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Lektüre für Führungskräfte im digitalen Zeitalter: Ohne Deine Mitarbeiter geht es nicht

2. Februar 2018 Posted by Stefan Pfeiffer

Dieser Beitrag von Gartner, der in meinem Posteingang gelandet ist, passt zu den Dingen, die mich derzeit umtreiben und bewegen. Hoffe mal, dass manche wirkliche Führungskraft das ernst nimmt:

Adopt the principle of “people first”’

In the digital environment, leaders cannot simply “manage” work. They have to engage their workforces and inspire people to participate. It’s not enough for leaders to know what they want to achieve when starting new initiatives; leaders have to listen to employees from the outset, asking them how they see proposed outcome.

Leaders can inspire employees by removing individual insecurity or personal restrictions, helping them define their part in the mission and providing a perspective of personal rewards. The next part for leaders is to work with employees, determine the nature and volume of their work and get them to commit to it.
Develop trust and collaboration continually

Collaboration is the key to success for leadership in the digital age. But collaboration is simply not possible without shared purpose, individual and collective engagement, and commitment.

via 3 Characteristics of the New Digital Leader Mindset – Smarter With Gartner