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2 Notes Google Calendar Synchronizer Tools

5. Oktober 2015 Posted by Noteshexe

Tool: AweSync  Description: Automatic scheduled synchronization and conflict handling (two way sync) Selection of one or more Google calendars for synchronization Privacy options to disable synchronization of certain fields and more license: commercial (30 days FREE fully working trial) Last Update: 2015-08-31 synchronization mode: two or one way Install:  very easy to install and use

Troubleshooting Calendaring: Outlook Users cannot process or open meeting invites sent from Lotus Notes.

24. Mai 2012 Posted by Noteshexe

jetzt auch eine IBM Technote anlog zur Microsoft KB Problem: Users cannot process or open meeting invites sent from Lotus Notes. They receive 2 .ics attachments and one is named “not supported calendar message.ics” Symptom: Outlook users can’t accept meeting invite from Notes users Per Microsoft’s article “The “not supported calendar message.ics” attachment is [...]

Troubleshooting Calendaring: Improving interoperability for users of Outlook and Exchange calendars

15. Mai 2012 Posted by Noteshexe

Kompatibilitätsmodus, Client-Erkennung und Domänenzuordnung sind Funktionen, die Interoperabilität zwischen Benutzern von Lotus Notes-Kalendern und Benutzern anderer Kalendersysteme erheblich verbessern kann. Der Kompatibilitätsmodus verhindert den Datenverlust bei wiederkehrenden Besprechungen für Benutzer anderer E-Mail-Anwendungen als Lotus Notes, die Einladungen mit Notes-Benutzern austauschen. Die Client-Erkennung und die Domänenzuordnung ermöglichen dem Domino-Administrator, über die Mailrichtlinie E-Mail-Anwendungen den Domänen in [...]

Troubleshooting Calendaring: Lotus Notes – Outlook Nr.2

1. Mai 2012 Posted by Noteshexe

Problem: An invitee to a meeting who uses Microsoft Outlook is able to become the chair of a meeting originating from a Notes user. Once the Outlook user becomes the chair, they may cancel the meeting. Symptom: Meetings are cancelled by invitees who received iCal invitations from Lotus Notes users. These users are using Microsoft [...]

Troubleshooting Calendaring: Lotus Notes – Outlook

17. April 2012 Posted by Noteshexe

Problem: Meeting invitation from Outlook / Exchange to Notes invitee appears in the user’s Inbox as a plain email. Symptom: iCalendar invitation converted into a memo. CauseIn this case, it was found that the Outlook / Exchange chair had the Notes user’s address saved in Contacts. IBM cannot determine why this would have such an [...]