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HCL Domino Database Analytics DIY with domino-db

13. November 2020 Posted by Heiko Voigt

Hi, another quick example on how we can quickly build apps using the HCL Domino AppDevPack. Here goes: Customer rings. Customer: "I need to get some statistics on our Domino Applications - as a ...

My session from CollabSphere with Graham Acres (C3UG)

30. Oktober 2020 Posted by Heiko Voigt

Hello, first of all I have to say a huge thank you to Richard Moy and the Team at CollabSphere 2020 - they pulled of a really great online Conference with almost 500 registered participants. Ever ...

Cloning arrays in JavaScript – lessons learned

5. Oktober 2020 Posted by Heiko Voigt

Hello, nowadays, most of development work is in JavaScript, some server-side, some client-side. Over the past several months, I learned a lot about how not to do thing in JavaScript and a couple of ...