z/VSE 5.1.2 is now available

17. Juni 2013 Posted by Stev Glodowski

As announced in April this year , IBM provides for z/VSE V5.1 - additional enhancements

z/VSE V5.1 supports IBM System z® servers:

For information on the content of z/VSE V5.1, refer to Software Announcements 211-466, dated October 12, 2011 , and 212-070, dated April 03, 2012

The latest z/VSE Program Directory together with all updated documentation can be found at the z/VSE webpage: http://www-03.ibm.com/systems/z/os/zvse/documentation/

here a complete list of updated z/VSE Documentation:

  • z/VSE Release Guide
  • z/VSE Planning
  • z/VSE Administration
  • z/VSE System Control Statements
  • z/VSE e-business Connectors User's Guide
  • z/VSE Diagnosis Tools
  • z/VSE Extended Addressability
  • z/VSE TCP/IP Support

watch for the (updated) indicator

“zEnterprise: The Best Gets Better”

12. Juni 2013 Posted by Stev Glodowski

"zEnterprise:  The Best Gets Better"
DATE:  Thursday, July 23, 2013
TIME:  11:00am ET / 10:00am CT / 8:00am PT

Organizations of all sizes are under intense competitive pressure to provide new and improved services.  To innovate.  To differentiate.  To deliver new value.  And to do it all for less with fewer resources.  There is a solution.

On July 23, zEnterprise® gets even better. Come see how you can enable better business results:

  • Energize your apps to foster growth
  • Save money by consolidating workloads and exploiting the cloud
  • Improve security on the industry's most trusted and resilient infrastructure
  • Improve performance, flexibility and scale

With new capabilities in cloud, analytics and mobile, zEnterprise truly offers it all – for whatever comes your way now and in the future.  Register now to join IBM senior business leaders and industry-leading clients on July 23 to learn more about the unique value and new capabilities zEnterprise brings to market.

Please join IBM senior business leaders and industry-leading clients to learn more about the unique value and new
capabilities zEnterprise brings to market on July 23.

See how zEnterprise enables better business results. Registration at http://bit.ly/zEnterpriseJuly23

On of the speakers for this event will be Doug Balog, General Manager , IBM System z

6. Juni 2013 07:08

6. Juni 2013 Posted by Stev Glodowski

The next z/VSE webcast is already scheduled for June 25th.

You can find all information about this Customer Event below:

In case of Questions please contact me at stev.glodowski@de.ibm.com

Title: How to avoid or handle CICS storage availability problems

Abstract: Storage availability problems can often result in CICS or even z/VSE system down conditions, and it is often possible to avoid these situations by ensuring that your system is configured appropriately and is being monitored and reconfigured proactively. However, life is not always that simple, and issues such as performance problems, changes and new bugs can result in outages. Hence it is important that the appropriate diagnostic information is provided so that IBM can deal with the problem as efficiently as possible. For CICS storage availability problems, understanding both CICS and  z/VSE GETVIS storage usage is of vital importance, therefore, Partition, Space and System GETVIS usage, optimisation, monitoring and diagnosis are explained as well as the CICS equivalents. The session explains what diagnostic material IBM needs based on the symptoms, the correct commands to be used to monitor storage usage and to force CICS dumps for cases such as SOS, and even includes typical SDAID commands for the various types of GETVIS storage leak. This session is based on experience of dealing with customer PMRs reported against CICS TS for VSE/ESA.

Speaker: Michael Poil, IBM

Date: Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Duration: 90 minutes

AP/EMEA:  http://ibmstg.adobeconnect.com/avoidcicsproblemsapemea06252013e/event/registration.html
AMERICAS:  http://ibmstg.adobeconnect.com/avoidcicsproblemsamericas06252013e/event/registration.html

z/VSE Security – Customer Webcast

30. Mai 2013 Posted by Stev Glodowski

z/VSE Security Overview and Update  - Customer Webcast

The next z/VSE customer webcats will provide an introduction and best practices to the basic security concepts of z/VSE.  Includeing CICS and batch security, plus connector and network security. It will also cover z/VSE security concepts in an open and heterogeneous world where z/VSE may connect to anyone and everyone. This session will also show you how to exploit z/VSE security features like Encryption Facility for z/VSE and SSL (Secure Socket Layer). In addition, it will describe IBM mainframe cryptographic technology, including Crypto Express and CP Assist for Cryptographic Function (CPACF).

Speaker: Ingo Franzki, IBM
Date: Tuesday, June 4, 2013
Time: US & Europe: 11:00 AM New York, 04:00 PM London, 05:00 PM Boeblingen, 15:00 UTC
Or: Europe & AP: 04:00 PM Japan, 07:00 UTC, 03:00 AM New York, 08:00 AM London, 09:00 AM Boeblingen
Duration: 60 Minutes

Note: For most US & European locations Daylight Saving Time (DST) is in effect. Please select your time zone on the top right corner on the registration web page.

Attention: You will only need to register one time - where you will create a userid and password - please remember your userid and password to attend upcoming Adobe webcasts