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Domino & Java 1.8: Thank you, IBM!

14. März 2017 Posted by Sven Hasselbach

For years it was a lot of pain when developing for the Domino platform using Java 1.6 only. But now, Java 1.8 is available, and this allows to use the latest versions for a lot of libraries and development tools.

After installing FP8 to the Client, Eclipse allowes to use the Domino JRE in a JavaSE-1.8 environment:

This gives access to the latest M2Eclipse plugin (1.7.0). The old version problem when running with JRE 1.6…

… is solved:

Eclipse Updates? No problem, just do it!

Latest Java features like switch statement with Strings? Here we go:

String token = "FOO";
switch(token) {
    case "FOO": return (T) Foo.class;
    case "BAR": return (T) Bar.class;

Third party libraries like Jackson 2.8.0? Works like a charm!

Thank you, IBM!