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Social CRM moves your business to where your customers are going

18. Oktober 2012 Posted by Lars Basche



Guest post by Chris Bucholtz


Imagine that, for some reason, your business decided to serve only customers who called you on the telephone. Walk-ups would be ignored; mail orders go directly into the circular file; emails are be deleted without ever being opened.


That would be dumb, wouldn’t it?


But that’s a little like the attitude that people who deride social CRM are bringing to their businesses.


Increasingly, customers are living their lives in social media. It’s where they talk about their lives – people, places and things. In fact, you might sell some of those things they’re talking about.


So why would you deliberately ignore those conversations? By not having a social CRM strategy, that is what you’re doing. It’s like you’re excluding potential customer information because it’s being provided in a format that’s not convenient for you.


So start taking advantage of social CRM and social media. First, start listening to what’s being said about your business, and bring technologies into play that allow you to record and organize that data. Next, start thinking about ways to use what you’re hearing to identify places where you can join into the conversation. The word “social” implies a two-way exchange of ideas; that means opportunities to identify potential new customers and to foster loyalty with the customers you already have.


This can seem like a lot of work – and it can be. But, like anything in the CRM world, the key to effectively introducing these new concepts is to match them with pain points that exist in your organization. Start gradually and expand. If your sales team is lacking data to build rapport with potential customers, use social to give them more data. If support is being criticized in social media, build a social component into your customer support organization to allow them to satisfy these customers. If marketing is searching for insight on how the company is perceived by its target customers, give them the ability to listen in to what customers are saying.


Social CRM is not a replacement for CRM – none of these capabilities can be fully utilized without a CRM solution deployed and functioning as a foundation for your efforts. But it will open up an entirely new dimension for your CRM efforts – and since it’s a dimension where your customers are dwelling more and more every day, it makes sense that you join them there.



With 17 years as a technology and business under his belt, Chris Bucholtz took over the role of editor in chief of the CRM Outsiders blog in 2011. He first focused on customer relationship management as the editor of InsideCRM, then moved to Forecasting Clouds in 2009 to continue honing his views on how the discipline of CRM can impact the entire business.

SugarCRM becomes the core of IBM’s next-generation CRM » Ovum

21. August 2012 Posted by Stefan Pfeiffer

IBM has a number of internal transformation projects under way, all of which have been brought into the CIO’s office. One very significant transformation is the move away from a traditional sales approach of micro-managing the sales representatives, toward “social selling”, which leverages a variety of technologies, social and otherwise. When IBM started developing this next-generation selling method, the team was not focused on “social” but instead on dramatically increasing the productivity of the sales team. As IBM looked at the challenges of a typical sales team member, a variety of issues surfaced that began pointing toward using social, collaboration, analytics, and other technologies and applications, not only to increase the efficiency of sales representatives, but also to enhance internal collaboration as well as external conversations. ...

Recommendations for enterprise and public sector IT

While still a nascent concept and not yet productized, enterprises and public sector organizations looking for a new approach for taking their relationships with customers and constituents to a higher level should engage IBM in conversation. The outcome in the short term would not necessarily be to buy anything, but to use the insights for long-term IT and CRM strategies and planning.

Large enterprise and public sector organizations with a CRM procurement project under way or planned should definitely include SugarCRM on the vendor long list for evaluation along with other vendors they are considering.

Very interesting view by Carter Lusher from Ovum. I am looking forwrd to use the new Social Selling-solution soon.

This video shows some of the integrations between SugarCRM and IBM Connections:


Social CRM Requires a Commitment to Becoming a Social Business – SugarCRM Sponsor des IBM Social Business JamCamp

4. Oktober 2011 Posted by Stefan Pfeiffer

Social CRM is really an additional layer on top of the CRM foundation. It requires that commitment to CRM — but it also requires a commitment to becoming a social business, one that embraces the revolution in communications and the shift in the control of the conversation from the business to the customer.

"Social" hat einen enormen Einfluss darauf, wie man als Unternehmen seine Kundenbeziehung gestaltet. Das reicht vom Kundendienst bis zur Produktentwicklung, wie Chris Bucholtz von SugarCRM in seinem Posting auf CMSwire beschreibt. Es erfordert eine neues Verständnis, eine Erweiterung des herkömmlichen CRM-Prozesses ebenso wie die Akzeptanz der neuen sozialen Kommunikationsformen, um so den Weg zu einem "Social Business" zu gehen. Ich habe es ja auch kurzem für Vertriebsmitarbeiter skizziert.

Brillant fasst Chris zusammen, dass es nicht darum geht, dass eine Reihe von Youngstern auf ihren iPhones herumspielen. Es geht um ein grundlegendes Verständnis:

A social business is one that understands the opportunities that the social media revolution presents and shifts its thinking and its information-handling processes to take advantage of those opportunities.

Your customers have all gone social. Your employees have all gone social. Your competitors are becoming social. At a certain point, you need to suck it up and recognize that this is the way the world now interacts.

Tom Schuster, Vice President and General Manager of SugarCRM Europe, wird am 19. Oktober auf dem IBM Social Business JamCamp über Social Business und Social CRM sprechen. Ich freue mich darauf und danke SugarCRM für die Unterstützung als Sponsor der Veranstaltung.