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[EN] European Companies Stay the Long-term Course towards Social Business – Forbes

5. April 2013 Posted by StefanP.

Unfortunately I was not able to make it to the Enterprise 2.0 Summit in Paris a few days ago. But my IBM buddies Sandy Carter, Rawn Shah  and Yves Darnige were there speaking, connecting, collaborating. Rawn wrote this blog posting on Forbes about the event. I found two parts in particular interesting: The KPIs which Philippe Boremans of Van Marke layed out and Rawns comments on the difference between Social Business in the States and in Europe. This question obviously keeps me awake at night (not really ;-) ) and I wrote most recently, why Germany is one of the leading countries for Social Business (at least under an IBM perspective) and needs to go further down this path:

Philippe Boremans of Van Marke described how they did their homework to understand how to optimize business processes across the 1200 person company. … From their analysis, they developed a series of work process-focused goals and measurable KPIs:

  • Reduce General and RFP Offers respond cycle time of Projects
  • Reduce cost of losing employees before end of probation period
  • Improve Employee Productivity through More effective Organizational Collaboration
  • Increase Employee Productivity through Faster Access to Role-specific Information
  • Reduce Cost of Manual Data Collection, Consolidation, and Reporting
  • Reduce lost time spent leaving voice mails
  • Reduce internal conversation telephone calls and related cost
  • Reduce Cost of IT Helpdesk by Providing Self-service Access to IT Support
  • Reduce Printing and Distribution Cost
  • Reduce volume of emails attachments

The goals that organizations vie for are not very different from those in organizations across the pond, here. Regardless of organization size or industry, there seem to be many common goals and narratives that emerge. Yet there are things that are quite European.

There is a sense that the E2.0 issues in Europe are different than those particularly in the USA because of the different national cultures, laws and regulations. There is also a held view of stronger roots in hierarchy in organizational management structures that is at odds with the networked— … —structure of social environments. These exist just as well in the USA I can assure my European counterparts.

via European Companies Stay the Long-term Course towards Social Business – Forbes.


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Announcing Call for Abstracts – IBM Exceptional Web Experience Conference Europe 2012 – Open through Monday March 12, 2012!

20. Februar 2012 Posted by Stefan Pfeiffer

As the world becomes more socially connected, experiences -
especially web experiences - matter more than ever.

The Call for Speakers & Abstracts is now open for the IBM Exceptional Web Experience Conference in Berlin, Germany, 13 - 15 June 2012. We invite you to submit conference breakout session and hands-on-lab abstracts for consideration to one of six tracks in either the Business or Technology Programs.

Please review the conference program and track descriptions below.

Exceptional Web Experience Business Program
Targeted at line of business leaders, business analysts and executives

Track 1: Customer Case Studies and Industry Solutions
This track features real-life experiences shared by customers detailing business objectives, implementation approaches and best practices. Attendees will learn from these case studies how to successfully plan and deliver exceptional web experiences for their customers that drive loyalty and satisfaction, and intranet web experiences that help to improve employee productivity. Topics will include project goals and analysis, industry specific approaches, implementation and governance techniques, and best practices.

Track 2: Accelerating Solution Time to Value and ROI
This track features proven strategies to plan, justify, implement, and manage business solutions and approaches that meet and exceed rising customer, and employee expectations, as well as increase partner and customer service levels.

Track 3: Optimize Web Experiences for Business Results
This track features proven strategies and best practices that can enable business leaders to drive profitability and growth with web experiences crafted to increase customer engagement and retention.
Also covered are approaches, tactics and capabilities key to empowering employees to be more efficient and productive. Topics will include the benefits of being a social business, setting the right delivery and consumption strategy, embracing analytics and campaign management approaches, and more.

Exceptional Web Experience Technology Program
Targeted at a technical audience consisting of IT professionals including architects, administrators, developers,and integrators.

Track 4: Web Experience Platforms and Solutions
This track features foundation technologies and solution innovations that power Exceptional Web Experiences inside your company and those facing your customers.

Track 5: Developing Exceptional Web Experiences
This track features how to design and build robust, interactive web experiences that will delight your audiences by leveraging an extensive portfolio of development technologies, templates, solutions, and Web 2.0 design practices.

Track 6: Best Practices and Implementation
This track features entry-level and advanced technical information and guidance from leading product architects and services professionals. Attendees will learn how to deploy and manage scalable, high performing web platforms to support business objectives, change and growth in dynamic environments, and enable new levels of efficiency and agility.

To submit an abstract to be considered for presentation at this event click on Submit Abstract  or

to access the submission form.

Note: you must be a registered user of Lotus Greenhouse to access the form. To register, access this link. and select Join Now!

Deadline for submissions is Monday March 12, 2012

If you have questions about your submission, contact:
Lauren Wendel or Sonia Malik soni

Thank you for helping to make the 2012 IBM Exceptional Web Experience Conference a success!