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Jon Paris explains how to use the new free format support in RPG TR7

22. April 2014 Posted by Ralf Petter

With Technology Refresh 7 IBM has enhanced the good old RPG with new free format syntax for file description and data structures. With this enhancements you can write a complete program without using column based statements. The documentation for this features is still a little bit weak, but fortunatly Jon Paris has posted two good tips on this topic.

Four Reasons RPG Geezers Should Care About The New Free-Form RPG

The Geezer's Guide to Free-Form RPG, Part 2: Data Structures and More

Some interesting readings for RPG Developer

19. August 2013 Posted by Ralf Petter

In V6R1 and V7R1 RPG has gotten some long awaited improvements in the handling of sub procedures. Be sure to read the following posts in IBMSystem Magazine to fully understand the new possibilities.

Modules, Subprocedures and Files

Major Changes in RPG File Handling

Data Storage Options in Subprocedures

Dumping Subroutines: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, Or Is It?