Connections Cloud and SmartCloud Notes Customers: Get the Data Migration Help You Need Right Now with edcom and TIMETOACT

1. Juni 2020 Posted by Ralph Siepmann

On July 16, 2019, HCL announced the End of Marketing/End of Service of Connections Cloud and SmartCloud Notes (SCN) with services ending July 16, 2020. 

To make the migration as smooth, safe and secure as possible, and to ensure the future of our customer’s data and software, HCL has appointed a small number of HCL Cloud Hosting Partners/Managed Service Providers to deliver cloud services directly to you. Here is more information about two of them.  

edcom and TIMETOACT (TIMETOACT GROUP) are known for products and services for IBM Connections, such as the CAT (Connections Administration Toolkit, CEC) Connections Engagement Center (formerly XCC) and many others (see for more information). We bring many years of experience, deep skills and expertise, strong commitment for our customers and smart offerings directly to you, including the migration of data to your requested cloud service. 

Various companies from small to global already rely on our excellent services and we strive helping our customers to drive their business and their people using Connections as an enterprise collaboration platform. As a fully GDPR compliant cloud, hybrid, and on-premises service provider we understand that our customers want choice, security, innovation, and continuity for their business. 

Our MSP services for HCL will open up new possibilities for you: 

  1. In the technical area:
  • Real-time scalability of your services  
  • Reduced IT administration effort  
  • No investment costs for server hardware  
  • Device- and location-independent access  naturally also with mobile devices 
  1. With state-of-the art collaboration services:
  • Create, jointly edit, store and share documents  
  • Communities and teams with modern tools for collaboration  
  • Blogs for important information that should not get lost in the mail  
  • Status messages for short messages to others or all
  • Profiles for information about your employees and for networking among each other
  • Wikis for documentation, manuals or project work
  • Working in joint activities, assigning tasks and project planning
  • A personal homepage for all employees, so that everything is quickly accessible
  • An activity stream to stay in touch and not miss anything important
  • Social Intranet functions through the HCL Engagement Center
  • Availability status, chat or online meetings with HCL Sametime
  • A modern and tidy mail and calendar function based on HCL verses
  • Access from anywhere with mobile devices (iOS and Android)
  • Alternative access with the HCL Notes Client with strong security and offline functions
  • Effective anti-spam, -virus, -malware protection

among many other services…

  1. Customer service and flexibility:

We do not just say “flexible,” we mean it and make it our main differentiator. Determine the services you need, SLA’s, additional options, backups, your scope of content migration, support services … and thus also your desired price. Forget about the “one size fits it all cloud.”

The modern way of cooperation  made possible by edcom (TIMETOACT GROUP) as your HCL MSP.

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