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Herzlichen Glückwunsch den IBM Champions für ICS

16. Dezember 2016 Posted by Jörg Liebers, IBM

Am Mittwoch verkündete IBM die Liste der IBM Champions für ICS 2017.

Die Arbeit des DNUG Vorstands und vieler DNUG Mitglieder, die sich aktiv in den Fachgruppen engagieren, wurde Rechnung getragen und Ihnen dieser Titel anerkannt.
Hier die Liste der deutschen IBM Champions ICS 2017 (Neuernennungen*):

  • Annett Hammerschmidt
  • Bjoern Duengefeld*
  • Christoph Adler
  • Christoph Stöttner
  • Daniel Nashed
  • Daniel Reichelt
  • Detlev Pöttgen
  • Felix Binsack
  • Jörg Rafflenbeul*
  • Klaus Bild
  • Oliver Busse
  • René Winkelmeyer
  • Rudi Knegt
  • Sabrina Pick*
  • Söhnke Grams*
  • Stefan Gebhardt
  • Stefan Sucker
  • Thomas Rickert*

Ich hoffe, aus der Liste alle erwischt zu haben – sollte sich jemand nicht wiederfinden, so bitte melden oder kommentieren.

Mit 18 von 123 Champions sind wir wieder eindeutig Sieger der Champions League. Im Namen des IBM Collaboration Solutions Team meinen herzlichen Glückwunsch und herzlichen Dank für Eure Arbeit 2016 und wir freuen uns auf 2017

Jörg Liebers, ICS Sales Deutschland

P.S.: Was macht der IBM Champion für ICS zu Silvester? – Er spielt mit Verse on Premise 😆

Der Beitrag Herzlichen Glückwunsch den IBM Champions für ICS erschien zuerst auf DNUG.

Nominierung der IBM Champions 2016 ist offen

7. Oktober 2016 Posted by Christian Holsing, IBM


Seit einigen Tagen können wieder IBM Champions nominiert werden.

Wenn Ihr also jemanden kennt, der sich in einer der beschrieben Kategorien für die IBM Collaboration Lösungen verdient gemacht habt, nominiert ihn. Egal, ob es sich hierbei um einen Kollegen oder einen Business Partner handelt: Es gibt viele Leute in der Community, die sich einbringen, die Themen treiben oder einfach immer direkt gute Antworten haben. Dies ist ein toller Weg, um dafür „Danke“ zu sagen!


Die offizielle eMail ist angehängt, für diejenigen, die das Programm selber nicht kennen.



It’s that time again – time to nominate yourself, or someone else to become an IBM Champion. Nominations open today, October 3, and will remain open through November 14.

Who are IBM Champions?IBM Champions are not IBMers. Instead, they are customers, business partners, developers, and consultants who are being recognized by IBM both for their knowledge and for extraordinary contributions to our communities. IBM Champions are experts in their fields and share their knowledge as speakers at IBM and user group conferences, as well as via blogs, tweets, forums, articles, videos and more. IBM Champions are active in user groups and meetups, they bring developers, customers, and partners closer together to make the most of IBM technology. IBM recognizes IBM Champions in Analytics, Social Business, Power, and Cloud, including Middleware.

Who should be nominated as an IBM Champion?

Well, here are the detailed criteria (also described below), but maybe what would help are some examples of people who might be IBM Champions: The person in your company who knows everything there is to know about your IBM software or hardware and makes it all work together and is always the one answering everyone’s questions. The person writing articles or books about IBM technology. The person with a blog who investigates and covers IBM technology. The person who runs the local meetup or user group covering IBM technology. The person whose Twitter stream is always sharing what they’re building with IBM technology. The person making YouTube videos about developing with IBM technology. The person who has a couple of sessions every year at IBM and user group conferences and events… Those are all people who might be IBM Champions…

Criteria / Guidelines

The IBM Champion program requires IBM advocacy and influence outside one’s own organization or customer engagements.  We also seek individuals that have significant contributions in at least 2-3 areas as defined below.


Significant contributions – a contribution, executed multiple times or for an extended period of time. 

Examples include: 

  • Blogging regularly
  • Tweeting regularly (on topics relevant to our industry, but not necessarily IBM-specific tweets)
  • Speaking at multiple events in a calendar year
  • User Group Conference Planning Committee member (involves the execution of a conference or a part of the conference over a period of several months)
  • President or Board member of a worldwide or local user group for a period of 1 year

Contribution Areas – participation in at least 2 contribution areas are required; 3 are recommended.  Samples of related contributions for each area are noted below. 

Contribution Area Description
User Group Responsibilities Board member of a worldwide or local user group; OR Volunteer for user group committees or teams to support user group initiatives or conferences 
Social Contributions Blog regularly (recommend every 1-2 weeks); OR Tweet regularly (recommend daily); OR Create/deliver IBM ICS related videos, podcasts or webcasts (2 recommended)
Authored Content Author & publish articles (recommend at least 2); white-papers (recommend at least 1); OR book.
Community Forum Contributions Regularly share your expertise with others by responding to questions on community forums (1-2 times a week)
Speaking Engagements Speak at several events per year (3-4 recommended) 
Customer Reference Engagements Engage with IBM to develop a customer success story and/or video based on successes at your own company; OR Engage with IBM to act as a customer reference with multiple IBM prospects/clients (in person or via phone) 
Product Development Support Active participant, providing feedback to IBM in Customer Advisory Councils or Beta programs 
Promotional support Promoting IBM Conferences, Promoting User Group Events, promoting IBM’s products and solutions at relevant industry conferences
Supporting the greater user community Encouraging your peers and clients to join IBM’s online user communities, participating in community calls as a speaker, writing guest blog posts, encouraging active participation in the community


Still not sure?

If you’re still not sure, maybe it would help to get to know some current IBM Champions. First, you canlook up all the current IBM Champions on developerWorks. Also, we’ve started a new series on this blog so you can meet some current IBM Champions—read about Sreeharsha Naik, Bob Oesterlin, and Andy Lin on the blog and keep an eye out for new profiles being added regularly.

Got someone in mind?

Ok, so you’ve got someone in mind. Good. What’s next? Well, it’s time to NOMINATE!

Gather information about what the person has been accomplishing over the last 12-18 months with IBM technology. We look for people who are both knowledgeable experts and passionate about sharing that knowledge. So that means you want to be able to substantiate both their expertise (certifications, courses, applications, hackathons, Open Badges, etc.) and their advocacy (speaking engagements, blogs, social media, work with IBM teams, etc.).

A couple of notes: you can’t surprise someone with a nomination. You need to speak with them first and let them know you’re nominating them, because you’ll be sharing some personal data about them such as contact information and we want to be sure they’re ok with it. Also, you’ll want to see who they’ve worked with at IBM (business partner reps, sales reps, developer advocates, etc.), and include those IBMers in the process and on the nomination form.

Benefits of being an IBM Champion

Wait a minute, is it worth it? What does the person get if they’re selected as an IBM Champion?

IBM Champions receive the following and we’re always working on new benefits for our IBM Champions.

  • Special visibility, recognition, and networking opportunities within IBM communities, events, and conferences
  • Participation in exclusive IBM online communities
  • Exclusive access to IBM product development teams
  • Invitations and discounts to events and conferences
  • IBM Champion logo merchandise to wear, display, and enjoy
  • An IBM Champion open badge through the IBM open badge program, which allows the IBM Champions to have a verified digital credential to use in social media and networking sites.
  • Special recognition on their developerWorks profile: The profiles of IBM Champions have special designations, such as „IBM CHAMPION“ under their name and a unique icon on their profile picture. Their profiles may also include an endorsement and notable achievements in the left column to recognize their contributions to the technical community.

Still not sure?Still not sure? That’s ok – we can help! We’re hosting an info session for anyone interested in learning more about the program. You’ll hear from Libby Ingrassia, the worldwide IBM Champion “wrangler,” as well as from some current IBM Champions about the process and the benefits. Join the session on October 11 at 9:45 am CDT (GMT -05:00).

We’ll also be hosting a session at World of Watson and there will LOTS of opportunities to meet IBM Champions, hear sessions from IBM Champions, and get to know the IBM Champion team if you’re at the conference. Stay tuned for more info on WoW.

Session #: 4019
Title: The IBM Champion Program Ninja Rockstar Evangelist Squad
Day: Monday
Time: 1:00 PM – 1:20 PM

Next steps

When you’re ready to nominate someone, here’s your get-started checklist.

  • Join the info session on October 11.
  • Review the nomination form and gather all the information you’ll need.
  • Get permission from the person you want to nominate.
  • Nominate, nominate, nominate!
  • Share this message far and wide!


Der Beitrag Nominierung der IBM Champions 2016 ist offen erschien zuerst auf DNUG.