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Using iNotes as your default mail client

16. Oktober 2013 Posted by Stephan Kopp

Did you know that you can configure iNotes as your default mail client?

I didn’t know that and answered this question wrong many times, sorry for that to all persons concerned…

The new iNotes 9 is great and in many disussions we came to this question:
“iNotes is great, but can we use it with the send to function of windows?” – YES, you can!

I never noticed that it is possible, because I use Internet Explorer only as a download tool for a better browser…
You see this option in your iNotes Preferences NOT in Firefox or Chrome!

Just open your iNotes Preferences Basics tab:


And hit the button “make default”:


Now you can use all Operating System mail integrations even with iNotes.

(sorry, it is a german screenshot, but I think you know what I want to explain…)

And if you implement SPNEGO, your users even don’t have to login to use iNotes…

That’s quite a good user experience for a webmail interface in my opinion!


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