers document tracking and history with a simple option to compare and restore previous versions.

In addition, HCL DX 9.5 offers workflow with Content Composer to strengthen and streamline approval processes.

Digital asset management (Kubernetes)
Fully integrated into the DX content authoring experience, the HCL DX DAM makes it a breeze to organize, place and keep rich assets in a page.

Multiple APIs for third-party media integrations further simplify building out your asset library. The HCL DX DAM also supports images, documents, and videos at production-scale for rapid deployment in all markets with consistent performance and responsiveness.

Consumption-based licensing
A transparent, consumption-based pricing model option is available for HCL DX 9.5. For more information on the Digital Experience Cloud Native 9.5 simplified offering model, please reference Digital Experience Cloud Native 9.5: Simplifed Pricing, More Value. Consumption-based pricing is a popular choice for many software products; Bain & Company note that this model has many iterations, but “all with payment that is ultimately based on usage and aligned with value.”

Under this arrangement, you’ll pay only for the number of production sessions per time period. Users can work within their session as long as necessary, and the system will count it as a new session only after 30 consecutive minutes of inactivity.

For even more value, this new licensing approach offers:

  • Unlimited hardware deployments
  • Unlimited sites
  • Prod and non-prod environments
  • Unlimited content creators/authors

You’ll pay only for production sessions, enabling easy “pay-as-you-grow” scaling. Kubernetes deployment also offers out-of-the-box auto-scaling and auto-healing. With unlimited hardware deployments, it’s easy and risk-free to test out new sites, experiments, or even entirely new lines of business. Consumption-based pricing will accommodate any projects you undertake.

HCL Digital Experience is cloud-native
It’s 2023, and cloud delivery models aren’t exactly novel — but a Digital Experience Cloud is, to be fair, a more recent concept. With HCL DX 9.5, you can move your digital experience to the cloud solution of your choice, enabling maximum scalability, availability, and support. With this offering, HCL DX 9.5 delivers an option to have your deployment fully hosted and managed by HCLSoftware, providing more options than ever before to suit your needs.

HCL Digital Experience Cloud-Native, optionally available later this year for DX 9.5, elevates your digital experience platform to a business-critical, always-on, always-available, cloud-native deployment with a proven history of five-nines uptime.

Further benefits of our cloud offering include:

  • Single-term price for hosting, managing, and software
  • Single-tenant cloud hosting, with your choice of provider and datacenter location
  • Cloud security: web application firewalls and DDoS/bot mitigation, data residency with ISO 27000, SOC3 and PCI-DSS certifications
  • Monitoring and alerting: page and transaction monitors, plus an option for custom monitors
  • Performance monitoring
  • Auto-scale, auto-heal
  • Environments: production, pre-production, and dev/QA, with the option to add more
  • CI/CD Pipelines: standard CI/CD pipeline methods to connect your custom development to our platform
  • Support: dedicated named account executive, plus access to the HCL Now team in real time
  • Customer portal: see service levels, entitlements, SLA status, etc.

CTA: There’s so much to show you in HCL DX 9.5 — there’s never been a better time to make the move. Upgrading is direct, fast and easy. To get started with your software upgrade, visit the HCL Digital Experience Help Center – Supported Installation and Upgrade Paths Help Center topic for more information.

HCL also offers an option for a cost-effective services engagement, which can help you build your upgrade plan and support you throughout the process. For more information about the Digital Experience DX K8s Deployment Accelerator and other DX Accelerator program options, please visit the HCL DX Accelerators program site.

Product Announcement: HCL Domino License Simplification

29. Juni 2023 Posted by Dan Allen

Product Announcement: HCL Domino License Simplification

Today, June 29, 2023, HCLSoftware announces several changes to further simplify our Domino portfolio licensing and capabilities:

  1. End Of Marketing (EOM) and End Of Support (EOS) of Domino Utility Server and Domino Utility Express server licenses and part numbers.
  2. The addition of the Domino License Analysis Utility tool (DLAU) to help establish a CCB/CCX entitlement baseline and security health check.
  3. EOM and EOS of the Domino AppDev Pack Supporting Program.

HCLSoftware continues to simplify its Domino licensing based on the Domino Complete Collaboration (CCB) model – a modern, per-user, licensing model comprised of:

HCL Domino Complete Collaboration Business Edition (CCB) for the B2E and B2C users,

HCL Domino Complete Collaboration eXternal User (CCX) for B2B users,

HCL Domino Complete Collaboration Solution Partner Edition (CCS) for ISVs.

CCB is the only license entitling customers to all Domino’s features, updates, and supporting programs. To realize all the benefits, HCL strongly recommends that customers move to CCB licensing and upgrade to Domino version 12.0.2 as soon as possible.

Following an adoption rate of over 70% for CCB licensing and with many more planning to move to CCB, we are making the Domino License Analysis Utility (DLAU) tool available to enable customers to perform a baseline count of the needed CCB/CCX entitlements for any Domino configuration and, at the same time, to perform a security “health check” on your Domino deployment.

1 – Deprecating Utility and Utility Express licenses and part numbers
Today, June 29, 2023, HCLSoftware completes the move away from server-only licensing. Utility Server and Utility Server Express were based on Processor Value Unit licensing, an old license metric no longer relevant in a modern Cloud / Kubernetes world. Effective today, HCL is announcing the immediate End of Marketing (EOM) of the following part numbers. In addition, these parts and licenses will be End of Support on June 30, 2024:

A picture containing text, screenshot, font, number Description automatically generated

Effective with this announcement, EOM means these parts are no longer available for purchase.

EOS means that HCLSoftware no longer provides Support Benefits for these products after June 30, 2024.

To enable you to continue under support, you need to move to Domino CCB/CCX licensing at your next renewal. To help you do this, you must run the DLAU tool to assess your environment and share the report with your HCLSoftware business partner or HCL sales representative as input into obtaining a quote.

2 – Introducing the Domino License Analysis Utility (DLAU) tool.
DLAU will assist you in determining the entitlements needed for Domino CCB licensing of your complete Domino deployment. DLAU is a non-intrusive tool only scanning server log files and configurations and is fully GDPR compliant. DLAU is currently available to any Domino customer full documentation and instructions on using the tool are here:

A downloadable version of DLAU will be included along with Domino in the HCL License & Download portal over the coming months before Domino v14 ships.

3 – EOM and EOS of Domino AppDev Pack.
Due to the success of the Domino REST APIs, HCLSoftware will remove Domino AppDev pack as a supporting program. Specifically, the Domino AppDev Pack will no longer be:

  • Available for download from the HCL License & Download portal after September 20, 2023.
  • Supported after December 31, 2023. Customers and partners with a perpetual entitlement can continue to run it unsupported if they choose.

Customers and partners who have deployed the Domino AppDev Pack should use the Domino REST APIs instead. The Domino REST APIs were released in version 12.0.2 and are available under CCB entitlements.

If you have any questions about this announcement or have Domino licensing questions, please contact your HCL product specialist or Business Partner.

Useful Links:

HCL Domino Product Team

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Domino CCB Licensing and DLAU Tool

29. Juni 2023 Posted by Uffe Sorensen

HCLSoftware continues to simplify its Domino licensing based on the Domino Complete Collaboration (CCB) model – a modern, per-user, licensing model comprised of:

HCL Domino Complete Collaboration Business Edition (CCB) for the B2E and B2C users,

HCL Domino Complete Collaboration eXternal User (CCX) for B2B users,

HCL Domino Complete Collaboration Solution Partner Edition (CCS) for ISVs.

CCB is the only license entitling customers to all of Domino’s features, updates, and supporting programs. To realize all the benefits, HCL strongly recommends that customers move to CCB licensing and upgrade to Domino version 12.0.2 as soon as possible.

CCB: Simplifying Domino Licensing
CCB is the cornerstone of our journey to provide a single, user based, license model for Domino, eliminating Processor Value Unit licensing, an old license metric no longer relevant in a modern Cloud / Kubernetes world:

  • A simple “Per User everything model” – use any client and any protocol for any server capacity to run all applications – including enterprise e-mail.
  • Transparent license compliance management by simple user counting.
  • All new Domino capabilities are only included with CCB entitlements – e.g., from V12.0.2 Nomad for Web Browsers and Domino REST APIs.

CCB entitlements are needed for all of the employees and contractors in your enterprise needing access to your Domino CCB servers – covering all B2E (Business-to-Employees) scenarios. A server licensed under CCB also include unlimited external web user access as needed for most B2C (Business-to-Consumer/Citizen) scenarios:

  • Guest: unlimited anonymous browser users can freely access your Domino based websites.
  • Known Guest: unlimited registered users with credentials to login for read-only access to applications (see Known Guest Use Cases in this blog Licensing Update: Domino V12 and Key CCX Enhancement).

The volume of needed entitlements for a CCB configuration is the count of all credentials in Domino directories or any other authentication source used by the enterprise.

The CCB entitlement can be extended with Domino Leap – an add-on for all CCB users providing a true citizen developer capability (see also HCL Leap 9.3.2 and Domino Leap 1.1.1). And the Sametime Premium secure meetings add-on for designated CCB users (see also Seamless, Flexible Collaboration Delivered with Sametime 12.0.1).

CCX: Dealing with external B2B or B2C users
For B2B (Business-to-Business) or advanced B2C scenarios, where the external users need to fully engage in applications beyond the read/only access permitted for Known Guests, HCL introduced the CCX entitlement as an add-on for CCB environments.

CCX users have full functionality to use Domino and Domino Leap (if installed) applications and workflows but cannot create applications themselves. CCX users do not have a personal mailbox but can use task/functional mail for workflow routing or applications generating mail.

Like the CCB Authorized User entitlement, the CCX Authorized User entitlement is also unique, however, can logically be reassigned after 30 days of inactivity. Consequently, you need entitlements to cover actual/expected CCX users in any 30-day period. Hence, some former server only based B2B/B2C use cases can now be easily supported by CCX as sporadic application use does not accumulate a long range of user credentials which would require entitlement under CCB.

See CCX Use Cases in Licensing Update: Domino V12 and Key CCX Enhancement.

All use cases supported with older Domino license models are supported by CCB/CCX, so moving to CCB from an older license will not require reinstallation of the currently deployed software components. Then, when the environment is upgraded to V12.0.2 or later, all new V12 features can be deployed and exploited. E.g., HCL Nomad Web and Domino REST API.

What is the Domino License Analysis Utility (DLAU)
Following an adoption rate of over 70% for CCB licensing and with many more customers planning to move to CCB, we are making the Domino License Analysis Utility (DLAU) tool available to enable customers to perform a baseline count of the needed CCB/CCX entitlements for any Domino configuration and, at the same time, to perform a security “health check” on your Domino deployment.

DLAU will assist you in determining the entitlements needed for CCB/CCX licensing of your complete Domino deployment and is a simple to deploy and use, non-intrusive tool:

  • Delivered as a Notes application file (.nsf) to be run from a Notes client.
  • Does not require any changes to the Domino servers (except ensuring appropriate logging is enabled).
  • Does not modify any existing data.
  • Runs in the background – will not “freeze” Notes.
  • Results normally provided within a few hours (dependent on environment complexity).

DLAU only scans log files and configurations and generated reports are under control of the Administrator and are fully GDPR compliant. DLAU also offers a range of observations and analysis and recommends best practices updates and any­ needed remedial actions. Most importantly, DLAU will report on Security Observations.

DLAU – along with a comprehensive Users’ Guide – is currently available to any Domino customer here ==>

DLAU will be included in the HCL License & Download portal over the coming months for availability along with Domino.

If you have any questions about this blog post and announcements or have any licensing questions, please contact your HCL product specialist or Business Partner.

Useful Links:

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acceptIT Anwendertage 2023 – SAVE THE DATE!

29. Juni 2023 Posted by Martina Rottschäfer

Save the Date! Die diesjährigen acceptIT Anwendertage  finden im Dezember in Paderborn, Düsseldorf, Leipzig und Stuttgart statt. Alles was Admins und Anwender rund um Notes/Domino wissen müssen. Tragen Sie sich die Termine der diesjährigen acceptIT Anwendertage in Ihren Kalender ein!

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Digitalisierung vor Ort: Chatbot „Colon“ optimiert den Bürgerservice der Stadtverwaltung Bad Oeynhausen

29. Juni 2023 Posted by Isabelle

Chatbot "Colon" der Stadtverwaltung Bad Oeynhausen steht den Bürgern als Kontaktkanal zur Verfügung und automatisiert sogar ganze Prozesse.

HCLSoftware Support Update: Important Policies

28. Juni 2023 Posted by Uffe Sorensen

HCLSoftware Support Update: Important Policies

HCLSoftware would like to take this opportunity to highlight our policies for offering Support Subscription and access to updates and downloads for HCLSoftware Programs.

Licensees of other software vendors’ products will recognize similar policies.

HCLSoftware’s Master License Agreement incorporates by reference HCLSoftware’s Support Guide and the Program specific License Information Documents, the terms of which together comprise the full agreement and are binding upon the Licensee.

Licensee must maintain a uniform, supported environment:

  1. Programs are deployed with the appropriate operating systems, container platforms and/or hardware levels and other environmental components for proper functioning.
  2. Deployed Program versions and releases are within the range of Licensee’s entitlements.
  3. All deployed Program entitlements and/or instances in Licensee’s organization have uniform Support subscriptions; there can be no partial renewal of Support for the Programs deployed.
  4. Licensee must maintain a Support subscription for any Program, where download of the actual code and/or any updates are needed.

Consequently, HCLSoftware mandates:

  1. Active Support subscription for all deployed Programs is required to enable access to the HCL License & Download portal.
  2. HCLSoftware requires that Support is renewed for all Programs deployed and partial renewals are not permitted.
  3. For some older license models, client-side and server-side were provided as separate products – although both are needed for a production environment. As Programs have evolved and are packaged, they are mutually dependent and one-sided renewal of such client-specific or server-specific entitlements would be considered a partial renewal and is not permitted.
  4. If Licensee desires any change in a Supported volume, a report that verifies current Program usage and installation volume is required for the renewal of Support. The renewal must follow the guidelines laid out here.

So, if you own a Perpetual entitlement:

  • Licensee is enrolled for Support permitting access to technical support and any updates or new versions or releases of the specific Program for the first 12 months after purchase.
  • The Support subscription must be renewed annually for continued access and must be for the full licensed capacity; HCLSoftware will not permit only some users out of a larger volume, or some percentage of a server being supported.Deployed volume and Supported volume must be identical.
  • For the HCL Domino family of products, Licensee must pay attention to some Programs being the primary Program for a particular product as well as also being a supporting program for other products. The requirement for all Programs to be under support applies to the individual Programs. E.g. HCL Notes Program entitled via HCL Enterprise Client Access or HCL Complete Collaboration Business Edition.
  • If Licensee allows a Support subscription to expire, there will no longer be any access to the Program on the HCL License and Download portal.
    • However, as entitlement is perpetual, Licensee may revert to the verison of the Program originally purchased and at the volume owned.
    • All other versions and updates must be uninstalled.
    • Licensee may negotiate a restart with HCLSoftware in order to obtain Support and access to further GA versions again.
  • If Licensee wants to increase the entitled volume (e.g. add more users) via Perpetual entitlements, this is only permitted if all current Perpetual entitlements are on active Support to prevent an indirect partial renewal.

If using Term licensing:

  • A Fixed Term License, is essentially a “lease agreement” where the license entitlement and access to Support is combined and valid for a specific finite term.
  • Renewing a fixed term license in a lesser quantity than the previous term also mandates customer providing a report that verifies current Program usage and installation volume.
  • Contrary to perpetual entitlements, if a term license is not renewed, Licensee has no entitlement to the Program and must delete/uninstall all material for the Program. And Licensee will no longer have access to the HCLSoftware License and Download portal or Support.
  • If Licensee wants to acquire term licenses for a product, and already owns perpetual licenses for the same, the entire volume of deployed entitlements must be established as term licensing replacing the perpetual licenses for continued uniformity.

Ensuring continuity:

  • For continued access to Support benefits, renewal orders must be placed prior to the expiration date for the current term – both for Support subscriptions and term licensing.
  • All renewals completed after the expiration date will be back-dated to the date of lapse. Renewals completed after the expiration date are exceptions and are at the sole discretion of HCLSoftware.
  • For any renewal or restart, Licensee must provide a report that verifies current Program usage and installation volume.

If you have any questions about this blog post or have any licensing questions, please contact your HCLSoftware sales specialist or HCL Software Business Partner. All renewal questions should be addressed to your HCLSoftware Customer Success Manager or other HCLSoftware sales specialist directly. If you do not know your sales contact, you may contact and we will connect you with the right team members.

Useful links:

Disclaimer – This statement is subject to change or withdrawal without notice at HCLSoftware’s sole discretion.

Volltextsuche im Notes 12-Client (Apache Tika) funktioniert nicht

28. Juni 2023 Posted by Thomas

Tika-Server im Notes-Client läuft nicht, weil er keine 2 GB Heap-Speicher instanziieren kann - Problemanalyse mit Lösung.

Neue Funktionen in PowerPoint und Word im Juni

22. Juni 2023 Posted by Gerda Marx

Microsoft hat für PowerPoint und Word neue Funktionen zur Verfügung gestellt, teilweise sind diese jedoch noch im Insider bzw. im Beta-Channel.

PowerPoint erhält verbesserte Zeichenwerkzeuge für das Web. Als neue "Werkzeuge" erhalten die User neben einem Laserpointer im Dia-Show-Modus auch das Lineal zum zeichnen sowie eine Rückgängig/Wiederherstellen-Funktion. Manchmal wird beim Freizeichnen eine exakte gerade Linie benötigt. Wenn Sie hier die Umschalttaste gedrückt halten, können Sie eine gerade Linie zeichnen und anschließend frei weiterzeichnen ohne neu anzusetzen. Probieren Sie es einmal aus, denn diese Funktionen sind bereits freigegeben.

Des Weiteren erhalten iOS Geräte noch mehr Vorlagen in PowerPoint. Hier wird die Sammlung von 24 auf 71 erweitert. Mit den Vorlagen können Sie bspw. Einladungen, Flyer etc. leichter und schneller erstellen. Die neuen Vorlagen sind noch in der Vorschau für Insider ab Version 2.74 23051101 oder höher verfügbar.

In PowerPoint können Sie Ihre Präsentation direkt aufzeichnen. Mit dem Teleprompter haben Sie außerdem die Möglichkeit, Ihre Notizen so einzustellen, das diese während der Aufnahme mit gleicher Geschwindigkeit runter scrollen ohne das Sie dies manuell anstoßen müssen. Hierdurch haben Sie einen besseren Blickkontakt in die Kamera während Sie vom Skript ablesen. Diese Funktion wird zur Zeit nur im Betakanal ausgerollt ab Version 2306 (Build 16529.20000) oder höher. Wie Sie diese Einstellen können erfahren Sie im Insider Blog von Microsoft.

In Word für Windows (im Web) und im Betakanal können Sie Kommentare in einem Dokument "Liken". Wenn Sie also in einem Word-Dokument mit Kollegen zusammenarbeiten und eine(r) bereits einen Kommentar eingesetzt hat, können Sie diesen mit "Gefällt mir" markieren.

Kommentar in Word liken

Laut Microsoft kann es sein, das einige User, die eine andere Plattform wie bspw. Mac oder iOS/Android nutzen, die Reaktionen evtl. nicht  sehen können, da diese hier noch nicht verfügbar sind.

Anmerkung: Bei mir wurde es in Word im Web mit dem MacBook bereits angezeigt! Diese Funktion ist ab Version 2305 (Build 16501.20152) oder höher ausgerollt. Schauen Sie doch einfach mal nach, ob Sie es auch schon nutzen können!

Chatbots und KI: #40 – KI ermöglicht personalisierte Ernährung für (fast) alle mit den Profs. Grzegorzek und Sina

22. Juni 2023 Posted by Johannes

In der heutigen Folge geht es darum, wie KI den Kampf gegen ernährungsbedingte Krankheiten und Unverträglichkeiten unterstützt.

News + Notes Praxis: Chatbot Müllbert beantwortet Fragen der Müllentsorgung

20. Juni 2023 Posted by Martina Rottschäfer

Die APM GmbH, kommunaler Entsorger im Landkreis Potsdam-Mittelmark, etabliert mit Chatbot-Lösung Cobuddy eine digitale Kundenberatung für mehr als 90.000 Haushalte. Chatbot "Müllbert" ist darauf trainiert, häufige Fragen der Müllentsorgung rund um die Uhr zu beantworten und das Service-Team zu entlasten.

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Sametime Product Management Leadership and v12.0.1

20. Juni 2023 Posted by Trevor Tallackson

Sametime Product Management Leadership and v12.0.1

Hello Everyone!

I’m excited to introduce myself as the new Product Manager for HCL Sametime. Though I am new to this position, I am not new to Sametime! I have supported Sametime for over 20 years with a focus on customer solutions and education. During this time, I have also supported Domino and Digital Experience developing skills and relationships across the HCL Software portfolio.

A bit about me: I live and reside in Minnesota (US) and enjoy coaching hockey, outdoor activities, and spending quality time with my wife, three boys and two dogs.

October of this year will mark the 25th Anniversary of HCL Sametime! What a journey it has been! I very much appreciate continuing to work with this amazing HCL team, Ambassadors, Business Partners and Customers! If you have any questions, concerns or comments about all things Sametime, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Our Sametime platform makes it easy for your employees to collaborate across teams, departments, and external organizations on the device of their choice.  Our latest Sametime release v12.0.1 FP1 is available for download now!  As with all releases, Sametime enriches the user experience with new capabilities to deliver a frictionless meeting and chat platform at an affordable price. Our goal is to provide a more secure, private, engaging, and flexible workspace for business collaboration.

Let’s review some of our new capabilities added in this fix pack:

  • Red Hat OpenShift support
  • Controlling meeting report generation
  • Audio and video setting improvements
  • Fixes

Click here to view the complete list of features and fixes for v12.0.1 FP1.

To review the features provided in release v12.0.1, click here.

Take full advantage of all our exciting new features by upgrading now or deploying the latest version of Sametime for the first time in your organization. Our Sametime 12.0.1 FP1 release is available now for all our Sametime Premium customers and Domino customers entitled to HCL Sametime. To download go to our License and Download Portal and search under the “HCL Sametime” product category to locate it.

If you would like to discuss how HCL Sametime could benefit your organization with a secure meetings and chat collaboration platform, please click here.


Trevor Tallackson (he/him)
Product Manager Sametime

Anwenderbericht: Chatbot „Müllbert“ beantwortet Fragen der Müllentsorgung in Potsdam-Mittelmark

19. Juni 2023 Posted by Martina Rottschäfer

Lesen Sie in diesem Anwenderbericht, wie die APM GmbH per Chatbot ihren Kundenservice verbessert und ihre Mitarbeiter entlastet. "Müllbert", der digitale Kundenberater der APM, basiert auf der Chatbot-Lösung Cobuddy von acceptIT.

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Navigating the MarTech Jungle (Successfully)

16. Juni 2023 Posted by Demetrios Nerris

Navigating the MarTech Jungle (Successfully)

Every company with aspirations of becoming a digital leader views customer personalization as priority. After all, what marketing team wouldn’t want to tailor their offerings to each customer’s specific predilections and needs?

But making it happen is a real challenge. To get personalization right, organizations need the right technology tools to enable them to sift through all their customer data. Solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI) are especially attractive, with their promise of unlocking customer insights that otherwise might forever remain unknown.

Tools, however, are abundant. New solutions reach the market all the time, making it difficult for marketing teams to figure out which best suits their needs. That’s why the marketing technology solutions field is often referred to as the “MarTech jungle.” The sheer volume of tools, with their variety of features and capabilities, is overwhelming.

So marketers have a hard time deciding what tools to pick, how to integrate them, and how to generate the desired outcomes. In some cases, teams get creative with workarounds for specific projects, but those workarounds often do not scale.

It’s a team sport
When thinking about personalization, marketers typically envision 360-degree customer views, customer profiles, segmentation, and other components needed to build the experience. They know what they want the customer experience to look like but not how to make it happen. They may not understand the rules and the authoring tools to properly structure content.

But this lack of knowledge isn’t a deal breaker. So long as marketers recognize they should be tapping the expertise of other teams, such as IT and sales. Customer experience isn’t the responsibility of a single department. It’s a team sport. Different stakeholders should collaborate to build the infrastructure that supports personalization services.

Of course, everything starts with the data. Personalization teams also need to pay attention to the metadata. To deliver accurate personalized experiences, it is critical to understanding the metadata associated with the customer data. It’s what AI algorithms use to learn and deliver insights.

Avoid common obstacles
To avoid getting overwhelmed in picking the right tools, marketers should first address some problems involving vision, process, and the tendency of teams to protect their turf.

On the vision front, all stakeholders — whether they are from marketing, IT, business development or some other department — need a clear understanding of the customer experience they want to deliver. Setting common goals for everyone to subscribe to is essential for a successful strategy.

Corporate fiefdoms, for instance, must be dealt with. Corporate departments often tend to focus and protect their own piece of the personalization experience. But while different teams may handle different tasks, orchestrating their work to produce a common goal is critical to success.

The last potential obstacle to address is process. By setting clear goals and getting all stakeholders on the same page, the personalization team can decide on the exact outcome. Only then can it leverage the right tools to drive the outcome.

Democratize the process
Clear vision and process help organizations navigate the MarTech jungle. Teams should choose platforms and tools that democratize the process so all stakeholders can use them as appropriate to work on their respective pieces. If only IT can use MarTech tools because they are too complex or technical, the outcome may be in jeopardy.

Teams should avoid vendors that try to dazzle customers with buzzwords instead of making a strong case around matching a solution’s capabilities to specific customer needs and goals. The tools should simplify tasks and enable previewing outcomes to determine if anything should be tweaked.

Ideally, teams will have access to a composition platform that enables them to integrate third-party tools and use them in a modular way. This makes it possible to reuse pieces of the project, accelerate and simplify development of future initiatives.

With all these elements in place, an organization can get on the path to digital success. It can create a level of intimacy with customers through data capture and personalized experiences, demonstrating the organization understands what motivates them. The organization can evolve with customers as their needs and priorities change over time. And once an organization gets this right, it can rightfully start to see itself as a digital leader. Learn more about navigating the MarTech jungle and discover how HCL Digital Experience can help you on the journey.