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Update: Strategy and Release of Nomad 1.0.4 for Apple iPad

4. Oktober 2019 Posted by Andrew Manby

I am delighted to bring you an essential update on the Digital Solutions strategy for HCL Nomad, the client interface to Domino applications.
First, we are shipping HCL Nomad 1.0.4 for the Apple iPad available from the Apple App Store today.

  • New name, same great product – HCL Nomad. While the Domino Mobile Apps product, officially rebranded to HCL Nomad, the mission and capabilities remain the same. As a result, run your existing Domino apps online or offline without any additional investment. Furthermore, if you were testing the Nomad on iPad via Apple TestFlight previously, you would be notified by email with the link to download the GA version on the Apple Store.
  • Where am I? Nomad knows. The release includes some cool new features such as a new LotusScript interface for iOS and Android, built-in GPS and gyroscope capabilities. For instance, once V11 ships, your Domino apps can capture the user’s exact LAT and LONG information. The possibilities for retail, asset management, audit/inspection and travel-based applications are endless.
  • Personal Mail File Access. Yes, users by default can now access their private mail file using HCL Nomad. Hence, administrators should refer to the following link for MDM options for mail and other settings: Managing HCL Nomad via an MDM provider.
  • What else is new in Nomad 1.0.4 and 1.0.3? Here’s a brief synopsis of what we think is useful in case you missed it.
  • Configuration of Nomad is now possible to avoid DNS, a necessary setting for some VPN solutions.
  • We have added Notes Rich Text Selection. Double-tap a word to select text.
  • Added Notes Rich Text Copy/Paste
  • @Command FileOpenDatabase temporary flag now works with “Recent Applications”, only when the applications were closed previously
  • @Platform[Specific] returns additional entries for iOS: model type (“iPad” or “iPhone”), apple model identifier
  • Native OS Style number fields will now display a number keyboard by default
  • Fixed Native OS style multi-input time fields
  • Managing your Nomad rollout and deployment. Now with the MarvelClient from panagenda, it’s even easier setup, manage, and customize your enterprise’s use of Notes on the desktop and Nomad on mobile devices. Therefore, for more information and an FAQ about the MarvelClient and HCL Nomad, click here.
  • Better still, replay the panagenda webinar that took place October 16  to learn what MarvelClient can do.
  • Better support for Mobile Iron MDM via Application Config. Starting with version 1.0.4, HCL Nomad on an iOS device supports managed configuration via most common Mobile Device Management (MDM) providers. However, all MDM providers are slightly different in how they implement managed configurations for applications. To learn more, please click here.

Second, calling all Android tablet and iPhone users. Finally, we have Nomad available for beta testing on Android 8.1 and iPhone available. Please sign up to participate in both betas here.

Third, the Nomad Web Assembly work is proceeding well. Some of you saw the first demo at the recent Factory Tour in Chelmsford, MA. Above all, the goal of this Nomad offering is to enable Domino apps to run natively on a web browser without installing a Notes or ICAA desktop client. In addition, for the companies I’ve spoken with, the “zero footprints” approach greatly reduces complexity. Most noteworthy, it saves time and money — a real game-changer. The timeline for a beta is 1H-2020.

Fourth, HCL Nomad and Google. Based on Google’s strategy, we’ve already demonstrated the Nomad for Android beta running ChromeOS as a native application. Furthermore, once the Nomad Web Assembly work is complete, you will able to run those apps without an install on the Chrome browser on your ChromeOS device natively. Therefore, if you want to try the Android beta, please subscribe to the beta here.

Enhancement requests? As always, we want to hear from you. Please submit your ideas as usual in the Domino ideas portal.
Thank you for your continued support of the HCL Nomad initiative.Andrew Manby / Andrew Davis


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