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Kurt De Ruwe about IBM Connections at Bayer

30. Mai 2012 Posted by Benedikt Müller

You can’t stop it. Once you make it available to people on the right platform the magic happens. The users are driving adoption, creating value and they are much happier. All in all it’s inexpensive to run and the impact it has on the organization, though difficult to quantify in numbers, is huge.
Kurt De Ruwe, CIO Bayer MaterialScience
What a great quote. The whole Forbes article is full of valuable insight into enterprise social software and its benefits. The bottom line as stated by the author: "It’s hard to argue with that kind of transparency. It’s hard to argue with that kind of success." It is however argued that the benefit delivered by a social platform as IBM Connections is very hard to quantify. I agree with that, it's certainly not easy as the impact is very much dependent on the situation, the structure and the processes of a specific company. Nevertheless, it is absolutely possible to estimate the financial benefits that the introduction of an enterprise social software implies for a given organization. If you think about introducing IBM Connections in your company and are unsure about the potential return on investment, please don't hesitate to contact me.