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Boosting Office Productivity and Efficiency with HCLSoftware Verse 3.1 Release

2. August 2023 Posted by Timothy Clark

HCL Verse is excited to present HCL Verse 3.1! What better way to present the latest and greatest of Verse than through the story of three individuals at Baldwin Designs who found common daily problems easily solved with the feature updates of Verse 3.1?

In the bustling office space of Baldwin Designs, Sarah, Lukas, and Daniel find themselves navigating through the challenges of their daily work routines. However, with the introduction of HCL Verse, their workdays are about to become more productive, efficient, and enjoyable.

Chapter 1: Message Recall

As Sarah starts her day, she stumbles upon a distressed Daniel who sent an email with the necessary attachment.

“It’s going to be a productive day!” Sarah thought to herself. Walking in through the glass doors to the office space of Baldwin Designs, she noticed the new stained-glass decal that had been applied over the weekend. The bright sunlight casting the company colors onto the floor reminded her of her vacation to Spain last year, bringing her thoughts of the warm Spanish sun.

Her daydreaming was abruptly ended by a shout from Daniel’s office.

“No, no, no….NO!!!!”, he screamed as Sarah stopped in to see what all the noise was about.
“Anything I can do to help Daniel?” Sarah asked.

“Not unless you can turn back time and let me send this email again, but with the proposal this time! It is going to look so unprofessional if the customer sees this without the document attached.” Daniel was deflating back into his chair, misery written all over his face.

Fortunately, Sarah knows just the solution in HCL Verse – the “Message Recall” option.

“Just open up the sent folder and find the email”, she explained, “Now, in the actions for the mail you can find the ‘Recall Message’ option. Click ‘Select All’ and ‘Recall even if it has been read’ and then hit ‘Recall Message’ button.”

With a few clicks, she saves the day and earns Daniel’s heartfelt gratitude.

“What can I ever do to thank you Sarah?” exclaimed Daniel.

As Sarah was leaving his office she turned back, smiled, and said “Coffee, creamer and a cake. Somewhere around 11:30 should be about the right time.” And with that she was gone, across the office floor and into her own office to start her day.

Chapter 2: Templates

Overwhelmed by the task of sending out repetitive monthly town hall meeting notices, Lukas finds himself reminiscing about a recent training email he had skimmed.

“Go and find the last one, copy it to the clipboard, start a new mail, paste in the contents, add the recipients, set the title for this month’s meeting date…” Lukas mutter, recalling the dreaded monthly email.

It always took so long, and that didn’t even include finding all the new agenda items. If only he could set up a template that he could complete each month!

“Ah ha!” Lukas exclaims as the word ‘template’ bounced around inside his mind before connecting with a memory of some training email he’d seen last week.

In his Verse email, Lukas typed ‘template’ into the search bar and grinned to himself. There it was the training email from last week, listing all the new features HCL Software had delivered in the latest version update of HCL Verse.

‘Templates are a way of creating an email once and using it time and again’ he read. “Well, that looks like it could be useful,” he thought to himself, “Let’s try it out!”

In the next 5 minutes, Lukas had set up 3 templates of emails that he would need to send on a regular basis, including the dreaded monthly town hall meeting notice. Thrilled with this newfound efficiency, Lukas celebrates with coffee, humming the same ‘Walking on Sunshine’ tune he’d heard Sarah humming that morning.

“It’s going to be a great day!” he exclaims.

Chapter 3: Calendar Improvements

As Sarah and Lukas share their morning successes, they decide to explore more features in the recent release of HCL Verse 3.1. Intrigued by what he’d discovered earlier, Lukas noticed ‘Calendar Improvements’ was one of the trainings. He thought to himself, “It’s often hard to find a meeting time with Sarah and Daniel together. This new ‘Suggested Times’ feature would be ideal for getting us together and saving me time comparing their calendars endlessly.”

Lukas realizes they have an event coming up and need to have a meeting with Daniel, who is the Client Account Manager, and Sarah, the Lead Designer. “What better time to try about suggested times that now!” he exclaims. Lukas opens his email, clicks on ‘new calendar entry,’ types Sarah and Daniel’s names, adds a subject and clicks on ‘check the times suggested.’

“Ha, would you look at that!” he exclaimed, “Monday at 3pm is the next time we are all available. Awesome!”

Chapter 4: Online Meeting Preferences

With the quote approved by the customer, Daniel rushes to Sarah’s office. “They liked the quote!” he booms as he got to Sarah’s door.

“Awesome! Let’s set up a meeting to discuss the next steps. This won’t take long,” Sarah affirms.

Sarah recalls the new HCL Verse feature of ‘Online Meeting Preferences’ where she can create Sametime meeting rooms ahead of time and allocate them to meeting invites. Having already created four meeting rooms with different permission restrictions, Sarah ensured a secure and productive conversation. Now all she must do is select from the list of online meetings and Bam! In less than a minute, she had sent an invite sent to Daniel.

Chapter 5: Enhancing Contact Management

Back at his desk, Daniel realized one thing he hadn’t done was add his new customer to his list of contacts. With Verse, he is easily able to create a contact profile by selecting ‘Add Sender to Contacts.’ Here, Daniel is able to add the contact’s information such as email, job title, mobile number, company name, and a profile photo, making it easier to remember and recognize his new contact.

‘Putting a face to the name,’ he chuckles to himself as he clicks ‘save’ on Fred’s contact.


As the day draws near the end, Sarah, Lukas and Daniel gather in the front lobby, admiring the beautiful stained-glass decals on the front doors.

“They put me in a great mood today and I got a ton of work done!” Sarah recounts.

“Me too!” Lukas agreed, “Mind you, I think that new version of Verse we have might have helped a little.” Lukas laughed. Sarah and Daniel couldn’t help but nod and smile in agreement.

This great team credits HCL Verse for boosting their productivity and teamwork, making their time in the office more efficient and enjoyable. With a sense of relief and excitement, they look forward to additional features being supported by the powerful tool of HCL Verse.

HCL Verse is a proven and trusted enterprise email platform that empowers business users without exposing your organization to security risks. Start your own HCL Verse story with new v3.0! Contact us to get started.

HCL Notes Domino 12.0.2 Fix Pack 2 und Verse 3.1 veröffentlicht

1. August 2023 Posted by Oliver Regelmann

HCL hat das Fixpack 2 für Notes und Domino 12.0.2 bereitgestellt: Notes/Domino 12.0.2 Fix Pack 2 Release Notice Ebenfalls verfügbar ist Version 3.1 des Verse-Addons für Domino. Es behebt ebenfalls einige Fehler, u. a. zwei Security Issues: HCL Verse 3.1 Release Notes HCL hat das Fixpack 2 für Notes und Domino 12.0.2 bereitgestellt: Notes/Domino 12.0.2 […]

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HCL Verse 3.0.2 behebt Sicherheitslücken

12. Juni 2023 Posted by Oliver Regelmann

HCL hat Version 3.0.2 von Verse (on Premises) veröffentlicht. Die Version enthält keine neuen Features, sondern behebt lediglich ein paar Sicherheitslücken mit mittlerem Schweregrad in verwendeten Open-Source-Bibliotheken. Release Notice and Fix List HCL hat Version 3.0.2 von Verse (on Premises) veröffentlicht. Die Version enthält keine neuen Features, sondern behebt lediglich ein paar Sicherheitslücken mit mittlerem […]

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SSL-Host-Verifizierungsfehler in HCL Verse für Android

11. April 2022 Posted by Oliver Regelmann

HCL Verse für Android ist in den Versionen vor 12.0.9 anfällig für eine Man-In-The-Middle-Attacke, da es das SSL-Zertifikat des Hosts nicht ausreichend überprüft. Dies kann dazu führen, dass ein Angreifer dem Client einen Traveler-Host vortäuscht und somit Zugangsdaten abgreift. Nach der Anmeldung wurden im beschriebenen Szenario aber wohl keine weiteren Daten übertragen. Fix: Upgrade auf […]

Der Beitrag SSL-Host-Verifizierungsfehler in HCL Verse für Android erschien zuerst auf n-komm.

HCL Verse on Premises 2.2.0a Fix-Release

2. Februar 2022 Posted by Oliver Regelmann

Verse 2.2.0a ist verfügbar und enthält ausschließlich Bugfixes: Trouble opening mail-in database or delegated mail file. Clicking open mail action does nothing.: VERSE-61943 Wrong file type shown in FireFox when downloading an attachment: VERSE-61907 Provide better Japanese translation for Discard button when a Draft is opened: VERSE-61838 Web link in the body of an email […]

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Questions (and All the Answers) about the New HCL Verse

12. Oktober 2021 Posted by Agnes Ng

We recently hosted a presentation about the latest version of our smart email solutions, HCL Verse v2.2.0. It was well-attended and there were some great questions raised. We have listed them here, along with responses from our experts. You can watch the complete replay here, and also read up on this launch here.

Verse 2.2.0 and related features  

Q: We are already using Verse and upgrading from Domino v11 to v12. What does it take for us to upgrade to the latest version of Verse?  

A: The latest version of Verse works on Domino v12. You will need to download the package from the license and download portal and install it on Domino as you have done before.

Q: How will a restored message avoid being archived again, assuming it matches the same archive rule?  

A: Currently, mail rules only work in pre-defined condition and typically, it works with new incoming email which fits that pre-defined condition. In this case, the restored message shouldn’t be archived again.

General Use of Verse  

Q: Is HCL Verse the default mail client on Domino?  

A: We included Verse in the Domino v12 package. Customers can still choose the client that they prefer to use. The version of Verse in Domino v12 is v2.0.1, so if you want to use the latest version, you will have to get the package from the license and download portal and you can read this guide to getting started.

Q: Since Verse is a web client for HCL mail, can we use Verse without the ID Vault for users who do not use Notes at all?  

A: Verse can be used without the ID Vault, but secure mail operations (signing and encryption) would not be supported in that case.

Verse Future Roadmap  

Q: Is “delayed delivery” on the roadmap (for parity with Notes)?  

A: We have this on our roadmap, but it is not our top priority at this point. We will provide updates in the coming months.

Q: In another email application, if the user searches for any name, it shows the result by highlighting the words in subject, sender name and mail body. Can we get this feature in Verse?  

A: This is a great idea. We’ll consider this and see how we can fit this into our roadmap.

Q: Is Verse able to provide the password suggestion dialog when enforcing the password?  

A: This feature is not available for now, but we’ll certainly consider it.

Q: There are many preferences still within the iNotes or via a Notes client which are not available in Verse. When will these become available within Verse?  

A: We understand the concerns of managing preferences, so we have been delivering various preferences in the past releases and this release as well. We’ll continue to work on that. Ultimately, users should be able to manage most of the preferences on Verse, like what they can do on iNotes.

Q: Is Verse going to support two-factor login?  

A: TOTP is on our roadmap, and we hope to ship it in the coming months.

(Q) Are you going to provide color-coding for senders?  

A: Yes, this is one of our top priorities, so we do have a plan for it.

Verse installation and packages  

(1) Q: What is the servers_lookup jar used for?  

A: Please refer to the following documentation for more information:

Q: Can you please provide the system requirements for 2.2.0?  

A: Yes, please refer to this system requirements.

For more information about Verse, please visit HCL Verse website. The feature and benefits guide is also available on the site.   

HCL Verse v2.2.0

31. August 2021 Posted by Agnes Ng

We are pleased to announce the release of HCL Verse v2.2.0 for general availability.

In this release, we continue investing our effort in integration between Verse and Sametime and enhancing mail capabilities. 
With the new features, you will be able to chat with your team members with one click from the mail view. Also, you no longer need to switch back and forth between browsers and installed PWA for accessing delegated mail files.

Here are some features in the latest release:

  • Sametime awareness icon of the sender in mail view

With this feature, when you open an email, you will see the sender’s Sametime status just next to their name. If the sender is online, you can click on the icon and initiate a chat with them immediately.
Try out this feature today and chat with your colleagues at ease 

  • Archive Enhancements

In Verse 1.0.8 we introduced the ability to access archived mail files. In 2.2.0, you can now archive, or restore from the archive, single messages using Verse.

  • HCL Connections v6.5 and v7 support

You don’t have to worry about the versioning support of Connections in Verse if you are using Connections Profiles and File Previewing in Verse. We support the latest versions of Connections now!

  • Type Ahead List  

Have you ever wanted to remove someone from your type-ahead list when you compose an email?

The suggestion in your type-ahead list is based on your interaction with that person/email. We introduce a new preference that allows you to remove any person or email from that list based on your needs. Don’t worry, this action is reversible.

  • Progressive Web App enhancement

We added support for accessing archived and delegated mail files using installed PWA. This helps better manage your work in the installed PWA and you don’t have to switch between browsers. 

The above is just part of the story. If you want to know more about this release, please refer to the below documentation.  

HCL Verse 2.2.0 What’s New? 

HCL Verse 2.2.0 Release Notes
HCL Verse Developer site can be found here
HCL Verse Ideas Portal on Aha

Verse 2.1.0 Is Now Available!

15. April 2021 Posted by Agnes Ng

We are pleased to announce the release of HCL Verse 2.1.0 for general availability. In the past few months, we have been focusing on providing you a more user-friendly email platform which aims to boost your productivity at work.  
Some of the new features of this release are: 
Contact Photo from Domino NAB:  
Now you can upload your contact photo (profile picture) to the Domino Directory through Verse. There are a few ways to do this: 
(1) Upload a photo from a local drive  
(2) Enter a URL to photo 
(3) Take a picture using the photo booth in Verse and upload it! 
If you already have a photo configured in the Domino directory, Verse can access the directory and display your contact photo.  
New Extension Point – Modify on Send 
Extensibility is one of the focuses of our product. In this release, we deliver a new extension point which allows customers to modify the email body and subject before mail is sent. One of the major use cases is inserting a classified marking to mail subject and body. This feature helps users to flag and classify emails based on sensitivity of information.  This is particularly useful to public authority, government departments and large enterprises. 
Verse-Sametime Integration with new Sametime web client 
This improvement is not limited to Verse 2.1.0. With Sametime 11.5 FP1  (released in Feb 2021) you can now initiate chat and meetings with your co-workers using the new Sametime web client. We understand that it may take time for customers to upgrade to Verse 2.1.0, so this new experience is compatible with previous versions of Verse as well.  To enjoy this new feature, just install the latest FP of Sametime! 

These are just some of the features of this release.  To see the full list, please refer to our Release Note.  To try out these new features for yourself, simply download the package from Flexnet. 
For more Verse information visit: 

HCL Verse Developer site can be found here
HCL Verse Ideas Portal on Aha

Domino Product Team

HCL Verse 2.1.0 veröffentlicht

15. April 2021 Posted by Oliver Regelmann

HCL hat Version 2.1.0 von Verse on premises veröffentlicht. Diese Version enthält die übliche Reihe von Bug Fixes und kleineren Features. Dazu kommt jetzt die Möglichkeit, Portraitphotos aus dem Domino-Verzeichnis einzublenden. Die Benutzer können diese auch direkt aus der Verse-Oberfläche hochladen bzw. per Kamera aufnehmen (Doku). HCL hat Version 2.1.0 von Verse on premises veröffentlicht. […]

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Introducing HCL Verse v2.0

14. Juli 2020 Posted by Agnes Ng

We are pleased to announce the release of HCL Verse v2.0 (Previously Verse on-Premises) for general availability — it’s more modernand more secure than ever. Powered by Domino, HCL Verse is a proven and trusted enterprise email platform that empowers business users without exposing your organization to security risks. HCL Verse v2.0 helps you better organize your day and seamlessly collaborate with your teams, allowing you to be more efficient and responsive. Here are some features in thelatest release: 

  • You can now run Verse as a browser-based standalone app (progressive web app) 
  • There’s a new default React calendar event interface. Scheduling a meeting is easier than ever with this new user experience
  •  Now you can create, edit and delete a mail rule on the Verse preference page so you can perform new actions on any incoming emails whenever you want
  • Improved search: You can narrow down the search criteria to a customized date range
  • 3click rule for attachments: In order to download and run attachments or links from an external source in email or calendar notices, you will need to click on an acknowledgement notice This reduces your organization’s exposure to risk
  • Send and file at the same time:  Before you send a new email message, you can choose to file it into a preferred folder. The sent email will now be found in the folder 
  • Inbox messages now refresh with a pull down on mobile devices
  • Re-authentication is now carried out via a new window (dialog) after a session timeout so that your data in the original window won’t be lost

For more information about the technical specifics of this new release, we offer more documentation here:

HCL Verse 2.0 User and Admin documentation 
HCL Verse Developer site can be found here
HCL Verse Ideas Portal on Aha

Domino Product Team 

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HCL Verse 10.0.7 in Kürze verfügbar – Die wichtigsten Änderungen

7. Oktober 2019 Posted by Lela Meiners

HCL Verse 10.0.7 für iOS kommt bald heraus! Sobald die App verfügbar ist, läuft diese nun erstmalig unter dem Namen HCL und ist dementsprechend auf einem HCL Technologies Apple Account übertragen, sowie mit einem HCL Zertifikat signiert worden.


Folgende Änderungen sind zu erwarten:

- Verse kann nicht mehr auf Daten zugreifen, die in früheren von IBM signierten Versionen in der iOS Passwortablage gespeichert waren. Daher werdet ihr nach dem Upgrade auf 10.0.7 und dem erstmaligen Starten der Anwendung zur Eingabe eures Kennworts aufgefordert. Wenn ihr eine vorhandene Version entfernen und dann 10.0.7 installieren möchtet, müsst ihr den Client neu konfigurieren. Aus den unten angegebenen Gründen empfehlen wir euch jedoch, ein Upgrade über eure vorherige Verse-Version zu installieren. Dasselbe gilt übrigens auch, wenn ihr ein Upgrade von der IBM ToDos-Anwendung auf die HCL ToDos-Anwendung durchführt.

- Aufgrund des Wechsels zum HCL-Konto ändert sich die von iOS generierte Geräte-ID (Clients, die von IBM Maas360 und MobileIron verwaltet werden, sind nicht betroffen). Die Geräte-ID wird für die Kommunikation mit dem Traveler-Server verwendet (in der Form HCL_IOS_xxxxxxxxxx). Nach der Installation von 10.0.7 sieht die Client-Anwendung für den Traveler-Server wie ein neues Gerät aus. Ihr könnt eure neue Geräte-ID auf dem Bildschirm Info unter den Verse-Einstellungen, auf dem Traveler-Nutzer-Startbildschirm oder in der Traveler-Verwaltungsansicht anzeigen. Eine neue Geräte-ID hat folgende Auswirkungen:

1. Nach der Installation von 10.0.7 (entweder neu oder als Upgrade) wird das Gerät erneut synchronisiert, da der Traveler das Gerät aufgrund der Änderung der Geräte-ID als neues Gerät behandelt. Alle E-Mails sind dann kurz in allen Ordnern verschwunden und beginnen sich dann wiederherzustellen.

2. Für die neue Geräte-ID (HCL_IOS_xxxxxxxxxx) wird vom Traveler-Server ein neues Profildokument erstellt. Alle eure Einstellungen (z. B. Tage für die Synchronisierung, Signatur usw.) werden dann auf die Standardeinstellungen zurückgesetzt. Wenn ihr jedoch den empfohlenen Upgrade-Ansatz wählt (Installation von 10.0.7 über einer früheren Version), erkennt die Verse-Anwendung die vorherige Installation und überträgt alle eure lokalen Einstellungen.

3. Wenn die Geräte-Genehmigung auf dem Traveler-Server aktiviert ist, muss der Verse-Client möglicherweise erneut genehmigt werden.

4. Die alte Geräte-ID (IBM_IOS_xxxxxxxxxx) wird in eurer Geräteliste angezeigt, bis sie entweder aufgrund von Inaktivität vom Traveler-Server abgerufen oder vom Administrator gelöscht wird

5. Euch werden möglicherweise für einen Zeitraum, in der Regel 24 Stunden nach dem Upgrade, doppelte Benachrichtigungen auf dem Gerät angezeigt, da sowohl die alte als auch die neue Geräte-ID auf dem Server aktiv sind. Die neue Anwendung kann den Server nicht anweisen, keine Benachrichtigungen für die alte Geräte-ID zu senden. Nach diesem Zeitraum markiert der Traveler-Server das alte Gerät als offline und sendet keine Benachrichtigungen mehr an die alte Geräte-ID.


Die Android Version ist von diesen Änderungen nicht betroffen.



Habt ihr Fragen oder Anregungen? Ruft uns an unter 05251-288160 oder schreibt uns eine Mail an

Tom Zeizels Blog: Meine Fahrt zur HCL Factory Tour – Episode 2

2. März 2019 Posted by Thomas Zeizel, IBM

Tom Zeizels Blog: Meine Fahrt zur HCL Factory Tour – Episode 2 HCL hatte in der letzten Woche über 100 Personen – überwiegend aus Europa – nach Mailand zur „HCL Factory Tour – Episode 2“ eingeladen – ähnlich wie schon im Jahr zuvor in die Nähe von Boston. Diesmal war ich auch dabei. Es begann […]

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THINK 2019 ICS Update – das Gespräch

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THINK 2019 ICS Update – das Gespräch Wie in jedem Jahr haben Jens-Uwe Fimmen und ich auch 2019 wieder ein  Gespräch live auf der THINK 2019 aufgenommen. Wie immer wirklich live, also ungescripted, dynamisch und spontan, nur ein ganz klein bisschen gekürzt. Dort sprechen wir alles an, was uns in den vielen Präsentationen zu IBM […]

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