The Countdown to the Newest HCL Domino and Sametime Begins! Join Us for Our Global Launch

15. April 2021 Posted by Richard Jefts

I am thrilled to announce that registration is now live for what will surely be a true, blockbuster event on June 7. This exclusive virtual event celebrates our latest versions of HCL Domino v12 and HCL Sametime. The first 1200 registrants got a free gift (we blew past that number in a couple of days!).

I personally love the amazing video that helps capture the excitement as we could down the days to these “breakaway” releases. (An agenda will be released soon. Follow us on Twitter to get the latest.) 

The launch event will include thought-leading sessions, demos, customer speakers, and more. And, it kicks off an exciting collection of Domino content delivered in a series we are calling the “Domino Dozen” (once you’ve registered for the launch, you will have access to this program). Each day, for 12 days following the launch, we will drop a new, essential Domino-related treasure. These pieces will include webinars, panel discussions, and technical deep dives, early access to special programs, thought leadership pieces, and more.  

Also, join us for the closing keynote and happy hour on June 23 — we are calling “Nerdi Gras,” as a hat tip to the days of Lotus past. We will be releasing a party kit soon, with downloadable favors, so you can join in the fun.

For those of us who’ve been on this Domino journey with us for so many years — and for those of you we will be welcoming as new customers — we can’t wait to celebrate.

Join us.

Digital Week 2020: Oh, What a Week It Was!

17. November 2020 Posted by Richard Jefts

Something big just happened. And it was amazing. Our very first truly digital mega event, Digital Week 2020, just wrapped in the Americas and EMEA. For those of us who joined us live, we hope you felt as invigorated and inspired as we did. We had 2,225 people sign up to participate. We had 75+ unique sessions of content — from thought-leading discussions with analysts and influencers to zippy, quick tech roundtables and coffee chats, we covered a wide range of topics, trends, and technologies.  

We had more attendees at our keynotes — and more meetings and conversations — than ever before. Dion Hinchcliffe (from Constellation Research) and Wayne Kurtzman (from IDC) both signalled to the market that we are a low-code powerhouse. We had major product releases — including the world premiere of our new game-changer, HCL Volt MX (that session had more than 500 attendees to show up for this exciting news). In addition, we launched new, exciting versions of HCL Digital ExperienceHCL Sametime PremiumHCL Connections v7, and gave a preview of HCL Domino v12 and our vision for the future of the digital office. 

For data geeks, check this out: We had 2+ terabytes and 35 hours of content plus almost 50 hours of breakout HCL Sametime meeting rooms. Oh, and only 5 instances of “can you hear me?,” 7 of “is this on?” and 27 of “you’re on mute.” Plus 11,250 beverages were consumed at the coffee chats and happy hours. Oh, and ZERO miles were traveled.   Watch this video, which captures the buzz and energy of HCL Digital Week 2020.  

Thank you for joining us. You helped us achieve bigger conversations, bigger sessions, and bigger releases. Thank you for making our first truly digital event as possible and powerful as it was — and we have another great lineup for the first week in December for our customers, partners, and friends in APJ.   

We are poised and ready to be the partner of choice for digital transformation. Let’s transform the future — together. See you at the next great event! 

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Open Source at HCL Software

5. November 2020 Posted by Richard Jefts

From the very beginning, there has been strong intent for HCL Software (formally HCL Products and Platforms) to be a key player in open source — for us to be involved in external communities as participants, contributors, and leaders. As strong as that intent has been it has taken us time to build our internal communities, training programs, and means of prioritization so that we at HCL Software could contribute in a consistent and sustainable way. Well, that time has arrived. 

HCL Software’s OSPO (open-source project office) has approved our participation with the Jitsi community. This long-standing community is dedicated to an open and modern meeting environment with technology that challenges many of the existing proprietary tools. We will be over the coming weeks and months submitting fixes and new features that we have developed while building our chat and meetings solution, HCL Sametime Premium. We are also working with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and OpenNTF

The value of an open-source community can be immeasurable at times.  We have all seen this with examples like the Apache Software Foundation or Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and how passionate communities and developers can make amazing innovations to technology that truly makes a difference.  These are the types of communities we at HCL Software want to contribute to on an ongoing and consistent basis. 

For our own customers, new samples are being published on our new HCL Software public repository that demonstrate capabilities or provide simple tooling for HCL Software’s products including samples for the HCL Domino AppDev Pack and soon some of our product documentation. 

We are firmly committed to expanding our participation in other open-source communities and industry consortiums. HCL Software will be a leader in the open-source movement with growing contributions and participation over the coming months and years. This will allow us to dramatically increase our velocity in features and functions and will result in higher quality products for our customers and partners. But even more importantly, it will enable our customers and partners to work with us in a more transparent and productive way. 

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Digital Week 2020 is Coming

21. September 2020 Posted by Richard Jefts

It’s with great excitement that we’re announcing Digital Week 2020! Starting November 9, HCL Digital Solutions will be hosting a blockbuster virtual event that’s not to be missed. From thought-provoking keynotes from analysts and influencers at IDC and Constellation Research, to a packed agenda filled with incredible product announcements and technical sessions that will make even the biggest geek excited, we know Digital Week 2020 will be one for the record books.  

The whole week will be full of news and announcements about our entire HCL Digital Solutions portfolio — including the world premiere of HCL Volt MX, a multiexperience app platform and our newest product. This week is truly global, and we will be live from everywhere — on 6 continents and in 8 languages.

Digital Week 2020 is a week-long experience (one each for Americas/EMEA and APAC), with three distinct event streams:

DS IMAGINE 2020 (Monday | Tuesday):  

Business models are shifting and the way we work has been flipped upside down. And yet, there is the ever-present need to drive new revenue and meet shareholder and customer expectations. Technology is evolving so quickly that you have to adapt and transform how you do business. Join us for two-days of thought leadership sessions and portfolio announcements that every business leader will want to attend. Let’s transform your business.  

DX INSPIRE 2020 (Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday):  

After last year’s success, we have DX Inspire 2020, our second-annual user group and conference centered on HCL Digital Experience. Come learn how we’ve transformed — so you can deliver business-critical digital experiences at the speed of cloud. Our HCL DX Fall 2020 release delivers more value from your existing on-prem investments with the added speed of new cloud capabilities, reimagined content tools, and faster and lighter app dev. Join us to get exclusive access to demos, experts and our HCL DX leadership team.  

FACTORY TOUR 2020 (Wednesday | Thursday | Friday): 

Come geek out with us backstage and get your hands on our latest industry-leading technologies and demos. You’ll get further insight into our new releases, join roundtables and technical sessions, participate in breakout rooms and “cafes,” and compete with your peers in our global HCL Domino Volt Hackathon! Come show off your skills and build the future with us! 

We are putting the final touches on our Digital Week 2020 event app — built on HCL Domino Volt — that will give you full access to more than 75 sessions. In the weeks leading up to the event, keep an eye out for your verified account login information so you can view the detailed agenda for each event. 

Starting the first week in November, you will be able to access every session live from within the event app, just like a TV guide.  

Join us. This just can’t be missed! 


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We Are Now 120 days from a Very Important Date!

17. März 2020 Posted by Richard Jefts

On July 16, 2019, HCL announced the End of Marketing/End of Service of Connections Cloud and SmartCloud Notes (SCN) with services ending July 16, 2020.

Conceding that you have not yet decided on what your plan is, the time is now to move forward in planning that decision.  We are 3 months from the existing cloud service shutting down. Please complete this survey to help us better understand how to best support you over the next 3  months.

As you might imagine, we at HCL are hopeful that our investment strategy in the collaboration products you have inspires you to move ahead with us in a new environment.  That being said, we know that some of you will have to make alternative plans.  We are doing our best to prepare you concisely and transparently.  To that end, you have the following options:

  1. Move your data to an approved HCL Cloud Hosting Managed Service Provider
  2. Move your data on-premises, to a private cloud, or a third-party cloud provider
  3. Do nothing and lose all data after July 15, 2020

 **Note: No data will be accessible on the existing cloud service after July 15, 2020**

In case you are currently in discussions with an approved HCL Cloud Hosting Managed Service Provider, we strongly encourage you to sign your contract, and get your data migration scheduled and proceed down this path:



Supposing that you are not working with an approved HCL Cloud Hosting Managed Service Provider but would like to move your cloud data to an on-premises environment, private cloud, or a third-party cloud provider, please see the API documentation about the Connections Cloud data extraction and migration.
Below we have outlined clear next steps for each of our affected products:

For SCN/Verse customers, we recommend you start your mail data migration now.

  1. Get started today by contacting the service provider of your choice — see our roster of HCL Cloud Hosting Managed Service Providers
  2. Read our SCN/Verse data and user migration FAQ
  3. Download and use our Mail Offboarding Resource Guides
  4. Begin your migration!
  5. Please complete this survey to help us better understand how to support you over the next 3 months

For HCL Connections customers, we highly recommend you:

  1. Get started today by contacting the service provider of your choice — see our roster of HCL Cloud Hosting Managed Service Providers
  2. Watch the playback of the recent webinar here discussing the data migration process specific to HCL Connections, how to get started, and all you need to know.
  3. Read the Connections Data Migration FAQ
  4. Please complete this survey to help us better understand how to support you over the next 3 months

Office Hours! If you still have any questions about how to get started, we can help! We are hosting 4 cloud migration office hour sessions to answer your questions. You will be directed to a public Box link, where you will be prompted to download an ICS file that has all the call-in information there for you to import into your calendar. Pick a date/time that works for you then download the invitation and import it into your calendar and join us!

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HCL Celebrates International Women’s Day

6. März 2020 Posted by Richard Jefts

HCL thinks about diversity the way we think about product innovation — both are essential to the success of our business. When we relentlessly innovate, our products become more valuable and essential for creating growth and positive business outcomes for our clients. When we focus on diversity and inclusion for our employees, we create more room for innovation and concrete results for our business. We believe that our focus on diversity in the workplace as a core value gives us and our clients the freedom, we need to achieve our goals.

And to be clear, the business case for diversity is well-known — companies with higher diversity in management earned 38% more revenuein the last three years than those with less diversity.

Our commitment to gender equality

For more than 40 years, HCL has been at the forefront of employing and empowering women. We have consistently and consciously furthered this cause through various initiatives, as well as creating a larger social environment that facilitates gender-equal workspaces.

We, along with #IWD2020, believe an equal world is an enabled world. We want to celebrate women’s achievement, shine a light on and combat gender bias wherever we see it, and take meaningful actions to drive gender equality.

HCL has been very active in spotlighting the crucial role that women play in the technology industry through our own Red Ladder Initiative that celebrates, advocates, and fosters women’s leadership. The program identifies and recognizes top-performing and high-potential women leaders and uses them as role models for other aspiring women — and men — in STEM fields. The initiative was a winner of Stevie’s Award for Women in Business 2017, in the category of “Women Helping Women.”

To foster stronger career development, we’ve launched focused programs for our mid-level women managers to quicken their elevation to leadership positions, and delivered programs for senior women managers which focuses on their career progression with key learning elements like one-to-one mentoring by senior leaders, peer coaching for domain and technical skill enhancement, and blended learning with multimedia programs from globally acclaimed learning partners. These programs were recognized by Brandon Hall with the “Best Advance in Women Leadership Development” (Gold Award, 2017) and the “Best Diversity and Inclusion Strategy” (Silver Award, 2018) by Brandon Hall.

Yet, there is still a long way to go to forge a true balance for the better.

Just this past month, our team, the HCL Digital Solutions portfolio, comprised of HCL Domino, Digital Experience, Sametime, Connections and Leap, was very excited to announce the grand opening of our new HCL Lab in Vijayawada, India, hosted by our Chairman, Shiv Nadar, which will be staffed with 70% women engineers.

Not only does this lab help us build a diverse global team, but it will be the genesis of our HCL Domino Applications Modernization team, with the mission to enhance and extend the value of the millions of applications used by our 20k+ clients. This team will also drive overall increased velocity and engineering efficiency for our HCL Digital Experience and Connections products. As with everything we do, this site’s opening represents the investments we are making in our products, but more importantly in delivering on our commitments to you, our clients and partners.

In my career and life I have been fortunate enough to have women in both my professional and personal life that I have learned from. And I am happy to say that I continue to learn from women —  every day.

With our relentless goal to provide more value and innovation to our customers — and delivering on our mission of “Relationship Beyond the Contract” — the HCL Digital Solutions portfolio is positioned to deliver enterprise digital transformation to our customers for many years to come. But we can only do this if we consciously hire, promote, and empower women from a diverse spectrum of races, nationalities, sexual orientations, gender identities, ages, and religious beliefs.

Join me in our mission, and challenge yourself to ask, “how will I help forge a gender equal world?”

#IWD2020 #EachforEqual

Richard Jefts
General Manager and Vice President of Development
HCL Digital Solutions


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Next Steps: Data Migration for SCN/Verse and Connections Cloud Customers

13. Februar 2020 Posted by Richard Jefts

On July 16, 2019, HCL announced the End of Marketing/End of Service of Connections Cloud and SmartCloud Notes (SCN) with services ending July 16, 2020.

To make the migration as smooth, safe and secure as possible, and to ensure the future of our customer’s data and software, HCL has appointed a small number of HCL Cloud Hosting Partners/Managed Service Providers to deliver cloud services directly to you.

Below are key resources and next steps for all customers affected by this announcement:

HCL Notes and HCL Verse customers:
1.    Get started today with your data and user migration with our HCL Managed Service Providers
2.    Read our SCN/Verse data and user migration FAQ
3.    Download and use our Mail Offboarding Resource Guides

HCL Connections customers:
1.    Get started today with your data and user migration with one of our HCL Managed Service Providers
2.    February 27 at 9 AM ET: Register for our webcast: Moving ahead with Connections Cloud: A Practical Guide to Next Steps

Our goal at HCL Software is to provide ongoing and transparent communications during your cloud migration. For any questions, concerns, or feedback, please email us directly.

Thank you,

Richard Jefts
General Manager and Vice President of Development, HCL Digital Solutions

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Important News About HCL Lotus Protector for Mail Security

10. Februar 2020 Posted by Richard Jefts

Security is more critical now than ever in our everyday lives and the continued functioning of a business and in the email systems that carry our daily business correspondence.

HCL has evaluated the market for software and services that provide this level of security for mail and has decided that market-leading vendors better meet our customer needs.

As is documented in the End of Marketing/End of Service/End of Life Announcement on effective February 11, 2020, HCL will no longer sell HCL Lotus Protector for Mail Security. Support for this product will end on February 11, 2021.

HCL realizes that companies using HCL Lotus Protector for Mail Security as part of their overall corporate security and required to ensure the safe use of your mail environment.

HCL is happy to announce that we have partnered with Proofpoint Inc.* to provide an alternative solution. Proofpoint’s proven solution for HCL Domino can provide a solution that will keep your business correspondence safe and secure.

Proofpoint will work directly with you to migrate to the appropriate solution in their portfolio without disruption to your business.  You can contact Proofpoint directly, via email.

In summary, while HCL will no longer provide a solution for your mail security. Proofpoint’s proven solution for HCL Domino can provide a solution that will keep your business correspondence safe and secure.

If you have questions, please send us an email.


* Proofpoint, Inc. (NASDAQ: PFPT) is a leading cybersecurity company that protects organizations’ greatest assets and biggest risks: their people. With an integrated suite of cloud-based solutions, Proofpoint helps companies around the world stop targeted threats, safeguard their data, and make their users more resilient against cyber-attacks. Leading organizations of all sizes, including more than half of the Fortune 1000, rely on Proofpoint for people-centric security and compliance solutions that mitigate their most critical risks across email, the cloud, social media, and the web.

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We Delivered! Domino and Sametime v11 Are Here

20. Dezember 2019 Posted by Richard Jefts

At HCL Digital Solutions, we are proud to bring our customers and business partners a significant new version of Domino and Sametime. To learn more, we’ve assembled a compendium of videos and resources for you to explore:

Here is the link to upgrade now.

HCL Domino and HCL Sametime v11
Watch the launch video here.
Visit our Domino product page here.
Visit our Sametime product page here.
Introducing HCL Domino Volt
Watch the launch video here.

HCL Nomad: Zero-Effort Mobile Apps
Watch the launch video here.

Mail Experiences in v11
Learn about HCL Mail and HCL Verse here.
A Closer Look at Sametime v11
Watch the launch video here. See the product page here.

Domino on Docker
Watch our “Boot Camp” video here.

New Partnerships
Find out about OnTime and ApprovedContact: Free Time Busy.
Learn how Panopta Makes Domino Monitoring Radically Easier

Domino V11
Nomad (iPad, iPhone and Android Tablet)

Notes V11

Designer V11

Traveler V11

Sametime V11


iNotes V11

HCL Lifecycle Information
HCL Client Advocacy
HCL Support (browse our knowledge articles, interact with us on the forums and open a case)
Thank you for your continued support. And, best wishes for a Happy New Year.
Domino and Sametime Product Teams

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Live from Tokyo: Questions Asked and Answered

18. Dezember 2019 Posted by Richard Jefts

On December 4, when we announced HCL’s first significant releases for Domino, Notes, Sametime, and Connections, we broadcasted live from Tokyo. Thousands of customers and partners tuned in from all over the world, and more than 50 business partners held concurrent viewing parties to celebrate in more than 20 countries. We had almost 4 million impressions on social media. We answered hundreds of questions in real-time, but there were so many we couldn’t get to them all. Here, are your smart questions and our useful answers about what this launch means for these products, and you.  

You can read a recap of the recent launches here. You can replay all content from the Live from Tokyo event here.


Q: The mobile app in HCL Nomad is only for lotus notes app, right? No Xpages

A: Correct, HCL Nomad runs existing Notes apps both online and offline, unchanged. There are no plans to support Xpages-built apps.

Q: Cloudevents support is amazing!

A: We think so too! Here are additional video content on Domino Event Publisher and Cloudevents available.

Q: No mention of Xpages and yet I understand you have announced the intention to not only support but “invest”? Do you have anything to add here, please?

A: Beyond supporting customers using Xpages, we did announce that we would make targeted investments. Primarily to specific library versions. Details to follow in 2020.

Q: Does the Domino Event Publisher mean that there will be a new version of App Dev Pack for version 11?

Yes, there is an AppDev Pack version 1.0.3 coming out at the end of 2019. Besides the preview version of the Domino Event Publisher, it contains fixes to existing functionality. Also, DQL witnessed some significant updates.


Q: When will Notes/Domino 11 be released?

A: Domino, Sametime and Notes will be delivered on December 20. Nomad for Android is available; Nomad for iOS will be available on or before December 23.


Q: Which version of Traveler and Sametime is compatible with Domino V11?

A: There are V11 versions of Domino, Sametime and Traveler available on December 20, 2019.

Q: Is a direct upgrade from version 8.5.3 to version 11 possible too?

A: Yes.


Q: Will Orient Me still be packaged with the Component Pack?

A: Yes, Orient Me will be packaged with the Component Pack.

Q: Will Connections 6.5 be deployed to Connections Cloud as well?

A: As cloud customers move off the legacy Connections Cloud environment to our cloud hosting providers, customers will have the latest and greatest versions of Connections capabilities, including Connections 6.5.

Q: Are there any short learning videos about Connections available?

A: We have these live on our HCL Digital Solutions YouTube channel! Check it out. And it’s available to be translated in anyone’s local language.

Q: Does Smarsh Connected Capture have a new release for HCL Connections 6.5

A: Existing Smarsh versions are compatible with Connections 6.5.

Q: Is Sidebar easily customizable?

A: Sidebar is customizable via Connections Customizer. We will work on an extensions model via the Application Registry the same way we already offer Client Extension models in Orient Me and the Important to Me bar. See our Connections YouTube channel.

Q: Is there an integration between Connections Activities and Notes to Dos and other to-do apps?

A: It’s a great idea. However, it’s not available in Notes v11, or Connections 6.5. Please submit your idea to our ideas portal.

Q: Is Sidebar based on the component pack or WebSphere?

A: Sidebar is available in the core Connections (aka WebSphere) stack.

Q: Will a newly invited external member run through the onboarding wizard?

A: Every user will run through the onboarding wizard Touchpoint the first time they use Connections. The onboarding wizard can also be customized to be rerun or require the acceptance of certain usage terms

Q: Will, the Social Sidebar, be available in Notes?

A: No, the Social Sidebar runs in a browser, not in Notes.

Q: Will feature “Invite a new external user to the community” or “share file with external ” available?

A: As in previous versions of Connections, Connections 6.5 allows you to include external users in your Communities and share files with external users

Q: Where is a user registered (to which directory) once registered using Invite feature of HC6.5

A: They will be registered to the directory dedicated to external users (a separate directory has to be specified to support external users).

Q: Activities Plus / Kudos Boards: Is the number of users who can use activities plus & boards limited?

A: Activities Plus is available to all Connections users at no charge, and licenses for the desired number of users for full Kudos Boards capabilities can be purchased.

Q: Connections team need to follow Sametime in removing WAS and DB2 within a year (preferably in version 7).

A: Thank you for the feedback. Connections already run on Oracle or SQL Server databases, and we will have more to share on the Connections architecture over the coming year.

Q: When can we have access to the new HCL Connections?

A: HCL Connections 6.5 has been released already and is available for download on Flexnet. December 20th is for Domino, Notes, and Sametime; Nomad the 23rd.


Q: When will Enterprise Integrator be available for v11?

A: HCL Enterprise Integrator will be available for both v10 and v11. It is scheduled for Q1-2020. The communication about the exact timing to be done soon.

Q: Will there be a direct update path from Domino 9 to Domino 11?

A: Domino enables you to upgrade directly from v9 to v11.


Q: As promised, V11 to launch with all languages but when will you release Group 2 languages for v10 including Russian?

A: There will be another communication with the specific details of additional language pack support for both v10.0.1 and v11.

Q: When will Domino/Notes v11 French version be available?

A: HCL plans to make the language pack available for French with the rest of the Wave 1 languages in 1H-2020. Stay tuned for communication on the exact date.


Q: Is there any alternative to ILMT to track and record the license usage?

A: Customers can elect to move to the Per User Metric model provided in V11 of Domino and Sametime. You will need to use either ILMT or BigFix to track PUVs.

Q: Will there be a Community Edition for domino and other products?

A: HCL is replacing the Community Edition with access to a Domino and Sametime trial license. The exact details will be available in the coming weeks.

Q: Using V11 licensing, if a customer has 500 users and want to has multiple Domino servers, how many user licenses do they need to purchase?

A: The new licensing model charges for the number of users irrespective of the number of Domino servers.

Q: Will there be changes regarding supporting programs in the future? A lot of the products had other IBM products included as supporting programs.

A: Details of the entitlements and supporting programs will be available when Domino, Notes and Sametime ships.

Q: Will we find out about licensing options for Domino?

A: There will be a License Primer available in January to all customers, HCL Masters and Business Partners.

Q: How will the Utility server license be replaced? Surely that doesn’t work with a per user basis.

A: In the initial release of v11, there is no replacement server-based such as Domino Server or Xworks available. HCL plans to have an alternative solution in 2020.


Q: How many participants were there in the live broadcast?

A: Thousands and thousands, plus more than 50 business partner led viewing partners in over 40 countries!

Q: Are there any newsletters for partners for regular updates and happening around HCL Domino?


Q: Where can we see the deep-dive content?

A: Please visit our YouTube channel for all the latest video content from launch.


Q: Where can I ask general questions about browser support for conventional Domino applications?

A: As part of v12, HCL Nomad is extended to run Notes apps natively on a browser. This means you don’t need the Notes client or ICAA installed. Stay tuned for more information.

Q: Is there a long-term plan for HCAA? (e.g. will it be in v12)

A: HCL will continue to develop and enhance HCL Notes, and augment support for running apps using HCL Nomad. In v12, when HCL Nomad will be able to run Notes Apps in a browser, we expect customers to switch to this new approach immediately. However, HCAA will be available in v12.


Q: Is Notes 11 compatible with Domino 9.0.1?

A: Yes, Notes applications and custom templates will work in the v11 client. However, the embedded experience was removed in v10.


Q: Is Panagenda Upgrade FREE for v11 included in the entitlements?

A: No, Notes includes MarvelClient Essentials code. Upgrades to a full license of MarvelClient is available from panagenda themselves. However, you can use the MarvelClient Essential to help your upgrade of the Notes client from v9 to v11.

Q: Panopta integration is awesome.

A: Thank you. They are an excellent partner and solution. To learn more about the Domino and Panopta integration, there is additional content available here.


Q: Will Domino 11 support for IBM iservers?

A: Yes, Domino v11 is coming to IBM i. It will follow after the initial shipment of December 20 by the end of Q1-2020.


Q: Are there sales contact here locally in the USA? I’m having difficulties dealing with the service overseas.

A: Please reach out to Shannon Batson Shuburte, Head of Sales for North America, HCL Digital Solutions.

Q: I would like to have a local contact here in the USA to discuss HCL Software and our migration from IBM

A: Please reach out to Shannon Batson Shuburte, Head of Sales for North America, HCL Digital Solutions.

Q: How do I find an HCL Business Partner here in the USA?

A: Please visit our HCL Partner Connect webpage here.


Q: When will it be possible to integrate Sametime Meetings and Sametime A/V in Connections (as we had in Connections 4.5)? Just click to video conference?

A: We are working with the Connections team to identify a roadmap in 2020 once the new Sametime Meetings capability is available. Stay tuned.

Q: When will Sametime v11 have online meeting and screen sharing?

A: The new Sametime embedded Audio/Video and Meetings capability will be available mid-2020.

Q: Sametime on Linux will include Web Conferencing?

A: Yes, we’ll have both Windows and Linux releases of Sametime v11 Meetings next year in mid-2020.

Q: Will there be a review of the old IBM Project Toscana? Persistent Chat and Interfaces to different Notes / Domino products, etc.?

A: Sametime v11 supports persistent chat including with groups, and when we integrate with Connections in 2020, we will have team/channel chat. We’re also enhancing our SDKs and integration with other products, both HCL and third party.


Q: Any word for End of Life of version 9?

A: HCL Digital Solution has honored the IBM Support Lifecycle for Notes, Domino and Sametime. Hence, there is no change to the previously announced extended support of Notes, Domino and Sametime 9.0.X date of September 2021.


Q: What training be available for Domino administrators and developers?

A: Outside of updated product documentation, insight about how to use the new capabilities are being developed by HCL Masters, Business Partners, and the community.


Q: Will Domino Volt be available for customers with Messaging license as well?

A: Yes, Domino Volt will be available as an Add-on for customers with both Complete Collaboration and Messaging Licenses.

Q: Domino Volt is what was known as LEAP on Domino?

A: Domino Volt was the project formally named Sandstone. It is based on LEAP and combines HCL’s best low-code and application development platform capabilities into a single offering.

Q: Does HCL Volt cost extra?

A: The pricing model for Domino Volt will be available when the offering is available in 1H-2020.

Q: Do HCL Masters have access to Volt today? How do I get it?

A: Domino Volt will be in closed beta by early 2020 for the HCL Masters, and HCL will be emailing them very soon.

Q: I’m confused. What’s the difference between Volt and LEAP?

A: Domino Volt is based on Leap and combines HCL’s best low-code and application development platform capabilities into a single offering. HCL LEAP is a standalone product that runs on WebSphere and DB2.

Q: Is HCL Domino Volt a replacement of Notes workflow?

A: Domino Volt is a superb platform for building new applications with a simple workflow. However, in our roadmap for v12, we intend to add a graphical workflow experience to the Domino platform. We will be looking at the functionality of Lotus Workflow as one use case.

Q: We have been told multiple times that LEAP on domino will be entitled within the domino license. Has that changed?

A: As you know, any forward-looking statements about any roadmap are subject to change. While the pricing of HCL Domino Volt will be released with the product in 1HG-2020, it will be very competitively priced, i.e., incremental to the cost of Domino.

Q: Is there any training material available for Volt?

A: Training and other reference materials will be made available when the product is released.

Q: Can you use Volt to update the interface for an existing legacy Domino database?

A: Domino Volt is for creating new applications. These could be new applications that integrate existing Domino data. However, Volt is not designed for updating or modernizing existing Domino applications

Q: Will Volt eventually replace Designer?

A: While they share the same Domino application platform, Designer is for the professional mid-code developer that build traditional Notes apps; Volt for the IT and Business Professional.

Q: Is there an upgrade path from LEAP to Volt? Will LEAP continue to get enhancements?

A: While there are no announced plans, we expect there will be an upgrade path from HCL LEAP to HCL Domino Volt in the future. In the meantime, HCL LEAP will continue to be enhanced.

Q: What about the Domino Volt license model?

A: While the details will be announced in the 1H-2020 when the offering is available, the license model is based on a per-user metric. We want to encourage customers to build applications, so there is no per App or Flow metric, unlike some low-code competitors.

Q: Any ERP integration? Or Connectors for MuleSoft?

A: HCL Domino Volt supports access to SharePoint and any REST or SOAP-based APIs, including those from SAP. However, we plan to add support for other integration solutions such as Dell Boomi and Mulesoft.

Q: Are Volt apps browser only? Can you get to it in Notes?

A: Correct, they are web-based apps. However, we will be working to enable them to work within HCL Nomad. There are no plans to add support for the Notes client.

Q: How can we register for the beta of Domino Volt?

A: There will be both a closed and open beta of Domino Volt. The closed beta will be open to HCL Masters only by the end of 2020. Details about the Open Beta will follow.

Q: Is Volt a direct competitor to one of the low code leaders, Outsystems, for example?

A: Yes, HCL Domino Volt is a low-code application platform. With this solution, existing customers will not need to make a major investment in a separate platform for their development needs for situational apps, workflows and core systems such as Outsystems.

Q: Is what being announced available right now (i.e., Domino Volt)?

A: Domino Volt will be in closed beta by EOY for the HCL Masters, and available for Domino v10 and v11 in H1-2020.

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Recent Launches and a Look to the Future

18. Dezember 2019 Posted by Richard Jefts

We in Digital Solutions marketing are new to HCL. And we have a lot to do. The recent logo and branding re-imagining and the launch that we broadcast live from Tokyo is the beginning of a new era.
From a marketing perspective, we wanted to signal a change, put a flag in the ground to say, “Forget what you knew about these products; it’s time to look forward.” And after only a few weeks, we delivered an entirely new brand with new logos and creative under HCL Digital Solutions. We leaned heavily into a new color pallet, and completely redesigned all product logos. It was a chance, not one often given to marketers, to remake something that is already well-known and revered.
Our lead designer on the project was Liam McCormick, and I think he describes the design system best when he tells us, ”We went in search of something in HCL’s history that we could build upon, and what we found was what we considered the design DNA in the original HCL logo — it is shear angle of 24.24 degrees. We took that angle and built a grid system, and (take or leave a few hundred iterations) the new logo family was born from this original structure which can always be traced back to the mother brand of HCL.” And trust me, we could not have had better talent working on this redesign (Liam also helped design the Cisco WebEx and Vodafone logos).

But that wasn’t all we needed to do. We needed to capitalize on the momentum started with the launch of HCL Domino v10 to the rest of the portfolio. The first out of the gate on October 7, 2019, was HCL Digital Experience 9.5, a proven digital experience management platform and the very first product release for the newly acquired products. The new release provided many significant business and technical benefits, including unsurpassed standardization and flexibility, accelerated time-to-market, liberated experience delivery, and a lower total cost of ownership. And hundreds of clients and valuable business partners joined us in-person in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Milan to celebrate the launch.
Then, just a mere five months after the acquisition the major moment had arrived — on December 4th, 2019, HCL announced the general availability (GA) for HCL Domino v11, HCL Sametime v11, and HCL Connections v6.5. It was a milestone moment for the business, and I want to give a round of applause to the development teams that made it happen, many of which didn’t even have access to the code until post-acquisition in July. They worked tirelessly to reinvent the products and deliver on our commitments to our customers and business partners around the world. But it was the excitement that surrounded the launch that made me burst with joy, and our willingness to do something different that led to unforeseen impact.
    “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” —Coco Chanel
Too often teams throw around words like “different” or “amazing,” but not acknowledging what we were able to accomplish with this truly “different” type of launch would be a misstep on my part as a leader. We knew we couldn’t go to a market like IBM — we aren’t that type of company, and frankly, it was time for a change. So, I tasked my team with thinking outside of the box for this launch.
And think outside of the box they did. They came to me with the idea of running a “Netflix-style” launch in which we broadcast the keynotes “Live from Tokyo” and then deliver 35+ pieces of new content ranging from thought leadership pieces to technical deep dives all at once in a “binge-able” format. I was dubious of course, but if there ever was a time to try it — now was that time.
After months of planning, we all got onto planes and flew to Tokyo for our big day. On December 4, 2019, at 9 AM ET (11 PM locally) we went live to the globe for the announcement of HCL Domino v11 and HCL Connections 6.5. And the impact was immediate: Thousands upon thousands of customers and partners tuned in live all over the world, and over 50+ business partners held concurrent viewing parties to celebrate in 20+ countries. The world map looked like a lit-up Christmas tree!

And it wasn’t just the marketing team that delivered impact in such a short timeframe. The product management and development teams made significant technical advancements for these products. We announced:


HCL Domino v11 builds on our mission: Apps that run your business.

  • Domino apps go mobile: HCL Nomad makes your existing apps available on Apple iPhone and iPad, Android and Chrome OS tablets with minimal effort
  • Domino apps get low-code development: HCL Domino Volt provides a new low-code development paradigm to build new Domino apps 60-70% faster and makes it easy to develop powerful new secure applications without any specialized skills rapidly
  • Domino apps integrate and synchronize: HCL Domino v11 is the most open version of the platform yet, with active directory synching to simplify integration with Microsoft Office 365 and enable enterprises to more fully leverage Domino with other tools and applications across their business

HCL Connections 6.5 has powerful new features to drive adoption and builds a foundation for future releases:

  • Bring your community with you. Connections Sidebar, an always-on dashboard connects your users to Connections from anywhere in your IT environment
  • Grow your communities faster with Connections Touchpoint, an onboarding wizard that connects new employees to the communities and content they need
  • Do more with Kudos Activities Plus — rapid, agile project management built for every employee

HCL Sametime v11 delivers secure conversations across every device:

  • Sametime has a new, intuitive user experience that works the way your users do
  • Built with the latest tech — now supported on Docker with the Sametime proxy running on Tomcat
  • Lower TCO than ever, with a simplified architecture and easier administration

Suffice it to say, this launch was one for the record books, but it is only the springboard with which we will start a new decade. And if you were to ask me what I felt like this moment meant for us, I’d say it’s providing the foundation for real innovation on the platform. Which brings me to where are we going.
Where We’re Going
Our transition to HCL has meant moving not just a suite of products but also people and teams. If there’s one question that the leadership team gets asked the most by our customers and partners, it’s, “Are you going to invest in the products?”
It’s a straightforward question, and there’s a straightforward answer to it: Yes. I, for one, am incredibly excited and humbled by the amount being invested into the teams developing these products, the marketing and sales engine that drive them, and into the teams solely dedicated to pushing the bounds of what’s possible on our platforms. With that, here are a few of the essential ways we are investing — deeply — in our teams and technology:

  • We are hiring hundreds upon hundreds of new developers around the world dedicated to HCL Domino, Sametime, Connections, and Digital Experience
  • We are substantially increasing our global marketing investment for brand building, awareness, and lead generation for our portfolio
  • We are focusing on innovation and the “art of the possible” by naming Jason Gary, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for HCL Digital Solutions, to lead R&D and push the bounds of what these products can do
  • And finally, we are further investing in our people like the Domino & Sametime product management team 

At HCL, our motto is “Relationship Beyond the Contract.” And we mean it. My commitment to you is that we will listen to you more and be bolder in our plans. We don’t have the luxury or the crutch of working for a software behemoth anymore, but we also don’t have the red tape to stop us from trying new things. Our marketing will be different — I assure you.
But more than anything, know that this is only the beginning, and I am so excited about where we are headed. It’s time for all of us to usher in a new decade at a new company for these legendary products.
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year,

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The Moment We’ve Been Waiting for: HCL’s Global Launch of Domino v11, Connections 6.5, and Sametime v11.

3. Dezember 2019 Posted by Richard Jefts

Are you ready to join us? The moment we have all been waiting for is here: The global launch of the newest versions of Domino, Connections, and Sametime. Domino v11 catapults us into the next generation of app dev. Connections 6.5 drives user adoption and builds a strong foundation for our future releases. Sametime v11 has a new, sleeker user experience.

But this is about more than just product releases. This launch represents a major milestone in HCL’s commitment to our customers and to modernizing and innovating a whole portfolio.

The excitement is building around the world. We are broadcasting live from Tokyo today, December 4, and thousands of customers, technologists, leaders, developers, and admins have signed up to participate from all around the world. From India to Arizona, we have almost 50 Business Partners hosting viewing parties of this launch, at company headquarters, conference centers, and even karaoke bars, making this launch one for the record books.

Our team has made significant technological advancements for these products. We are proud to announce:

Domino v11 builds on our mission: Apps that run your business:

  • Domino apps go mobile: HCL Nomad makes your existing apps available on Apple iPhone and iPad, Android and Chrome OS tablets with minimal effort
  • Domino apps get low-code development: HCL Domino Volt provides a new low-code development paradigm to build new Domino apps 60-70% faster and makes it easy to develop powerful new secure applications without any specialized skills rapidly
  • Domino apps integrate and synchronize: HCL Domino v11 is the most open version of the platform yet, with active directory synching to simplify integration with Microsoft Office 365 and enable enterprises to more fully leverage Domino with other tools and applications across their business

Connections 6.5 has powerful new features to drive adoption and builds a foundation for future releases:

  • Bring your community with you. Connections Sidebar, an always-on dashboard connects your users to Connections from anywhere in your IT environment
  • Grow your communities faster with Connections Touchpoint, an onboarding wizard that connects new employees to the communities and content they need
  • Do more with Kudos Activities Plus — rapid, agile project management built for every employee

Sametime v11 delivers secure conversations across every device:

  • Sametime has a new, intuitive user experience that works the way your users do
  • Built with the latest tech — now supported on Docker with the Sametime proxy running on Tomcat
  • Lower TCO than ever, with a simplified architecture and easier administration

These releases deliver on our commitment to our customers — to continue unlocking new value by relentlessly innovating and modernizing. This is another major delivery towards our multi-year charter for these products. We are thrilled to be taking this journey with you. And we can’t wait to hear what you think.

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What You Need to Know about the Upcoming Launches

22. November 2019 Posted by Richard Jefts

The global launch of Domino and Sametime v11 and Connections 6.5 is right around the corner. In a recent webcast, we had Paul Withers and Tim Malone from Intec join our own Andrew Manby for a Q&A on the progress of the Domino and Nomad betas, key features for the V11 timeframe, and updates on launch events. Hundred attended the webcast and many of you asked great questions. We’ve compiled them here, along with our answers.
Q.Will there be an AppDev Pack release that’s compatible with Domino v11?
A. Yes, there is a new release of AppDev Pack coming with v11 next month
Q. Can you share what components of Project Sandstone and Nomad will be available at launch (4 Dec)?
A. Not right now, we’d like to keep some secrets for the launch event
Q. Will the Designer still be backwardly compatible and available as you move forward with the roadmap?
A. Yes, Domino Designer will continue to be available and be largely backwards compatible
Q. Thank you, and the designer client and will the applications continue to be backwards compatible with each upgrade?
A. Yes. That’s what we did in the past, and there are no plans to change this on the way forward. Domino Volt (LEAP on Domino) on the other hand is adding another layer where you can build and update applications in your browser only, no designer client required.
Q. Will there be a Beta 3?
A. No plans for a v11 Beta 3. We are getting ready to GA.
Q. Will there be a Beta (as announced) with non-English languages?
A. Yes, German and Japanese are already in Beta 2 testing. No further languages are going to be added to the beta.
Q. Can it be a taken that a reported bug in V10 will be a fix in v11?
A. Depends on the specific bug, please work this through support related to a specific issue. When v11 ships there will be a list of SPRs fixed in v11.
Q. What will be Java version in Domino v11?
A. Open Java 8
Q. Is clustering and failover still built into the design of Domino?
A. Clustering is core to Domino and was enhanced in v10.


Q. You are a “Hell of a team”! Open, effective and progressive. Thanks a lot 😉

A. Thank you, we are working hard!


Q. Will there be an integration in Verse for Sametime and Connection, like Plug-in has been working until now?

A. As you heard, we are investing in a lightweight client strategy to run Domino apps with Nomad Web Assembly, Verse for Mail, and Sametime chat in a web browser. Consequently, we will be integrating across components of the Digital Solutions portfolio such as Sametime, and Connections as well as third party solutions such as CRM.

LEI (Lotus Enterprise Integrator) now HCL Enterprise Integrator (HEI)

Q. Will there be a LEI V11? If not, can I use LEI 9.1 with Domino 10 and 11?

A. Yes, we are planning an HEI (IEI,LEI) v11 release post Domino v11 eGA. It will be compatible with both v10 and v11.


Q. Will there be a community license with V11?

A. Yes, there will be a Community licenses available, however, it will be made available after the eGA of V11.

Q. Will the new licensing model for V11?

A. Yes, we plan is to talk about licenses at launch. Thank you for your tremendous feedback and support of simplifying today’s license models.


Q. Is there a basic mail template available in Nomad for Android?

A. Yes, please sign up for the beta here.

Q. What about Traveler? Still looking for a proper single sign on options with Active Directory.

A. Just configure SSO against AD/LDAP using Directory Assistance.


Q. Notes Domino forum Q & A? the old Lotus forum and the IBM forum is still being used will these move to HCL forums?
A. We are currently curating a lot of information that has been transitioned across. This is taking some time to clean up and post.


Q. Does Sametime V11 Chat have audio and video capabilities?
A. Yes, we support any third-party web conferencing capabilities such as Zoom, GotoMeeting, WebEx and Jitsi via our “External meeting room” feature in Sametime v11. You just need to configure an http link to the meeting room of your choice in your Sametime rich client or web client. Also, we have a new Sametime meeting solution coming next year. Stay tuned for more information.


Q. Will Nomad support Domino applications running offline without the requirement for the Notes or ICAA Client?
A. Yes, Nomad runs existing Notes Client apps on mobile devices.


Q. Does HCL have any plans to engage in the ODA on OpenNTF?
A. HCL recently announced at CollabSphere our support for OpenNTF.


Q. Sametime v11 on Linux: Will there be a beta before GA?
A. Sametime v11 on Linux will be available with GA release.

Q. Is ST Limited Use still available in v11?
A. Yes, we’ll still have Sametime Limited Use option in v11.

Q. How is ST Proxy handled in v11?  Additional Domino server?
A. No Domino server is needed for Sametime Proxy. It’s based on Tomcat (which is prepackaged with ST Proxy installer).

Q. Will the Sametime v11plug-in work with Notes v9?
A. We don’t have any plans to integrate Sametime v11 in Notes v9 at this time. Please upgrade Notes and Sametime.

Q. Is ST v11 cloud, on-site or mixed based? Also, will it finally be able to do proper instant failover?
A. Our upcoming HCL Sametime v11 is on-prem only at this time. We are working on our cloud strategy — as announced — working closely with our cloud business partners. Could you expand more on your second question please? Are you talking about the traditional failover/recovery deployment for Sametime chat?

Q. Will it be possible for a user from an external organization to join a chat on Sametime v11?
A. It is on our roadmap and backlog for a future release.

Q. At launch does the Sametime v11 include both chat and meetings?
A. The upcoming release of Sametime v11 is chat-only offering. It does provide capability to configure a third-party meetings URL in your client and invite users to that meeting. Sametime v11 meetings offering is planned for mid 2020. Also, the Sametime v11 meetings solution will not require a webplayer plugin.


Q. Will we be able to update/upgrade from Domino v9 directly to HCL Domino v11?
A. Instructions and guidance on upgrade paths will be made available early in 2020. Expect to see a webinar on the topic too.


Q. Do you have any news on XPages?
A. XPages continues to be supported and will receive limited enhancements. Our focus for app dev is Project Sandstone, Nomad/Notes/Domino, and Node.JS/Node-RED with AppDev Pack.

Q. Will Xpages-based apps run on Nomad WebAssembly?
A. No. Only Notes applications.

If you’d like to watch the replay, you can do that here.

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Welcome to the HCL Cloud Hosting Partners

7. November 2019 Posted by Richard Jefts

On October 30, we announced our newly selected Managed Service Providers (MSPs), called HCL Cloud Hosting Partners, with transparency into our selection process, data migration strategies by the desired destination, and a timeline for next steps. We also launched a new website for our HCL Cloud Hosting Partners with additional information you may need in support of your migration.


As of today, our MSPs called HCL Cloud Hosting Partners are:
  1. Belsoft Group
  2. ISW

These organizations have been working with us hand-in-hand to build:

  1. Private cloud services for Mail, Applications, Connections, and Sametime.
  2. A multi-tenant public cloud offering for Connections, Engagement Center, and Sametime Chat.

For clients of Domino Apps on Cloud, we are working on a similar private-cloud HCL offering for launch later this year. Details will be available shortly.

Our selection process:

Our announcement today signals only the start of our planned HCL Cloud Hosting Partners globally. In order to provide clarity on our selection process, please review the minimum criteria that were used in selecting our first three partners:

  1. Active MSA (+addendum, if selected)​
  2. Minimum 1 HCL Master​
  3. Validate HCL Digital Software product portfolio experience​
  4. Global data center ability​
  5. Ability to provide L1 & L2 support​
  6. Ability to provide 24×7 support with the exception of scheduled maintenance​
  7. Minimum 5 years of experience hosting and operating HCL (or IBM) products​
  8. Agrees to host multi-tenant Connections, Sametime, and Domino for mail and apps (with the option of chat) in a private cloud​
  9. Provides all major data-security certifications and compliance​
  10. Meets or exceeds industry-standard security and compliance requirements both physical and data​
  11. Provides, or provides upon customer request, disaster recovery capability

 Returning to on-premises delivery
At HCL, we want to provide you with the options that work best for you.  As an alternative to the MSPs above, SCN/Verse, and Connections clients may revert to any appropriate earlier non-expiring licensing for on-premises or private cloud, by renewing Subscription & Support without penalty, if their subscription has remained current. Here is a recent blog on the topic.

Please contact your Business Partner or HCL sales representative if you have questions or would like more information on altering your existing license agreement accordingly.
Data migration

We also announced a process of exploring multiple options for data migration so that cloud customers can right-size the approach that best suits their data size and destination. Naturally, the technical solution for Mail versus Connections will differ, but our common goal is to help ensure your data migration goes as smoothly as possible for all the products you are using.  For details about the data migration process itself, please see the FAQ below.
Working with IBM’s offboarding team, our intention is to provide a streamlined process by which customers can request offboarding from the existing Connections Cloud instance to the new HCL MSP of their choice.

At a high level of the process, the Customer will contact and inform them of the vendor they’ve selected, specifying the offerings included in this shift (e.g. selected vendor = Partner A, to host mail, apps and Sametime Chat on a private cloud, plus Sametime Chat, and Connections on public cloud):

  1. For mail: the customer or the MSP completes the setup of the necessary replication to export the customer’s mail and ensures all client-side reconfiguration is undertaken.
  2. For Connections: the customer and the MSP will work with the offboarding coordinator on the Connections content extraction and migration.
  3. MSP will complete the process of validating the data shift has occurred as planned
  4. The customer continues to work leveraging new architecture.

At HCL, we value your partnership, and we will continue to provide regular communications (including webcasts and blogs) into our direction, best practices and progress. If you have any more questions, please reach out to your HCL sales representative. I look forward to sharing more with you.  
Richard Jefts
General Manager, Digital Solutions
HCL Software

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Offerings & Licensing
Q. When will we know what alternate hosting options are available?  
A. On October 30, 2019, we announced our inaugural HCL Cloud Hosting Partners: Belsoft Group, ISW, and Prominic. You can find contact information for these partners on our new website for our HCL Cloud Hosting Partners. Additionally, while we expect this list of MSP partners to grow over time, this select group has been highly involved in building our target plan and is ready to serve the community of customers migrating off the Connections Cloud.
Q. How can I find out if the current MSPs cover my business’ geographical location? If my country is not covered, when can we expect to hear about other partners available in other locations around the world (e.g. Japan)?
A. While every MSP is offering their services worldwide for mail, apps, chat, and connections, we fully understand the need to look for a managed service provides within an organization’s specific geography. HCL will continue to grow the list MSPs over the coming months.

Q. When will the named MSPs have available pricing and licensing available?
A. In our effort to be transparent, we are communicating our inaugural MSPs even as the contract process is still in progress. The MSPs will be responsible for communicating their pricing and licensing information for migration in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we recommend you begin communicating directly with these partners in order to stay informed of the latest from them immediately.
Q. Will all the same offerings be made available on the new private and multi-tenant cloud offerings?
A: No. For mail and applications, HCL is focusing on enabling client-led, MSP, and HCL-led private cloud solutions. There will be no public cloud offering available for mail. For Connections, Engagement Center, and Sametime Chat, there will be both multi-tenant cloud and private cloud offerings from MSPs.  HCL Docs and HCL Sametime Meetings are not included in the initial offerings for hosting partners but will be considered for future offerings.
Q: What does a “multi-tenant cloud” offering for Connections mean in this case?
A:  Connections customers will have the option to continue to receive service this way, but via a different vendor, using the same MT code.  While this affords the opportunity for a completely separate instance and potentially more customer-specific customizations, the multi-tenant cloud option tends to be more economical.  
Q: Will Connections customers be offered the option to set up their own multi-tenant cloud on-premises or as a private cloud?
A: Not today. While we know that some customers have an interest in running their own multi-tenant cloud to host their own customers or partners, this is currently not an option.  Based on market opportunity and customer demand, we may consider this offering in the future.
Q: As a cloud customer, can I anticipate any updates on the existing cloud in alignment with the Connections Cloud, SCN and DAC roadmap? 
A: No. There will be no further enhancements made during this period to any existing Connections Cloud service, with the exception of critical fixes and security updates. Instead, the focus for HCL development will be on the Connections, Domino and Sametime roadmaps. 
Q: Will I be able to keep my audio-conferencing service as part of the Meetings Cloud?  
A. No. The audio-conferencing service will terminate with the Meetings service on July 16, 2020. However, IBM and HCL will work with clients, to ensure a continuation of service directly with the vendor involved, if desired. Further details will be forthcoming, including a separate communication.
Q: I have a 3-year agreement with IBM for Connections Cloud. Will I get a refund? 
A: IBM is fully aware of this question. Customers who are actively using the cloud, and whose Connections Cloud and Domino Apps on Cloud contracts extend beyond the end-of-service date of July 16, 2020, should speak to directly to the Connections Cloud project office at  The service will not extend beyond July 16, 2020.
Q: What happens to content that is in the Connections Cloud? How long until it’s no longer accessible?
A:  Data will no longer be accessible after July 16, 2020.  For concerns regarding retention and deletion of data, please see the policy defined for Connections Cloud services:  As stated in the service description for the Connections Cloud Offerings, Content (including Client Personal Data) that is stored or persisted within this Cloud Service will be removed in accordance with the service description. Some Content (including Client Personal Data) may remain in the Cloud Service backups until the expiration of such backups 90 days after data is removed from the online service.  For more information, please reference the Connections Cloud service description, section 2 and its associated detailed system requirements.  For example:  Offering details for Connections Cloud S1.
Data Migration

Q. Will HCL support my migration out of SCN to Domino or a third-party solution?
A. HCL will work with any HCL Business Partner to ensure the smoothest transition from mail and apps on the cloud to another HCL-based solution, whether they are an MSP or not. Given the comparative effort and timeframe required to move to another mail solution, we believe the SCN-to-Domino approach to be the least disruptive to an organization. However, clients may elect to move to another vendor solution, in which case, HCL services are available to enable that mail migration on a case-by-case basis.
Q: What technical options do customers have for mail migration?   
A: Customers should speak with the HCL Cloud Hosting Partners, or HCL business partner, who will provide a tool to assess their SCN mail usage and discuss the mail migration strategy based on architecture defined by HCL and IBM. Details of how BPs can obtain the cookbook and tool will be available shortly.

Q. What is happening with my mail archive?
A. IBM is working with Barracuda to determine the recommended approaches to dealing their Sonian mail archives past July 16, 2020, to ensure legal compliance. More details on what is being planned will be forthcoming from IBM.

Q: What technical options do customers have for Connections data migration?  What is HCL doing to enable its cloud hosting providers?
A: We are targeting a 1:1 data migration*.  There are multiple ways in which data migration can be approached, and we have business partners who provide excellent custom migration services.  In this case, the path of a cloud to cloud data migration allows us the opportunity to keep this as simple as possible.  With your data security and ease of process at the forefront of our minds, here is the approach we’re taking: 

  • We are working with our HCL Cloud Hosting providers to define an off-boarding process by which any customer moving to an HCL MSP cloud hosting vendor will be able to take advantage of the data migration import offered by that partner
  • Using custom scripts defined by the HCL Connections team, you will be able to securely and privately extract your data from your initial hosting vendor to your new vendor. By doing so, the compliance and security chain of custody of your data is maintained, meaning you will not need to enter into any other legal agreements with HCL or an additional vendor for the migration occur
  • The HCL Hosting partner will use either their own migration tools or the scripts provided by HCL to import your data and ensure your system is up and running
  • If you are migrating from the cloud back to on-premises, your HCL sales representative or business partner can suggest some partners who have experience doing custom data migrations for Connections

*Subject to change

Q. What migrations strategies are being implemented for HCL Connections?
A. In preparation for data migration to begin with our selected HCL Cloud Hosting Partners, we have developed three migration strategies depending on your desired destination:

  1. Customers migrating to Managed Service Partner (MSP) Cloud​
    1. IBM uses DB Extract tool and scripts to provide customer’s data files to partner​
    2. Partner uses import scripts to import customer’s data into partner cloud​
  2. Customers migrating to on-prem or private cloud​
    1. Partners use the public APIs to extract customer data and partner’s tools to import customer’s data into a new destination.​
  3. Customers migrating to a third-party solution​
    1. Partners use the public APIs to extract customer data and move data to a new location.

Q. Is it possible to migrate to Microsoft Office 365?
A. Yes, there are a number of third-parties in the market that have the tooling to migrate from SCN to Microsoft Office 365 for mail.

Q. Why is IBM not listed as a public and/or private cloud provider? Do you have agreements with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure that can help us as customers?
A. First, HCL is not providing any public cloud options for mail, apps or connections. Second, the HCL MSPs are providing managed services on a cloud of their choice. Please speak with them directly on their choice of cloud provider. Third, customers are able to host their licenses of Domino, Connections and Sametime in a private cloud instance of their choice, i.e., AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, or whomever.
Q. Will HCL run the data extractions tools required for a Connections migration?
A. No, the extraction tools will run directly against the database and therefore must be run by IBM. These tools are still under development by IBM and HCL for use to offboard data. The Import tool will be made available to the MSPs and will be available in Q2 2020.
Q. Does this migration timeline hold true for a customer that have large environments (e.g. 5,000 or more users)?
A. Yes. 

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Join HCL and Key Business Partners for Our Global Product Launch, Broadcasting Live from Tokyo on December 4 and at Viewing Parties Near You

24. Oktober 2019 Posted by Richard Jefts

Join us as we broadcast live from Tokyo on December 4, at 9 a.m. ET — and at Business Partner viewing parties around the world — when we announce HCL’s first major releases for Domino V11, Notes V11, Sametime V11, and Connections 6.5. Tune in on this historic day for live demos, news, roadmaps, technical sessions, and strategy roadmaps — and to learn about the future from executives, thought leaders, and technical wizards.


Some of the highlighted presentations include:
  • Live from Tokyo Keynote: A Major HCL Milestone. These new releases represent our commitment to modernize and innovate these products relentlessly. Hear how.
  • Myth Busters. “Domino is old. It’s uncool. It isn’t valuable to my business anymore. Connections is built for engineers by engineers.” We’ve heard them all. Let us show you why they’re wrong.
  • The CIO’s Imperatives for 2020: How are the most strategic and successful CIOs preparing for the next decade? Putting customers first and making IT the department of “yes,” for starters. Learn what else is essential to leadership.
  • Domino V11: Why Modernizing Beats Migrating. Get ready to rethink what you know about Domino, and let us prove why V11 is the smartest choice for your current and future app-dev decisions.
  • We Hear You:  HCL Connections 6.5 = More Value from Your Investment. During the #LetsConnect customer jams, the Connections Ideas Lab and many other points of input, we have been listening to you. With 6.5, we’re delivering even more value for Connections and laying the foundation for what’s to come.

Tune in live, December 4, 2019, 9 a.m. ET.  Register HERE for the keynote now.


Business partners will be hosting in-person viewing parties for their clients and customers. This list will be updated as more are added. Sign up to host a viewing party here.

December 4, 2019, Düsseldorf, Germany: 2:45 – 4:45 p.m. (GMT +2). acceptIT will be hosting a viewing party
Linder Congress Hotel, conference room Register here.
December 4, 2019, Munich, Germany: 2:45 (GMT +2)
edcom will be hosting a viewing party
Novotel München City Arnulfpark, Arnulfstraße 57Register here.
December 4, 2019, Switzerland, 2:45 (GMT +1)
Laurus will be hosting a viewing party
December 4, Karlsruhe, Germany: 2:45 (GMT +2)
n-komm will be hosting a viewing party
Tullastr. 58 76131 — Register here.
December 4, Hørsholm, Denmark, 2:45-4:45 (GMT +1)
OpusNeo will be hosting a viewing party at the workplace, Dr Neergaards Vej 5B, 2970


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