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Moving Your Mail from SCN/Verse: What You Need to Know

19. Dezember 2019 Posted by Andrew Manby

We recently hosted a well-attended webcast focusing on in-depth how to move your mail from Smart Cloud Notes/Verse to your Domino server of choice (on-premises or in a managed cloud environment). In this session, we shared technical guidance on how to move both hosted and service-only mail users. Representatives of our new HCL Managed Service Providers joined us for an interactive Q&A. Here are the questions — and answers. You can watch the replay here.

Q: If we don’t want to move back to on-premise Domino mail solution, what is our option to remain in the cloud?

A: HCL has negotiated with several Cloud Hosting Providers globally to provide cloud hosting for Domino mail, applications, Sametime and Connections services. Find those Cloud Hosting Providers here.

Q: What about hosted customers migrating from SCN to another mail service? Will this be covered, or what is there some approach in this case?

A: This webcast focused on migration to on-premises Domino. HCL is not planning to provide tools to customers who wish to migrate to another mail service. Furthermore, customers who are migrating from SCN to another mail service will need to work with a third party to migrate their mail.

Q: What happens if a customer also has Connections? Is there a similar process in place for migrating to on-premises? Will there be the same session for Connections migration?

A:  For on-premises migration, Connections has a set of open public APIs. If you choose one of our Cloud Hosting Partners, listed above, they can assist with the migration. Also, migration scripts are created that obtain the source data — more information to be provided in a future webinar on HCL Connections Cloud migrations.

Q: What about encrypted mail?

A: For hybrid, replication will also include encrypted mail, the user will still be able to decrypt it with his/her notes ID. However, for service only, users should decrypt mail before migration or replication on-premises, as the “Super Delegate” ID will not be able to decrypt encrypted mail.

Q: For service, only accounts, will the unread marks be replicated?

A: They are replicated, as unread marks, but will not appear for the “Super Delegate” user.

Q: To confirm, for service only accounts, the replication is JUST with client Notes. Does it mean that I cannot use a local Domino server to do this?

A: Yes, via a workstation service, only replication is possible that has a Notes client installed.

Q: For SCN service, only accounts is it possible to obtain a list of groups with email addresses and members of the groups?

A: Yes, service only customers are provided with an extract containing public groups. It can be possible by opening a ticket with HCL Software Support.

Q: How do you create the replica stubs on the on-prem server? Doing it one by one manually is not feasible. Will HCL provide a tool?

A: Script version is available. The replicate DB tool can help with this process. The tool will be available for download by customers.

 Q: Is it possible to do server to server migration with SCN service only organization. Is it correct that HCL will NOT provide organization certification to create an on-premises server to be able to replicate server to SmartCloud Notes servers?

A: HCL does not distribute certificates from the cloud environment. Rather, SCN Hybrid customers will have copies of their licenses and SCN service; only customers must create new ones, and they cannot be cross-certified in the cloud.

Q: Does the staging server/migration superuser id need to be cross-certified? If no, how does the on-premises get access? When must you move the data to the on-premises server?

A: The Super Delegate account used for service-only migration is certified the same way as any other user, so no cross-certification is needed to access SmartCloud Notes. To replicate the data to on-premises mail servers, if the particular ID is in use, then it must be cross-certified with an on-premises organization or organization unit certifier so that it can authenticate with the on-premises mail servers. Above all, for hybrid accounts, the SCN servers and the on-prem servers typically have a common org certifier, so no cross-certification is needed there.

Q: For service only migration, we can’t decommission users with connections licences. So how can we route the mails from other SCN to our new on-premises mail server?

A: The Connections environment will route mail to wherever the SCN smart host or MX record for the domain(s) tells it. During the migration, you set up the SCN smart host property on the domain(s) to point at the new mail environment. However, mail for the users routes to wherever the smart host indicates, removing the SCN subscriptions for them. Once all SCN users migrate, you update the MX record to point to your on-premises environment so that all emails will route there directly.

Q: For service-only users, will the LDIF list include the size of mail files? If not, how do we obtain mail sizes for all users?

A: The LDIF file does not contain mail file size information. However, the “Super Delegate” account (or any other account with access to the mail files) can obtain information about the mail files through the administrator client or programmatically, such as with the SmartCloud Notes Mail File Analysis Reporting tool.

Q: Can a customer request the total volume that the customer uses?

A: You can open a ticket with HCL Software Support to get this information or download the SmartCloud Notes Mail File Analysis Reporting tool and run it as needed to gather mail file information.

Q: Last time I checked only Notes Client IDs of active SCN users were allowed NRPC access into SCN (i.e. no IDs of Domino on-premises servers even if added to the mail files ACL), so replicating multiple mail files out of SCN onto a local Domino mail server wasn’t possible. Has that restriction been removed?

A: Authenticated on-premises server to SmartCloud Notes server access, never restricted for hybrid accounts; for example, free-time lookup between on-premises users and SCN users necessitated such access. For service-only accounts, access to SCN mail servers limits to Notes client workstations. To obtain mail file access, the on-premises server name(s) (for hybrid accounts) or delegate name(s) (for service-only accounts) must add to all mail file ACL’s, either directly or via a group. The organization’s administrators can do it. A migration guidance document will be made available for download addressing this topic. 

Q: You mentioned ACL Update Utility. Where do you get that?

A: That is available in the SCN Admin console in HCL Connections Cloud; navigate to SmartCloud Notes administration panel, users then link to batch request.

Q: How is it possible to remove the subscription of a user? Is this option greyed out for our users?

A: To address this, open a ticket with HCL software support.

Q: Will mobile users need to reconfigure their clients?

A: Yes, mobile devices will be required to reconfigure. MDM solutions can help with the burden on users of client reconfiguration. Please check with your preferred MDM service provider.

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