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The Future of App Development: Volt MX v9.5 Release

16. Januar 2023 Posted by Andrew Manby

Tomorrow, HCL Software will be releasing our two-part webinar covering the latest release of Volt MX. You can still pre-register here. There’s something for everyone in our development community in the new v9.5 release.

Get an intro to the powerful capabilities of our platform, or dive right into the latest features and demos. Choose your adventure with our two-part webinar that you can access anytime.

If you’re unfamiliar with Volt MX, it is an industry-leading multiexperience low code platform. We’ve helped organizations across industries build app solutions that solve customer and citizen engagement and employee experience challenges. Some examples include:

  • Powering citizen experience for over 2 million residents of a middle eastern country
  • Helping a top insurance company develop an app to support more than 3,000 agents
  • Partnering with a global consumer goods company to localize their app across 30 countries

Our success stories consistently show how Volt MX helps companies meet their customers where they live digitally and reduce complexity and time to deliver solutions. Volt MX v9.5 delivers the following capabilities.

Super and micro app development: The most notable feature of the new v9.5 release is the support for super and micro app development. Super apps are built as an ecosystem of micro apps that cover a range of uses. Through super apps, businesses create more value and “stickiness” for their end users by providing personalized, seamless, and engaging experiences — all in one, connected digital journey. IT teams also benefit from better use of development resources, less interdependency, and ease of maintenance of mini apps for themselves and working with third parties. HCL is the largest MX Low-code platform vendor to add support super app development.

>> Read our detailed blog post about why super apps matter to your business here.

Automate complex processes: Enhancements to Volt MX workflows enable users to build and automate complex processes easily and visually and support various complex use cases, such as parallel workflows, without constraints. Total workflow automation is supported without needing other business process software, delivering significant time savings for end users and development teams while reducing cost and complexity.

automate complex processes

Let’s see this in a real-world scenario. With Volt MX, a streamlined airline maintenance workflow can use parallel workflows to:

  • trigger multiple actions (i.e., send a notification and assign a task when a report is received)
  • assign tasks to multiple owners (both a janitor and plumber are notified)
  • close a report when all tasks in the parallel sections are complete

Fast and error-free deployment. Volt MX eliminates the need for manual app testing by using built-in automated test processes directly within the developer experience. Begin running automated tests at the start of the app lifecycle rather than at later stages of development. Developer benefits include:

  • Higher quality code, ensuring the best user experience for end users
  • Time and cost savings during the QA and testing process
  • Easier combination into CI/CD processes, preventing bad code from merging into the main code

Increase collaboration between development teams and business units. The Volt MX App Viewer allows development teams to generate previews of apps on mobile and tablet devices and collect feedback from business stakeholders before publishing. This results in faster prototyping, iterations, and deployment, eliminating the need to re-publish through app stores.

Developer teams can generate a code for anyone in the organization (e.g., business users, QA team) to review the app in the Viewer. Team members can leave comments within the app, which developer teams can view directly on Volt Iris IDE.

the future of app development

Additional release features and enhancements:

  • Containers: New deployment options include Kubernetes and Docker containers in AWS, Azure, GCP, and Red Hat OpenShift. Unlike our competitors, HCL offers you the freedom to choose the deployment that meets your needs for data privacy and security.
  • Accessibility support: Widget enhancements to support WCAG 2.0 and 2.1 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) compliance for Volt MX apps.
  • App rebranding: Enhancements to dynamically change the look of the app, including font and color updates
  • Home screen widgets: Support to add widgets to iOS home screen part of iOS 16
  • Support on the latest hardware and operating system releases:
    • Mobile: iOS 16 and Android 13
    • Windows: Volt Iris is supported on Windows 11
    • Apple: Support for Apple Monterey OS and M Series Macs

Want to learn more about this release?

Want to learn more about Volt MX?

hs.ProcessConnect – die Metamorphose Ihrer Workflows

26. November 2021 Posted by Gerda Marx

In jedem Unternehmen gibt es Abläufe die automatisiert erledigt werden, da sie immer wieder vorkommen oder manuell sehr zeitaufwendig sind. Egal ob es um Bestellungen geht, die durch einen Mindestlagerbestand automatisch ausgelöst werden oder Benutzeraktionen z. B. für die Genehmigung von Urlaub. In jedem Unternehmen treffen wir sie an!

Unternehmen die auf Microsoft/Office 365 oder SharePoint On Premises setzen, haben die Möglichkeit kleinere Workflows über verschiedene Microsoft Applikationen wie Workflow 2010, Workflow 2013 oder PowerAutomate zu verarbeiten. Diese sind in erster Linie auf das Microsoft Ökosystems zugeschnitten, Drittanbieter können oft nur einzelne Bereiche abdecken, so dass mitunter mehrere Lösungen in einem Unternehmen genutzt werden, die jeweils in ihrer eigenen Welt agieren. Mehrere Lösungen bedeuten jedoch auch höhere Ausgaben für die Lizenzen und die Betreuung der Systeme.

Ob Sie nun unterschiedliche Systeme nutzen oder mehr aus ihren aktionsgetriebenen Workflows unter Microsoft/Office 365 oder SharePoint On Premises herausholen wollen, Sie sollten sich hs.ProcessConnect ansehen! Wenn Sie keine Insellösungen, sondern ein vernetztes Zusammenarbeiten für alle (richtigen und wichtigen) Geschäftsprozesse einsetzen möchten, sollten wir uns unterhalten!


hs.ProcessConnect verbindet und verknüpft nicht nur Microsoft 365/SharePoint On Premises mit Camunda, der führenden BPMN 2.0 Prozesslösung, sondern sämtliche businessrelevanten Anwendungen. Dies können sowohl HCL Notes Anwendungen als auch andere „Rest-fähige“ Applikationen sein. Des Weiteren können Workflows aus Quellanwendungen (z. B. HCL Notes) nach Camunda migriert werden. 

hs.ProcessConnect kann noch mehr. Wir stellen Ihnen auf der European Collaboration Summit, vom 29.11 – 02.12.2021 in Düsseldorf, hs.ProcessConnect vor. Sie finden uns auf dem Stand 51-56 der Major League SharePoint. Kommen Sie vorbei, wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch.

Sie können aufgrund der aktuellen Situation oder generell nicht zur CollabSummit kommen? Dann kontaktieren Sie uns direkt. Vereinbaren Sie mit uns einen unverbindlichen Termin für eine Präsentation vom hs.ProcessConnect.