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foresee’s InteracTable Collaboration Room provides an innovative form factor for emeeting participation with Sametime

23. April 2012 Posted by Stefan Pfeiffer

"At CeBIT 2012 we were invited by IBM to exhibit at their booth. We showed our most recent and game changing project for a large german group.
The collaboration room supports the management when coordinating their worldwide divisions as well as distributed teams cooperating on projects around the globe.

Back in 1999, when we started, or today: the main focus is on USABILITY.
We created a very intuitive and easy to use interface and use the most advanced multitouch hardware as well as our own development kit for multitouch gestures. Last but not least our products InteracTable and ScreenMate provide the suitable work environment to get people involved and actively participating.

But this time there is an even bigger story to tell. And this is IT SECURITY.
The complete backend of our collaboration software works inside the intranet and is fully integrated into the collaboration software of IBM (Sametime)."