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[EN] Training is needed, but don’t mix up External Social Media and Internal Social Business Use Cases in B2B

12. Februar 2016 Posted by StefanP.

Not happy, that again somebody is mixing up EXTERNAL usage of Social Media in Marketing, Sales or Customer Service and INTERNAL usage within the enterprise or in B2B environments with focus on business-relevant collaboration. Although some mechanisms and behaviors are the same, the purpose and goal is something fundamental different. Stop mixing up Social Media and Social Business – although the hype around the term Social Business is anyway declining and a lot of people are jumping on the Digital Transformation bandwagon.

At the same time, how social media is used in the workplace is fundamentally changing. Just a few years ago, social media in the office was the domain of specialized social media managers, the gatekeepers who owned a company’s public face on the leading platforms. In a short time, however, social media duties have been radically democratized and decentralized. …

Social media is no longer a discrete thing that certain people do in certain jobs, and more of an integral component of work itself.

Source: Inside The Growing Social Media Skills Gap

Well, the author is the CEO of Hootsuite. And I agree that we need much better education, but please despite business interest … #DIFFERENTIATE!

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