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The best way to use Connections (and convince people to use it) is embedded experience

6. Mai 2014 Posted by Stephan Kopp

In our own environment, we sadly don’t have the embedded experience, but luckily we can anyway encourage some of our customers to use it and now I can leverage the advantages at least when I’m on site at my customers. Getting all the stuff done to activate embedded experience is still not as easy as it should be, but the cookbook delivered by IBM is quite ok and helps to get it done.

The Notes client is my primary working desk and interacting directly from there with the Connections environment is quite easy and feels like using one integrated collaboration platform. Otherwise I have my Notes client and Connections is only one of the other systems that I have to use for other tasks in my company…

Just one click away is my activity stream and I can see what’s going on in my community:

Notes Client - embedded experience in real live 3

Even when I’m not yet an encouraged Connections enthusiast, but getting some notifications, I can start using the platform within my mail client. Just reply to a blog post inside the notification mail, interact, share and download attachments, etc.:

Notes Client - embedded experience in real live 1


It’s straight forward for the users and they just get their work done without having to think about which system they are now using behind the scenes…

I like this kind of integration, because it is easy, modern and it’s still Notes :-)

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