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Forbes on connect.BASF and IBM Voices

24. Januar 2013 Posted by Stefan Pfeiffer

Here is the URL for this bookmark: From Inside Out, Speed Your Company's Social Transformation - Forbes

I have wo favorite paragraphs, one on BASF and connect.BASF, the other one on IBM Voices:

IBM has been an early adopter of social enterprise initiatives. One of its newest initiatives, IBM Voices, is to “efficiently capture and share employee and customer insights in real time and in context of a particular business topic” according their director of enterprise social programs, Ethan McCarty. His bold goal is to create a dashboard where employees can more swiftly discover the latest news and thinking on topics most relevant to them via the aggregation of internal and external social streams that are represented on that dashboard.

That’s important for enterprise to encourage and capture the value of employees as company ambassadors. Observes McCarty, “We are all experiencing the convergence of organizational brand & culture with personal identity that is unprecedented — and the organizations that will win in this era of greater data transparency, permanence, velocity and discoverability will be those that can attract and retain people who improve company culture by embodying the company’s character. Essentially, social brand strategists need to create intentional systems of engagement that share benefit with employees and allow these individuals to contribute positively to how the brand is experienced.”

This project boosts that opportunity. As McCarty explains, “What is particularly interesting are the data visualization possibilities that exist with this type of aggregation. We are currently experimenting with various kinds of interfaces and visuals that could be used to help make better sense of all this dynamic content, filter it, categorize it, and present it in a multitude of ways.” That way any employee can tap the wisdom of the crowds most relevant to their immediate task plus, via this condensation of near real-time information, tap the synchronicity of seeing unexpected problems or opportunities.

via From Inside Out, Speed Your Company's Social Transformation - Forbes.

Soziale Technologien im Unternehmenseinsatz: Digitaler Flurfunk – Harvard Business Manager

16. September 2011 Posted by Stefan Pfeiffer

Es ist nur eine Frage der Zeit, bis die Grenzen zwischen interner und externer Kommunikation verschwimmen. Bei IBM ist der Übergang zwischen interner und externer Kommunikation fließend. Viele Mitarbeiter wie Luis Suarez oder Gunter Dueck bloggen und twittern sowohl intern als auch extern. Viele IBM-Blogs sind auch für die Öffentlichkeit zugänglich.

Ein schöner Artikel von Wolfgang Leitl zum Thema Social Networking und Wissensmanagement. Er zitiert im Beitrag Luis Suarez, den Mann, der außerhalb des E-Mail-Posteingangs lebt, nimmt Bezug auf connect.BASF und berichtet auch über Gunter Duecks Projekt Bluepedia. Passt perfekt, denn Luis Suarez, Gunter Dueck und Cordelia Krooß von BASF werden alle auf dem IBM Social Business JamCamp am 19. und 20. Oktober in Frankfurt sprechen. Wer also die Themen interessant findet, anmelden, vorbeikommen, mitdiskutieren.