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Tools for my handbag – Part 3: Mouse whitout Borders

10. November 2017 Posted by Noteshexe-admin

Description: Mouse without Borders is a product that makes you the captain of your computer fleet by allowing you to control up to four computers from a single mouse and keyboard. Microsoft’s Mouse without Borders is a free utility tool that allows the users to share their mouse and keyboard for up to 4 computers. This application uses a wireless network to

Tools for my handbag – Part 3: Free SMTP Server Connection Diagnostics Tool – very easy and fast

23. November 2015 Posted by Noteshexe

Das erste Tool habe ich vor langer Zeit bei einen Kunden endeckt ( Danke noch einmal ) und es hat einen gravierenden Vorteil: Der Satz „Teste bitte mal schnell deine SMTP Connections von XXXXX verliert plötzlich an ……“ Ich denke die meisten wissen was ich meine …. ( Telnet, Putty, wie waren noch einmal die

Tools for my handbag – Part 2: Mail Header Analysis Tools to Help You Work Faster (Online and On Premise)

19. November 2015 Posted by Noteshexe

Mail headers can help delivery issues, like delays. But if you’ve ever tried looking at a full message header, you know that it can be a bit confusing to read. Mail Analysis Tools That Help Us Work Faster Nachrichten Header sind oft verwirrend und einfache Analyse Tools unterstützen bei der Analyse und Fehlersuche. Sie können

Domino Navigator 2.2 – Freeware Tool for IBM Notes Domino developer and admins

9. November 2015 Posted by Noteshexe

„Domino Navigator Tool“ offers IBM Notes Domino developer and administrators faster ways to access data inside a Notes database; faster ways to edit data; better ways to troubleshooting…… Tool: Domino Navigator 2.2 Developer: Erik Schmalz (Germany Dresden) Target group: IBM Notes Domino developer and administrators Lizenz: Freeware Language: german Installation: verry easy ( Help) Tested:

2 Notes Google Calendar Synchronizer Tools

5. Oktober 2015 Posted by Noteshexe

Tool: AweSync  Description: Automatic scheduled synchronization and conflict handling (two way sync) Selection of one or more Google calendars for synchronization Privacy options to disable synchronization of certain fields and more license: commercial (30 days FREE fully working trial) Last Update: 2015-08-31 synchronization mode: two or one way Install:  very easy to install and use

sync your IBM Notes Calendar entries to Google Calendar to mobile Device (Example Android mobile Device)

9. November 2014 Posted by Noteshexe

CalSync ist ein kleines Tool um den IBM Notes Kalender mit dem Google Kalender zu synchronisieren. Eine einfache kostenlose Lösung, wenn auch nicht als Firmenlösung geeignet. Die Installation ist denkbar einfach, da keine Installation erforderlich ist. Das Zip File auspacken und die Calsyn.exe starten   CalSync is a little tool that runs in the background […]

Neue Version des All-in-one Admin Tools

9. Dezember 2013 Posted by Oliver Regelmann

IBM hat die Version 1.2 des All-in-one Admin Tools veröffentlicht und unterstützt damit auch Domino 9. Das Werkzeug bietet eine Reihe von Helferlein:

1. Remove Profiles Tool

  • Tool to present a selectable list of profile documents for removal from a database. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not use this tool to remove the OOO profile.
  • For more information about this tool, see the "Additional Information" section below

2. Out of Office Diagnostic Tool

3. Prohibit Design Element Tool

  • Presents design elements that have the prohibit flag enabled with the option to remove the flag. (See related wiki article titled "Prohibit Design Element Tool")

4. Copy Database Tool

  • Create a LotusScript, document-level copy of a mail database

5. Rebuild Mail Database Inbox

  • Rebuilds a mail database Inbox, which may become necessary due to corruption or the accidental removal of documents from a folder. See related technote #1104973 - How to rebuild a Notes mail inbox

6. Edit Database ACL

  • Given a list of mail databases this tool will set the ACL entry for the mail file owner to editor, designer, or manager

7. Find Duplicate Templates

  • Locate duplicate templates on a server and provide comprehensive list of duplicate templates, identifying which ones are the original

8. Disable Background Agents

  • Given a list of mail databases this tool will enable or disable all background agents in a database by editing the database property "Disable background agents for this database". (See related technote #1380020)
  • This tool leverages C API functions and allows you to edit a property is not accessible via LotusScript

9. Create Mail Database Spreadsheet

  • Given a server name in your organization this tool will gather your specified mail database attributes and create a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file to be opened and manipulated in spreadsheet format. (See related technote #1268625)

10. Document DXL Export Tool

  • Export a select document to XML format to analyze it at a more granular level

11. Fix Duplicate Folders

12. Log Analysis

  • Tool to search given list of text files for particular string and output to a text file

13. Mail Database Search

  • Searches a directory or selected mail databases for a particular string where the results are output to the log as document links (See related technote #1259256)

New version of ACL & Cluster Tool published on OpenNTF

11. November 2013 Posted by Stephan Kopp

Today, I published a new version of my ACL & Cluster tool.

- New feature to apply the mail-/homeserver of each mailfile owner as adminserver


- from the setup document, you can now send console commands to execute the agents immediatelly (useful for testing)


For more details and download, go to the project page on OpenNTF

Feature requests and bug reports are very welcome!

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SwiftFile 4.2 for IBM Notes Client 9.x

7. Juni 2013 Posted by Noteshexe

What Is SwiftFile?  SwiftFile uses a text classifier to learn each user’s mail-filing habits. SwiftFile learns to predict the three folders into which the user is most likely to place each incoming message. The predictions are presented to the user as three shortcut buttons that allow the user to quickly file each message into one [...]

Übersicht über die ACLs aller Datenbanken

15. April 2013 Posted by Oliver Regelmann

Die catalog.nsf bietet dem Domino-Admin eine Übersicht über die ZUgriffskontrolllisten der Datenbanken in seiner Umgebung. Haken dabei: es ist eine Option, ob eine DB überhaupt im Datenbank-Katalog aufgeführt wird oder nicht:


Es könnte also sein, dass einem hier wichtige Datenbanken gar nicht angezeigt werden, weil die entsprechende Option nicht aktiviert ist.

Mit dem Tool AuditServer von OpenNTF lässt sich eine solche Liste on the fly generieren, ungeachtet der Katalog-Einstellung:


Man klickt einfach auf “Audit Server Content”, gibt den Servernamen und einen Suchstring für Datenbanknamen an (* für alle) und wartet, bis die Liste generiert wurde.

Zusätzlich gibt es noch ein paar nette Übersichten nach Serveragenten oder Replik-IDs.