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Apple iCloud Foto Library: How to restore deleted albums

16. Oktober 2016 Posted by Stephan Kopp

Today I deleted by mistake all my albums from my iCloud library. Fotos are still there, but all my albums where gone and thanks to the good working sync, also nearly immediately on all of my devices…

After the first shock, I checked my possibilities. Restore the complete library is one option, but I figured out that it is enough to restore the database folder in the library file.

  1. Just go to your foto library, right click and select “show package content”.
  2. Then restore the database folder from time machine or any other backup.
  3. Open the fotos app and give it some time to update. Your albums should be back, but won’t be sync to other devices automatically.
  4. You have to rename them once to start a new sync. Just rename all of your albums, maybe by adding a dot or whatever.
  5. Now, all of your albums are restored and synced to all devices. Then you can rename them back to the original name

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