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HCL Connections v7 Software Preview Now Live

10. September 2020 Posted by Adam Gartenberg

We know you’re anxious to get your hands on the new Connections software release due out later this year. We are excited to share that our hosted Connections v7 preview site is now live.

Sign up now and you’ll be able to try out pre-release software for our new tailored experience Community features, integration with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, and more. You will also have a chance to provide feedback to the development team and get your questions answered.

Our new capabilities featured in the Connections v7 preview include:

Delivering a tailored Community experience

  • Reusable templates to get teams up and running faster.
  • Improved Community layout options for a more customized experience.
  • Simplified Community creation to save time getting started.

Enhanced Microsoft ecosystem support

  • Link Microsoft Teams and your Communities for a more seamless experience.
  • Access SharePoint files/folders without leaving your Connections application.

Easily print Connections content or save as a PDF file

Don’t miss your opportunity to test drive our new functionality in this software release preview. And remember to provide your feedback to us.  Our customers are an integral part of our product evolution, and your feedback is invaluable to our continued commitment of delivering the best collaborative solution in the market.

Register Now for the Connections v7 preview:

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Deliver Your Projects on Time with Kudos Activities Plus and HCL Connections

21. Juli 2020 Posted by Adam Gartenberg

There are many reasons you should be planning an upgrade to the latest version of HCL Connections, since it drives greater adoption and creates a more engaged workforce within your organization. One of the key new features in Connections 6.5 is the integration at no charge of Kudos Activities Plus, a rapid, agile project management capability that gives your teams a way to reach their goals faster.  

The redesigned Activities features in Connections 6.5 provide an intuitive, user-friendly interface and a lightweight project management tool that helps people align resources, tools, and knowledge to get work done. Assigning tasks and due dates are core to making sure projects get done on time and within budget. Kudos Activities Plus lets Connections customers manage tasks and projects on both mobile and desktop devices. 

Any HCL Connections user can now easily and quickly organize tasks, teamwork, projects, and schedules directly from within their Connections environment. This new capability is free when you install the Connections 6.5 Component Pack.   

Activities Plus is also fully integrated with Microsoft 365 (Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, Outlook) for users who want to combine the benefits of both Connections and Microsoft 365 — Kudos Activities Plus is accessible from within both environments. This advanced integration enables adding Activities to Microsoft Teams, sharing them via email, and adding files to OneDrive and directly to SharePoint as a Site Page as part of your SharePoint workspace.   

Find out more here, and schedule a demo here.  

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How to Create and Keep an Engaged Workforce

1. Juli 2020 Posted by Adam Gartenberg

Making sure your teams are inspired and engaged in their work can be challenging — and with more teams working remotely around the world, this matters more than ever. A recent Gallup study1 indicated that only a third of employees are truly engaged in their work. Gallup went on to say that organizations with higher engagement levels are not only more productive, they achieve four times higher earnings per share growth.

One of the reasons employees become disengaged is because they’re unable to find what they need to do their jobs — or because of a lack of information in general. It’s been estimated that employees can spend up to eight hours a week searching for information they require for their role (this means that 20% of the time, or one full day a week, work isn’t actually getting done!). HCL Connections has communication hubs to deliver relevant information more quickly and efficiently. Communities help connect people to the experts they need to get more work done.

Not knowing where a file is, who sent it or how, and which version is the latest one also means that teams can waste crucial hours and weeks trying to find what it is they need just to do their job. The shared document repository that Connections is built on maintains one instance of the file — a single version of the truth. This means that the exact same version of the file is available in both your personal folder and in all the communities it has been shared to. Anyone accessing the file, no matter which community they are in, will always see the latest version.

Fundamental to an organization’s success is creating a positive and productive work environment and culture. Employees who interact frequently with their teammates are more likely to share insights, willingly contribute to projects and take a more proactive approach to problem-solving. Creating a team- and people-centric culture is central to success. Connections has an onboarding wizard, which helps make sure new hires understand where to find expertise and where they fit in with their teams. Connections also makes it easy to organize around common team goals and activities, especially for projects like new product launches, global marketing campaigns or HR corporate communications. It offers a user-customized Connections homepage delivering relevant information straight to your desktop. Additionally, Connections includes a project coordination template, via Kudos Activities Plus, to manage projects and tasks. This keeps everyone on the same page, updated and focused.

HCL Connections provides a people-centric digital workplace that allows organizations to focus on what really matters: your people and your successful business outcomes. Creating an engaged workforce is the first step to that success.

Gallup Study, “Employee Engagement on the Rise in the US,” August 26, 2018. Link:

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Understanding Cloud Applications: Own Your Data and Get the Data Migration Help You Need Right Now with Prominic.NET

11. Juni 2020 Posted by Jon Schultz

Prominic.NET is an authorized HCL Cloud Partner based in the United States, providing enterprise-grade private cloud hosting for organizations worldwide. Unlike the major public cloud providers, we focus on dedicated, private-cloud environments whenever possible, with an emphasis on security and privacy.  

We Know Collaboration

For over 20 years, Prominic has been providing enterprise-grade cloud hosting for custom Domino applications, email, Sametime, and now Connections at data centers in North America fully owned and controlled by us.  

We intimately understand the hardware and cloud resources needed to deliver smooth and fast performance. We know how to secure your environment properly, how to protect it from data loss, the configuration and administration best practices to implement, and how to troubleshoot when something goes bump. We also have an incredibly deep relationship with HCL, both to support them and provide front-line feedback as well as to advocate for you.  

We Respect Your Data Privacy  

We host our customers’ dedicated Domino environments in their own private cloud, in a way that respects and honors our customers’ data ownership and need for confidentiality. Unlike some other big cloud providers, we’re not mining your data to serve you ads or sell to third parties.  

Your mail isn’t on a shared, multi-tenant service like IBM SmartCloud Notes. Your Domino apps are under your full control, with no restrictions on what you can run, what you create, and what external systems and programs you need to integrate with.  

We are not powered by IBM Softlayer, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, or any other public cloud provider. We operate on our own platform in our own data centers. All of our customers’ (and their customers’) data is hosted by us directly but controlled by them.  

We also have a dedicated compliance officer who trains our staff on best practices, and we undergo (and pass) an annual SSAE-18 SOC 2 Type 2 audit.  

This means that your data is in a stable and secure environment with a provider that provides one thing: high-quality cloud hosting and server management. We don’t mine your data nor snoop on your code; we respect you and the privacy of your data, and we care about your business.  

We Own Our Data Centers  

Prominic has invested a considerable amount of time and passion into building our own data center infrastructure to support our clients. This is the cornerstone of our commitment to security and privacy.  

First and foremost, this means we are flexible and responsive to the unique and ever-changing technical needs of our customers. Also, because we operate as a lean and flat organization, we don’t have to go through layers of management bureaucracy to get something updated or changed for you. If something needs to be done and we mutually agree on the plan, we do it.  

We don’t have to deal with Softlayer or AWS or some other third-party hosting company if we need to fix something or take a look at a system to improve performance. We also know exactly where your data is located in any of our data centers, providing accountability and peace-of-mind.  

An Integral Part othe Domino Community  

We have been very actively involved in the Domino community since our humble beginning on the campus of The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 1998. Our team has served on boards of ​OpenNTF​ and the ​Penumbra Group​ and continue to be involved in all things Domino. We provide hosting for several Domino user groups, conferences (​CollabSphere​, ​Engage), open-source associations, HCL Masters and more.  

Why is that important? Because we know the HCL Domino ecosystem very well and we can not only recommend appropriate solutions developed by others in our field, but also refer you to the exact right people as needed. We’re all-in with HCL and the Iris/Lotus/IBM/HCL suite of collaboration solutions.  

Making the Switch from IBM SmartCloud Notes and IBM Connections Cloud  

Prominic is currently the only HCL Authorized Cloud Provider in North America for Domino, Volt, Sametime, and Connections, and will continue to provide services to customers worldwide.  

We’re currently focused on providing assistance in migrating companies from IBM’s cloud to ours, and we’re working closely with customers, HCL, and the IBM offboarding team.  

If you need to migrate your Notes/Verse mail, Domino applications, or Connections off IBM’s cloud by the July 2020 deadline, contact us as soon as possible. Just shoot us an email at ​Sales@Prominic.NET​ or give us a call at +1.217.356.2888. We are always happy to hear from those passionate about HCL Domino, Sametime, Connections, and related products, and if there is something you need help with, we’re happy to assist.

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HCL Digital Solutions Academy

3. Juni 2020 Posted by Luis Guirigay

We are thrilled to announce an ambitious new program called the HCL Digital Solutions Academy that seeks to empower our community of partners, developers, admins, customers and other key stakeholders to learn and understand everything our products are capable of. How to stay current about each new release, make the most of new capabilities, learn best practices, understand how they can power new opportunities and solve challenges, and, ultimately, transform business.

We will be creating and sharing content in a regular cadence — through webinars, demos, articles, social media, events, and email — under the umbrella of the HCL Digital Solutions Academy. Our software helps people get real work done. We help people solve challenges, fix disparate systems, automate the everyday, and realize the “power of the possible.” At HCL we truly extend our relationship beyond the contract, and help people achieve the business outcomes they are looking to us to help them do.  

We are building out a rich roster of content created and delivered by multiple teams within HCL — development, support, product management, technical advisors, etc. — but we don’t want to stop there. We want to invite you, HCL Masters, Business Partners, and customers to help us develop this program and grow our content catalog. Please send us a note with feedback or ideas for content you would like to see or help deliver as part of the HCL Digital Solutions AcademyThe content we will be sharing with you includes webinars, workshops (hands-on labs), technical videos (10-15 minutes each), podcasts, and learning journeys. 

And before you ask, the answer is yes! We want to bring back technical certification! Certification is very close to my heart, just like it is for many of you. In fact, I strongly believe that being a certified developer and administrator in our HCL Digital Solutions portfolio was key and opened many doors for me, first when I was a customer and then when I became a consultant and Business Partner. Our plan will allow us to eventually bring certification and badges, but we first need to close the gap with content. The more content we produce the easier it will be to create learning journeys and certification roadmaps.  

Digital Solutions Academy is an international, multilingual program and we will be rolling it out across the globe — sessions are in English unless noted otherwise. Here are the first set of upcoming events and experiences — organized by region and date — that you need to sign up for right now. We are excited to have you join us.  


  • Sametime 11.0 FP2 and Meetings 11.5 – Features and Deployment. August 26. Register here. 
  • Round Table 3: Domino Volt Deployment Topologies. August 27. Register here. 
  • HCL DXConnect: Getting Started With DX Containers. September 10. Register here.
  • HCL Traveler for MS Outlook – Session 2. September 10. Register here.
  • ElasticSearch Integration with Connections – Session 2. September 24. Register here.
  • HCL Notes Installation and Troubleshooting. October 7. Register here.
  • On-Demand Video and How It Can Be the Key to Improving Digital Experiences. October 13. Register here. 
  • Overview of HCL DX – Script Application – Session 2. October 15Register here. 
  • HCL Sametime: Exclusive Global Launch and Unveiling. November 10. Register here.


  • HCL Traveler for MS Outlook – Session 1. September 9. Register here.  
  • ElasticSearch Integration with Connections – Session 1. September 23. Register here.
  • HCL Notes Installation and Troubleshooting – Session 1. October 6. Register here.
  • Overview of HCL DX – Script Application – Session 1. October 14. Register here. 
  • Sametime: A Closer Look into Chat and Brand-New v11.5 Meetings. November 17. Register here.
  • HCL Sametime v11.5 Meetings Deployment Workshop. Dec 3. Register here.


  • HCL Digital Experience 9.5 – Jetzt noch Einfacher. Schneller. Cloud-Nativ (German). September 3. Register here 
  • HCL Domino Volt – Hands-on workshop for EMEA Customers. September 24Register here. 

(All of these are in Chinese. Please scan this QR code to register.)


  • #Friday Talk: Domino V11 on Docker. August 28.
  • #Friday Talk: Unmissable Domino V11 mail new features 不容错过的Domino V11 邮件新功能. September 4.
  • #Friday Talk: Connections Update. September 11.
  • #Friday Talk: Make Domino administration easier 让Domino管理更轻松. September 18.
  • #Friday Talk: Verse: Features and Customization. September 25.



  • User Group for Customers and Partners Using HCL Digital Solutions Products (Portuguese). September 16. Register here.
  • Overview new version of Sametime (Portuguese). November 18. Register here.
  • HCL Sametime v11.5 Meetings Deployment Workshop. December 3. Register here.




  • New Features Not to Be Missed in Domino v10 and v11. June 11. Register here. 
  • Adapting to Disruption and the New Normal through Collaboration Tools. June 17. Register here.
  • Digital Experience Summer Launch Highlights (for sellers and Business Partners). June 23. Email for an invite.
  • Domino on Docker: Installation and Configuration. June 25. Register here.   
  • Digital Experience 9.5. Now Easier. Faster. Cloud Native. June 25. Register here. 
  • Domino Agents and Troubleshooting – Session 2. July 9. Register here.
  • HCL Verse Enablement for Business Partners. July 14. Register here. 
  • Round table 1: The Art of the Possible with HCL Domino Volt. July 16. Register here.
  • HCL Verse 2.0 Launch. July 17. Register here. 
  • What’s new in Connections 6.5 CR1 – Session 2. July 23. Register here.
  • Domino Volt New Release: Training for BPs. July 23Register here. 
  • Domino Volt: The New Release and What It Means for You. July 30. Register here.
  • Domino Directory Sync (DirSync) and Troubleshooting – Session 2. August 6. Register here
  • Best Practices for Upgrading to Domino v11. August 11. Register here.
  • Round table 2: Domino Volt Application Integration Strategies. August 12. Register here.
  • Getting Projects Done on Time with Connections and Kudos Activities Plus. August 18. Register here
  • HCL Sametime Integration with Verse – Session 2. August 20. Register here. 
  • Announcing HCL Sametime Pre-Release 11.5 – Return of Video Meetings. August 21. Register here 


  • Domino Volt Event for Business Partners (Korean). June 3. Email for an invite. 
  • New Features Not to Be Missed in Domino v10 and v11. June 10. Register here 
  • Domino v10 and v11: Exciting New Features for Users, Admins, and DevelopersJune 11. Register here. 
  • What is Digital Experience? June 18. Register here.
  • Domino on Docker: Installation and Configuration. June 24. Register here.
  • Introduction to Domino Volt. June 25.  Register here.  
  • Domino Agents and Troubleshooting – Session 1. July 8. Register here.
  • HCL DX. 9.5 APAC Launch –  Now Easier. Faster. Cloud Native. July 9. Register here.
  • Connections: Boost Productivity and Foster Innovation with an Integrated Collaboration Solution. July 16. Register here.
  • What’s new in Connections 6.5 CR1 – Session 1. July 22. Register here.
  • How to Build Domino Volt Apps Lightning Fast. July 23.  Register here. 
  • DX Ops: HCL DX in the Modern Age. July 30. Register here.
  • Domino Directory Sync (DirSync) and Troubleshooting – Session 1. August 5. Register here
  • HCL Domino v11 + Docker = Making Admin Life Easy. August 11. Register here.
  • HCL Verse – Business Email that understands how you work. August 13. Register here.
  • HCL Sametime Integration with Verse – Session 1. August 19. Register here.


  • DX Connect Europe Virtual Conference. June 4Register here. 
  • Sametime: The New Experience (Czech). June 9. Email for an invite
  • Domino Volt: Hands-on Workshop for DNUG (German). June 9. Email for an invite. 
  • HCL Domino Volt in France! La Réponse Digitale Low-Code aux Besoins Métiers de Votre Organisation! (French). June 16. Register here. 
  • Mit Spannung Erwartet: HCL Domino Volt Ist Da (German). June 18. Email for an invite. 
  • Domino Volt: Hands-on Workshop for HANNE (German). June 23. Email for an invite.
  • HCL Digital Experience Next – Plus simple. Plus rapide. Cloud Native. (French). July 3. Register here.
  • Domino Volt Workshop for Business Partners. July 21. Register here.
  • Domino Volt Workshop (Italian).  July 27. Register here.
  • Domino Volt Workshop (French). July 27. Register here.
  • Domino Volt Workshop. July 28. Register here.
  • Domino Volt Workshop (German). July 28. Register here.
  • Domino Volt Workshop (Czech). July 30. Register here.

(All of these are in Chinese. Please scan this QR code to register).

  • Domino Volt Development Workshop. June 12. Email for an invite 
  • What’s New in Domino v11. June 19. Email for an invite. Email for an invite
  • Verse: Features and Customization. June 26. Email for an invite 
  • Domino Volt Development Workshop. July 3. Email for an invite.
  • #Friday Talk: Domino Volt Development Workshop HCL Domino Volt技术交流. July 10.
  • DX 9.5 New Features and Demo. July 17. Email for an invite
  • Domino v11 on Docker. July 24. Email for an invite.
  • GCG HCL Domino Volt Launch HCL Domino Volt发布. July 30.
  • #Friday Talk: What’s New in Domino v11 HCL Domino V11新功能推荐. July 31.
  • Domino Volt Development Workshop. July 31. Email for an invite 
  • Connections Update. August 7. Email for an invite.
  • #Friday Talk: Sametime use case workshop Sametime场景研讨会. August 7.
  • #Friday Talk: Traveler 11 New Features Traveler 11的新功能介绍. August 21.


  • New messaging features not to be missed in Domino v10 & v11 (Korean). July 29Register here.


  • Domino Volt Overview, Sample Apps and Architecture (Japanese) May 22. Replay.
  • How to use and develop Domino applications with Nomad (Japanese) June 19. Register here.
  • テクてくLotus技術者夜会 – Sametime, Verse, Notes/Domino overview (Japanese). July 17. Register here. 
  • DX 9.5 New Features and Demo. July 28Register here. 


  • Domino Volt Overview for Customers and Business Partners (Spanish). June 9. Register here. 
  • How to Install, Configure, and Use Verse (Portuguese). June 10. Register here  
  • How to Install, Configure, and Use Verse (Spanish). June 12. Register here 
  • How to use Domino on Docker (Portuguese). June 24. Register here
  • How to use Domino on Docker (Spanish). June 26. Register here 
  • Connections Social Side Bar, Social Mail, and Activities Plus (Portuguese). July 8. Register here. 
  • Domino Agents and Troubleshooting. July 9. Register here.
  • HCL DX 9.5 & the new HCL DAM (Portuguese). July 22. Register here. 
  • HCL Domino Volt – Hands-on Workshop (Spanish). July 23. Register here.
  • How to Use Domino Applications with Nomad (Spanish). July 28. Register here.
  • HCL Domino Volt – Hands-on Workshop (Portuguese). July 29. Register here.
  • How to Use Domino Applications with Nomad (Portuguese). August 4. Register here.     


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Understanding Cloud Applications: Get the Data Migration Help You Need Right Now

3. Juni 2020 Posted by Maria Nordin

On July 16, 2019, HCL announced the End of Marketing/End of Service of Connections Cloud and SmartCloud Notes (SCN) with services ending July 16, 2020. 

To make the migration as smooth, safe and secure as possible, and to ensure the future of our customer’s data and software, HCL has appointed a small number of HCL Cloud Hosting Partners/Managed Service Providers to deliver cloud services directly to you. ISW is one of these providers.  

ISW is a multi-awardwinning Asia Pacific and European software and technology firm focused on delivering innovative and intelligent business technology solutions to our customers globally. 

Its cloud business started in 1996, long before the technology was known as “cloud.” ISW was one of the first companies in the world to offer Domino 4.5 hosted. It has been a leading expert in hosting and managing HCL Connections with cloud deployments since Connections 2.5. ISW is the creator of HCL Connections’ new Activities module Activities Plus, which is a major component of HCL Connections today 

You can feel confident that ISW offers a secure and safe cloud environment equipped with the latest technology. 

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Did You Know How HCL Connections Helps Teams Stay — Literally — on the Same Page?

16. April 2020 Posted by Adam Gartenberg

One of the most common pain points at every single organization is not being able to find a file or project when you need to. Did someone email it to you or was it sent to you in an HCL Sametime message? Or maybe someone uploaded it to Microsoft Teams? Was it saved to a shared fileserver but you just can’t remember which directory? Then, when you find what you were looking for, it can get more confusing. Is this the latest version… and who do I even ask to find out? Should I email that person, message that person? Look through all the versions and try and figure it out myself? All of this can be not just frustrating, but also colossal waste of time. And, making matters worse, what if you’re on deadline, or someone is out of the office? What if it’s urgent?  

HCL Connections helps solve this omnipresent problem in multiple ways. The shared document repository that Connections is built on maintains one instance of the file. This means that the exact same version of the file is available in both your personal folder and in all the communities it has been shared toAnyone accessing the file, no matter which community they are in, will always see the latest version. In addition, multiple team members can make contributions and edits simultaneously using HCL Connections Docs’ collaborative editing capabilitytransforming and speeding up the way we work while maintaining the “single version of the truth.” 

Because the way we work is becoming increasingly decentralized — and especially now, with the reality of a pandemic changing the way we work on a global scale — being productive, regardless of work location, is a necessity. When you need to access a document, HCL Connections is where you find the “single version of truth” repository. One document, accessible from anywhere. Never worry whether or not you have the latest version ever again.

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Es geht nicht um #OutsidetheInbox und Tools. Es geht um ein gemeinsames Verständnis von Zusammenarbeit!

10. Februar 2020 Posted by Stefan Pfeiffer

Quer über all Generationen nutzen rund 90 Prozent aller US-Amerikaner weiter E-Mail. Auf diesen Zahlen bin ich einem Artikel auf CMSWire gestoßen. Und auch die Jungen lesen weiter E-Mails. Eine Zeile tiefer in meinem Feedly RSS Reader stoße ich dann auf die Überschrift Personal productivity 2020 – Slack and Microsoft Teams didn’t ruin work – but they didn’t fix work either, ein Beitrag von Jon Reed auf diginomcia. Und ich muss an meinen ehemaligen Kollegen Luis Suarez denken, der das Leben außerhalb des (E-Mail) Posteingangs, Outside the Inbox jahrelang postuliert hat und es mit dem Thema bis in die New York Times geschafft hatte.

Es war einmal … die Vision vom Enterprise 2.0, Social Enterprise, Social Business

Und natürlich denke ich an meine zahllosen Beiträge, in denen ich davor gewarnt habe, E-Mail-Archive und abgeschottete Informationssilos aufzubauen. Große Teile meiner Laufbahn habe ich dafür geworben, Informationen und Wissen zu teilen, in Dokumenten Management Systemen (DMS, ECM) oder in Social Software. Ich habe für PC Docs, FileNet, Connections oder Watson Workspace geworben und versucht die Werkzeuge auch selbst einzusetzen, Vorbild zu sein und andere entsprechend zu motivieren. Die Vision des Enterprise 2.0, wie es einmal Andrew Mcafee definiert hat, fand ich notwendig und ansprechend: „It was the next phase of knowledge management but with freedom, transparency, and the engagement of people.“

Die Begriffe haben sich dann immer mal wieder geändert: Enterprise Collaboration, Social Collaboration, Social Business. Jetzt ist gerade “Digital Workplace” modern und en vogue. Die grundsätzlich ist aber geblieben und noch immer arbeiten wir mehr oder weniger intensiv an der Umsetzung. Oder sollte ich schreiben, noch immer scheitern wir mehr oder weniger deutlich an der Umsetzung?

Nicht neue Tools sind die Lösung für bessere Zusammenarbeit und Kommunikation

Die Anbieter (und ich bekenne mich da durchaus mit schuldig) postulieren immer neue Lösungen. Jetzt sollen Slack und Microsoft Teams die Lösung sein und Microsoft schaltet sogar entsprechende TV-Anzeigen. Und Trello ist das Wundermittel, um Projekte und Aufgaben zu managen, natürlich total agil.

Dion Hinchcliffe identifiziert in seinem Artikel auf ZDNet vier Modelle, die der Digital Workplace organisiert und betrieben werden kann:

  1. Community und Social Business: Aus der Enterprise 2.0-Vision entstanden ist es ein Modell, das stark auf Communities und Social Software setzt und den Menschen in den Mittelpunkt stellt. Transparent teilen und kommunizieren steht im Mittelpunkt. Klassische Werkzeuge dieser Kategorie sind Jive oder Connections.
  2. Der dokumentenzentrierte Arbeitsplatz: In vielen Unternehmen und Branchen steht immer noch Inhalte (Content) und Dokumente im Zentrum der Arbeit. Sie werden als Lebensader der Arbeit und des Unternehmens angesehen. Klassische Werkzeuge waren oder sind Sharepoint oder Documentum. Anbieter wie Box oder Dropbox sind moderne Wettbewerber in diesem Segment.
  3. Das anbieter-abhängige Modell: Die Diskussion um Best-of-Breed- (nimm immer die besten Produkte für das jeweilige Projekt oder Einsatzgebiet) und Alles-aus -einer-Hand ist nicht neu. Microsoft ist mit Office365 in diesem Umfeld der derzeit klar dominierende Anbieter und bietet ein Portfolio an Produkten. Besonders IT-Abteilungen scheinen dieses Modell zu bevorzugen, denn wie hieß es schon früher, für den Einsatz von Microsoft wird man nicht gefeuert.
  4. Der hybride Digital Workplace, beeinflusst von der IT-Abteilung, den Fachabteilungen und den Mitarbeitern: Der Geist der Schatten-IT wabert schon geraume Zeit durch Unternehmen. Fachabteilungen und Mitarbeiter nehmen einfach die Tools, die sie mögen und oft aus privater Nutzung auf dem Smartphone oder aus der Cloud kennen, um ihre Arbeit zu erledigen. War die IT-Abteilung ursprünglich gar nicht involviert, so ist unterdessen die Empfehlung, diesen neuartigen Digital Workplace zu kuratieren und orchestrieren – und auf die großen Herausforderungen Datenschutz, Sicherheit und Governance zu achten.

Ich wage die Prognose, dass der Fokus auf Arbeitsplatzwerkzeuge nicht die eigentlichen Probleme lösen werden. Mangelhafte Produktivität am Digital Workplace, fehlendes Knowledge und Innovationsmanagement haben andere Gründe. Es ist ein komische Mixtur aus Gewohnheit und Trägheit der Mitarbeiter:innen, aus hierarchischen Kontroll- und Mikromanagement-Praktiken, die noch immer in Unternehmen vorherrschen. Nur zu oft scheint mir „agile“ nur ein Lippenbekenntnis für mehr Kontrolle zu sein, statt vertrauensvolle Zusammenarbeit und Coaching wirklich zu fördern.

Egal welches Tool: Vom Wildwuchs an Datenbanken, Workspaces und Kanälen

Bei den Tools muss ich an meine eigenen Erfahrungen denken. Was ist der wesentliche Unterschied zwischen den unzähligen Notes-Datenbanken von vor Jahren, den zahllosen Sharepoint-Inseln, den vielen Communities in Connections und heute den immer weiter wachsenden Workspaces und Kanälen auf Slack? Wir generieren immer neue Kanäle und Posteingänge. Wo ist bis heute die Suchmaschine, mit der ich die Informations- und Wissenstöpfe meines Unternehmens durchsuchen kann? Und durch verschärfte Compliance- und Datenschutzanforderungen wird es nicht einfacher.

Ohne gelebte Regeln zu Kommunikation und Zusammenarbeit wird es nichts

Kaum ein Unternehmen hat eine dokumentierte und gelebte Governance, wie welches Tool wofür genutzt werden sollte. So wird Slack zum neuen Posteingang, die Benachrichtigungen laufen im Sekundentakt ein und auch dort werden Dokumente und Dateien gespeichert. Kennen wir doch? Dateianhänge sind der Tod effizienter digitaler Zusammenarbeit, habe ich mal über E-Mail-Attachments geschrieben. Slack ist kein schlechtes Werkzeug. E-Mail ist kein schlechtes Werkzeug. Wie wir die Tools benutzen, ist schlecht. Ohne gelebte Regeln wird es nichts werden und so befinden wir uns noch immer im Kommunikations- und Collaborations-Koma und hatten noch nie wirklich die Kontrolle über unsere Informationen und unser Wissen.

Ich selbst bin weiter ein Freund von Social Software wie Connections als einer Plattform zur Zusammenarbeit und zum Teilen von Wissen. Die Module sind da: Wiki, Blogs, Communties, Aktivitätenmanagement, Dateiverwaltung, Lesezeichen. Benutzerprofile … Jedoch müsste die Bedienung deutlich modernisiert und vereinfacht werden. Da wurde lange Jahre nichts oder nicht genug gemacht. Und auch ein Slack und E-Mail haben ihre Berechtigung.

Doch STOP. Ich rede schon wieder über Tools. Nochmals: Es geht um ein gemeinsames Verständnis, wie man zusammenarbeitet, wie man führen und teilen, wie offen und transparent man sein will und dann erst darum, welches Werkzeug man wofür nimmt. Dieses Übereinkommen – nennt es von mir aus Vertrag – für Collaboration und Kommunikation sollte in jedem Unternehmen getroffen werden, zwischen Mitarbeitern, Middle Management und Unternehmensführung. Und wo immer möglich, sollten Lieferanten, Kunden und Geschäftspartner mit einbezogen werden.

(Stefan Pfeiffer)

Bild von Catkin auf Pixabay

The Moment We’ve Been Waiting for: HCL’s Global Launch of Domino v11, Connections 6.5, and Sametime v11.

3. Dezember 2019 Posted by Richard Jefts

Are you ready to join us? The moment we have all been waiting for is here: The global launch of the newest versions of Domino, Connections, and Sametime. Domino v11 catapults us into the next generation of app dev. Connections 6.5 drives user adoption and builds a strong foundation for our future releases. Sametime v11 has a new, sleeker user experience.

But this is about more than just product releases. This launch represents a major milestone in HCL’s commitment to our customers and to modernizing and innovating a whole portfolio.

The excitement is building around the world. We are broadcasting live from Tokyo today, December 4, and thousands of customers, technologists, leaders, developers, and admins have signed up to participate from all around the world. From India to Arizona, we have almost 50 Business Partners hosting viewing parties of this launch, at company headquarters, conference centers, and even karaoke bars, making this launch one for the record books.

Our team has made significant technological advancements for these products. We are proud to announce:

Domino v11 builds on our mission: Apps that run your business:

  • Domino apps go mobile: HCL Nomad makes your existing apps available on Apple iPhone and iPad, Android and Chrome OS tablets with minimal effort
  • Domino apps get low-code development: HCL Domino Volt provides a new low-code development paradigm to build new Domino apps 60-70% faster and makes it easy to develop powerful new secure applications without any specialized skills rapidly
  • Domino apps integrate and synchronize: HCL Domino v11 is the most open version of the platform yet, with active directory synching to simplify integration with Microsoft Office 365 and enable enterprises to more fully leverage Domino with other tools and applications across their business

Connections 6.5 has powerful new features to drive adoption and builds a foundation for future releases:

  • Bring your community with you. Connections Sidebar, an always-on dashboard connects your users to Connections from anywhere in your IT environment
  • Grow your communities faster with Connections Touchpoint, an onboarding wizard that connects new employees to the communities and content they need
  • Do more with Kudos Activities Plus — rapid, agile project management built for every employee

Sametime v11 delivers secure conversations across every device:

  • Sametime has a new, intuitive user experience that works the way your users do
  • Built with the latest tech — now supported on Docker with the Sametime proxy running on Tomcat
  • Lower TCO than ever, with a simplified architecture and easier administration

These releases deliver on our commitment to our customers — to continue unlocking new value by relentlessly innovating and modernizing. This is another major delivery towards our multi-year charter for these products. We are thrilled to be taking this journey with you. And we can’t wait to hear what you think.

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Digital Solutions Cloud Strategy Update

17. September 2019 Posted by Richard Jefts

At HCL, we take our customers’ needs and concerns very seriously. Since July, when we made the End of Service announcement of Connections Cloud, we have worked closely with customers and partners around the world to understand their needs, and how HCL can best position them for success now and in the future. We have heard that customers want choice, security, innovation, and continuity for their business. What follows is an update on our progress and some expectations as we move forward.

Cloud destinations

Customers have shared with us the desire to keep their data local to them, whether to meet industry security policies or local data residency requirements. To address this desire, HCL has a core set of geo-based partners that we believe are well-poised to deliver cloud services to our customers. This allows HCL to focus on world-class software development and increasing the velocity at which we bring a new capability to market, while the local business partners you know and trust in your local markets deliver the cloud hosting options you need.

In the next month, HCL will announce a set of Managed Service Providers (MSP) called HCL Cloud Hosting Partners.  These organizations have been working with us hand-in-hand to build:

  1. Private cloud services for Mail, Applications, Connections, and Sametime, and
  2. A multi-tenant public cloud offering for Connections, Engagement Center, and Sametime Chat

For clients of Domino Apps on Cloud, we are working on a similar private-cloud HCL offering for launch later this year using the latest Domino V11 release and containerization best practices. More information will be provided on the PaaS vendors supported, pricing and the steps to migrate.

Returning to on-premises delivery
At HCL, we want to provide you with the options that work best for you.  As an alternative to the cloud offerings stated above, SCN, Verse, and Connections clients may revert to any appropriate earlier non-expiring licensing for on-premises or private cloud, by renewing Subscription & Support without penalty, if their subscription has remained current. Here is a recent blog on the topic.

Please contact your Business Partner or HCL sales representative if you have questions or would like more information on altering your existing license agreement accordingly.

Data migration
We are currently in the process of exploring multiple options for data migration so that cloud customers can right-size the approach that best suits their data size and destination. Naturally, the technical solution for Mail versus Connections will differ, but our common goal is to help ensure your data migration goes as smoothly as possible for all the products you are using.  For details about the data migration process itself, please see the FAQ below.

Our intention is to provide a streamlined process by which customers can request offboarding from the existing Connections Cloud instance to the new HCL Managed Service Provider (MSP) of their choice. At a high level, the process will flow like this:

Customer will contact and inform them of the vendor they’ve selected, specifying the offerings included in this shift:
E.g. Selected Vendor = Partner A, to host Mail on Private Cloud, Sametime Chat, and Connections on public cloud

  1. Customer or partner completes the setup of Domino replication to export mail content. HCL will coordinate with the offboarding coordinator and MSPs on Connections content extraction
  2. MSP will complete the process of validating the data shift has occurred as planned
  3. The customer continues to work leveraging new architecture

I realize our customers want much more information.  We wanted to share the approach we’re working to take from concept to execution now, and plan to continue to share more details in the coming weeks.

On October 30, at 10 AM EDT, we hosted a webcast where we introduced our cloud hosting partners and more details about the data migration process. Please register here to watch this webcast. In the meantime, feel free to access our updated FAQ document below or via the HCL support portal for further details on questions you may have. 

At HCL, we value your partnership, and we will continue to provide regular communications into our direction and progress. If you have any more questions, please reach out to your HCL sales representative. I look forward to sharing more with you next month.  

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Deutsches IBM Collaboration Solutions Team ist jetzt HCL: Alles Gute an Kunden, Geschäftspartner und meine jetzt ehemaligen Kollegen!

1. September 2019 Posted by Stefan Pfeiffer

Heute ist ein Stichtag für meine ehemaligen Kollegen. Tom Zeizel und viele seiner Mitarbeiter sind nun offiziell Mitarbeiter des indischen IT-Unternehmens HCL! Ich wünsche Tom, Claudia, Peter, Erik, Jörg und vielen anderen Kolleginnen und Kollegenriesigen Erfolg und viel Spaß bei der neuen Firma im quasi alten Job aber mit neuem Drive.

Über den Verkauf der nun ehemaligen IBM Collaboration-Produkte an HCL habe ich ja hier im Blog ausführlich berichtet, zuletzt von der DNUG Konferenz aus Essen. Schließlich war ich ja in den nun 12 Jahren einen guten Teil der Zeit für deren Vermarktung in Deutschland und Europa zuständig, wie man hier im Blog ja auch nachlesen kann. Und natürlich drücke ich nicht nur meinen nun ehemaligen Kollegen, sondern vor allem auch Kunden und Geschäftspartnern alle Daumen, dass es voran geht.

HCL hat sich in ja in den vergangenen Monaten bei Leibe nicht dumm angestellt und sich im Besonderen gegenüber Kunden klar und deutlich positioniert. Hier einige Kernzitate aus dem heutigen Blogbeitrag von Tom Zeizel:

Die Zeit der viel zu knappen Investitionen und der verschleppten Auslieferungstermine ist vorbei. … HCL hat das Budget und will und wird wachsen. Auch langfristig. …

Customer Relationship beyond the Contract!“. Und das merkt man überall – sehr positiv! Also nicht mehr der Klassiker „verkaufen und dann weg und nie wieder gesehen“.  Vertriebler haben Ziele, die sie auf langfristige Verbindungen trimmen. …

Heute ist HCL Software vom Stand weg schon #20 am weltweiten Software-Markt. Und wir haben die Top 10 fest im Blick!

über Tom Zeizels Blog: Wir sind HCL !!! – DNUG

Einfach den kompletten Beitrag lesen. Mir manchmal etwas zu viel rosa Farbe vom heiligen Geistschreiber, aber die Zukunft wird bestimmt besser.

Und nochmals alle Gute! Ich werde die Entwicklung mit sehr viel Sympathie begleiten.

(Stefan Pfeiffer)

Licensing Update For Cloud Customers – Connections, SCN/Verse and DAC

5. August 2019 Posted by Francois Nasser

On July 16, 2019, HCL announced the End of Marketing/End of Service of Connections Cloud and Domino Apps on Cloud (DAC) with services ending July 16, 2020. As part of this announcement, Richard Jefts, GM and VP of Digital Solutions shared our cloud strategy moving forward.

Core to HCL’s philosophy is transparency, simplicity and commitment to a relationship beyond the contract. We intend to apply these principles to our licensing strategy to smoothly transition customers into the appropriate license terms in line with their actual use of our products and services. Our licensing transition will ensure that customers continue to have the entitlements that they have been using under the Dual Entitlement part numbers on-premises while maintaining the flexibility of term licensing and user counts instead of PVU counts. This will ensure that customers continue to take advantage of the vast investments HCL is making in Domino, Verse on Premises, Notes, Connections, Docs and Sametime.
The table below depicts current entitlements made available with the Dual Entitlement part numbers.

HCL customers who are currently licensed under part numbers D1HYBLL, D1HY8LL, D1HY5LL or D1HY2LL will be transitioned as follows at renewal time:
Customers deployed on the cloud:

  1. Will be able to renew as well as additional purchase users under the DE licensing model from IBM
  2. Term of the renewal will end on July 16, 2020, coinciding with the EOS date
  3. On or before July 16, 2020, customers will be able to transition to the new below on-premises part numbers

Customer not deployed on the cloud:

  1. Will be renewed on a new term, on-premises licenses that will provide like for like entitlements at the same price of a Dual Entitlement renewal with HCL

Dual Entitlement to on-premises part number mapping:

Below is the mapping that will be used for customers transitioning from Dual Entitlement to on-premises licensing. The mapping ensures that customer will continue to have entitlements to the same capabilities they have with their Dual Entitlement part numbers. Customers currently under D1HYBLL and D1HY8LL will also receive additional on-premises entitlements highlighted in yellow below under part number TN100231.

The mapped-to part numbers are Monthly Licenses including Entitlement, Subscription & Support like the originating Dual Entitlement part numbers.

If you have any questions, our global team of product specialists are ready to assist you. We are excited about the future of our Digital Solutions portfolio, and we are enthusiastic about sharing our bright future with you.

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Update on HCL Acquisition of IBM Collaboration Portfolio

16. Juli 2019 Posted by Richard Jefts

HCL is pleased to have completed the acquisition of IBM’s Collaboration offerings, fulfilling a key step in building a robust Digital Solutions portfolio.  We are excited about the future. Our goal is to provide our customers with a better-connected business by providing integration, personalization, and openness. By doing so, we will better connect the elements of your business, and help you harness the power of your business outcomes, data and people for a richer Digital Enterprise. You can read the press release here.

In the weeks ahead, HCL will share our vision for the Digital Solutions portfolio, and the four product pillars – Domino, Connections, Digital Experience and Sametime. Achieving that vision requires continued technology decisions and adjustments to align the portfolio strategy. 
At HCL, we know cloud, and on-premises, are both important delivery options for our customers today, and they each remain pillars of our foundation for the future.   While the IBM approach to delivering the Collaboration portfolio via IBM SoftLayer has many great elements, the HCL vision calls for a roadmap that delivers increased flexibility, ability to integrate across multiple cloud services, and an ongoing product velocity and innovation.  
By taking a modern approach, HCL can deliver results and business outcomes that are critical to your organization – that can scale to meet our customers’ demands as your businesses evolve. Consequently, we’d like to expand upon the way our customers can enjoy our Digital Solutions by providing our customers with your choice of the cloud:

  • HCL Cloud – An agnostic SaaS platform that can leverage best in class Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings while creating an open, flexible service that integrates with industry-leading technologies. 
  • Private Cloud – Continuing with our commitment to on-premises, HCL will optimize its deployment strategy to reduce customers’ total cost of ownership and better enable adoption of our latest and greatest software releases via continuous delivery. Specifically, for Connections, Sametime, and Domino deployed for both mail and applications.  
  • Partner-led Cloud – Our business partners are masters of deployment, support, and enablement of the Connections Collaboration portfolio.  By enabling them to deploy, provision, and support their own cloud local to you, our customers will have new opportunities to leverage a cloud deployment while keeping their data close and seeking geo and industry-specific certifications that matter to their businesses, specifically, for Connections, Sametime and Domino.  

This has implications for our existing cloud customers. As is documented at the End of Marketing/End of Service announcement on HCL.comeffective immediately, HCL will no longer sell new subscriptions to Connections Cloud and Domino Apps on Cloud (DAC) services. Accordingly, the services will end on July 16, 2020.  
Naturally, existing customers may purchase additional seats as needed to remain compliant with their license agreements for the remainder of the period of service.

  • The Connections Cloud offerings include SmartCloud Notes & Verse, Connections, Engagement Center, Docs, and Sametime.
  • HCL will continue to maintain the current Connections Cloud environment to the standards to which you have contracted until that end of service date.  There will be no further enhancements made during this period, with the exception of critical fixes and security updates.

 For the Domino portfolio, specifically:
Based on our analysis of the market, mail will continue to be a core capability of the Domino platform for the foreseeable future. However, to drive greater innovation and velocity across all deployment options, HCL has no plans to provide a like for like replacement for Smart Cloud Notes or Verse on Cloud. Instead, clients will be invited to transition to their own private cloud, or partner-led cloud solution using the latest release of Domino and Verse on-premises. 
In summary:
HCL is excited about the future of the Digital Solutions portfolio for both on-premises and cloud. In the coming weeks and months, you will learn more about our vision and strategy, which will position us to greater product velocity and innovation.
We are bringing you this message today because we want to be transparent and open with our customers, HCL Masters and business partners.  We plan to provide you with advice on appropriate migration strategies to the new HCLapproach we’ve just discussed or back to an on-premises deployment.
HCL has a wealth of experience in outsourcing, partnering and services led solutions where we work with our clients to ensure least disruptive outcomes as they wish to transition from their use of an IBM Cloud offering to our modern HCL stack.  We are confident that this investment in our future will magnify the success of our customers.
At HCL, we value your business, and we know you will have questions. We want to hear from you, so please reach out to us or contact your HCL sales representative with your questions. 

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DNUG 2019-04-09 16:21:23

9. April 2019 Posted by Peter Schütt, IBM

IBM Connections ist nicht nur einfach “ein Facebook für Unternehmen“. Artikel und Fotos von Gastautor Daniel Luginbühl, Belsoft IBM Connections gibt es seit 2007 – mehr als 12 Jahre. Auch wenn sich über die Jahre und auch in den letzten Quartalen sehr viel geändert – verbessert – hat, so ist es doch an der Zeit […]

Der Beitrag erschien zuerst auf DNUG.

Tom Zeizels Blog: Wie Connections immer besser wird

8. März 2019 Posted by Thomas Zeizel, IBM

Tom Zeizels Blog: Wie Connections immer besser wird IBM Connections ist 2007 erstmals auf den Markt gekommen und hat sich schnell als weltweit führendes Social Business Tool etabliert. Über die Jahre ist allerdings viel passiert: So ist der Hype um den Begriff „social“ deutlich abgeflaut und neue Technologien haben den Markt an vielen Stellen verändert. […]

Der Beitrag Tom Zeizels Blog: Wie Connections immer besser wird erschien zuerst auf DNUG.