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New White Paper: Synchronize the Value Chain: Collaborate with your Business Community

8. August 2012 Posted by Stefan Pfeiffer

Customers are now more demanding than integrated with their business community ever before, with increased access to technology - and therefore information - this undoubtedly puts a strain on enterprises.

Because of customers’ unlimited acess to information, enterprises need to find a way of serving these customers flawlessly, while keeping up with their changing demands. The most effective way for organizations to do so, is to increase the levels of integration and collaboration with their supply chain.

It has been well established that enterprise organizations view the process of integrating their value chain as a complicated and difficult exercise.

However, one thing that all enterprises will need additional assistance with, particularly in the current economic climate, is their ability to serve and retain customers - and by default - improve their financial performance. Therefore, these enterprises need additional clarity around how effective value chain synchronization can increase that performance. Integration is no longer enough.

In order for an enterprise to reach its full potential, it must understand the importance of the business community, be able to collaborate with everyone involved, and most crucially, ‘synchronize’ the value chain.

In March 2012 IBM appointed specialist technology market research house Vanson Bourne, to interview 700 IT decision makers across the globe. This White Paper is the result of the survey demonstrating the need of integrating, synchronizing and collaborating the value chain and build an open and collaborative business community. We at IBM call it becoming a Social Business ...

The White Paper is available here for download.