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node.js, domino-db & Docker (2): Dev Environment

30. Oktober 2018 Posted by Sven Hasselbach

Before we can start to create a new app we first have to setup a development environment. While there are multiple IDE’s around, I have made most of my node.js development with Atom instead of an IDE like Eclipse or Visual Studio. Maybe this will change in the future, but for a better understanding, let’s start with Atom and do the required steps manually.

By default, there is no support for JSX, so we need to make an additional installation after installing the editor:

1. Download Atom from

2. Go to Atom > Preferences

3. Install linter-eslint package

4. Additional packages must be installed (This happens multiple times):

5. In a console, go to the domino-express which we have created before:

cd domino-express/

6. Install eslint-config-rallycoding module

npm install --save-dev eslint-config-rallycoding

This step has to be done for every new project. The module is required to enable the JSX support for every project, but only during development.

7. Create a file named .eslintrc in the project folder and add the following content:

   "extends": "rallycoding"

8. Change the dependency for the domino-db package:

"@domino/domino-db": "file:./domino-domino-db-1.0.0-package"

The path has to be changed because for the Docker setup it is in the /src folder, now it is in the project root.

9. Install the required npm modules

npm install

10. Restart Atom and open the project folder

11. If everything worked correctly, you should now see an error in the index.js file (maybe you have to open the file first):

12. When opening the file, you should see an error in the first line and an explanation about the problem:

13. Click on „Fix“, then var should change to let

14. An new problem occurs, because the variable is never changed. So the advice is to change it to const.

15. Done. Now we are ready for developing.