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IBM Domino Policies and / vs. ITWU Simple Signature

9. Oktober 2014 Posted by Katrin Benteler


Working on a brand new version 3.0 of ITWU Simple Signature we have just extended our little digression towards signatures created with the administrative policies of IBM Notes and Domino that you can find on our website:



We have especailly thought about archiving and adding individual contact information to the signature and listed the pros and cons of the two different approaches of Domino policies and ITWU Simple Signature in the following feature list:


However, our final advice is to just combine the two "solutions" with each other to get the best out of your e-mail signatures. 

If you want to know more about signatures created with IBM Domino policies just let us know, we are always happy to help you.

Additionally, if you have any suggestions for new features that we should add to ITWU Simple Signature Version 3.0, feel free to leave them in the comments. Let's see how many of your ideas will make it into the final release!


Domino Policies FAQ

20. Mai 2014 Posted by Ralf Petter

One of the most powerful tool for the admin in Domino are policies.  Policies in Domino are not only very powerful, but also sometimes difficult to understand and hard to implement. So many admins think that policies in Domino are buggy, because the do not understand how policies work in Domino.

Fortunately IBM has held an "Ask the Experts Q&A" session this month which answers all questions about the following topics.
  • Dynamic Client Configuration & Timing
  • Mail & Custom policies
  • Groups
  • Passwords
  • General Administration

 The FAQ's in this "Ask the Experts Q&A" are a must read for every Domino Admin.