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[EN] Goodbye Spreadsheets? Unfortunately not

13. September 2016 Posted by StefanP.

Not too long ago spreadsheets were a viable solution for managing company data — even for major corporations. But times have changed.

Source: Goodbye Spreadsheets, You Had a Good Run

Well, despite the fact, that we should have significantly less spreadsheets: I do not believe in the end of spreadsheets. There is to much micro management based on spreadsheets. There are to many Micro Managers living in Excel, defending their position. 99 % of the spreadsheets may be useless, but they seem to be there to stay.

And one of the few reasons, why Microsoft Office dominates are these Excel spreadsheets the micro managers are living off. You don’t need all this other stuff, but bureaucrats can not live without Excel. At least they believe it.

BUT: There are better ways to manage and to work.

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